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    Headquarters ((ほん)(), Honbu ?) is the main facility of Border, run by Masamune Kido.[1][2]

    Overview[edit source]

    The base has a rather complex layout, as it can be customized as needed due to their possession of a Mother Trigger.[3] This is seen most of all by Kinuta reinforcing the walls after Chika fired through the wall with Ibis.[4] Corridors connect adjoining rooms large and small[5], including the Strategy Rooms, the Holo-Display room, the Sniper Range, and more.

    Since Izuho brings her cat in there[6] and Yōtarō brings Raijinmaru[7], it's clear that animals are allowed in the building.

    Rank Wars Rooms[edit source]

    Solo Rank Wars Booths[edit source]

    Used by various agents of all ranks[8][9], these virtual simulation rooms allow a safe space to train and refine an agent's skills.[10] Hyuse complimented the technology, suggesting it's Border-unique; or at least, Aftokrator does not have it.[10] Booths can be accessed through a Common room[11] featuring large screens tallying the day's match-up's[12][13]. as well as showing which rooms are in use.[11]

    Spectator Halls[edit source]

    There are Spectator Halls[14] for B-Rank Wars which feature a screen which shows what's happening in various parts of the match.[15]

    Holo Display Room[edit source]

    Holo projection of planetary nations' orbits.

    The room seen when the higher-ups meet with Yuma about information on the Neighborhood[16], where they have a holographic projection of the map of the Neighborhood.[17] It is currently unknown if they ever use the projection for anything else, but it's set up so that there are rows of seats on three sides, with the holo projector in the center.[17] Due to Replica's update[18], it houses a great deal of information (with Kinuta citing the update as 30 away missions worth of data[19]) gathered by Yūgo Kuga.[20]

    Training[edit source]

    Sniper Range[edit source]

    Considered the largest room in the base at 360 meters long[15][21], and 10 floors high.[21] It is the area where Snipers of all ranks train, and for C-Rank Trainees, they can be promoted if they manage to stay in the top 15% for three weeks in a row.[22] It is also possible to change the terrain of the room.[15]

    Training Rooms[edit source]

    This is the room where Trainees go for their enlistment guidance[15][23], as well as combat training and mock battles for official agents.[15][24] There is a simulation battle mode that can turn on[25][23] which simulates Trion so agents can use triggers without their Trion being used up.[26][23]

    Top Brass[edit source]

    Meeting Room[edit source]

    This is the room where the Top Brass gather everyday to discuss important agendas[27], or when requested by border agents.[28]

    HQ War Room[edit source]

    HQ War Room.

    This is the room where the Top Brass are at during Invasions (see: Second Large-Scale Invasion[29], and Galopoula's Invasion[30]) which has a monitor which show the situation in Mikado City, and what is happening between squads during combat[27], which helps the Top Brass issue appropriate commands.[27] additionally there are computers Sawamura can use[30], which it has been shown using Radar functions.[30]

    Defense Facilities[edit source]

    There are different Defense related weapons around HQ, and in the forbidden zone[27], which range from Cannons on HQ's rooftop for air battles[27][31], to traps to prevent invasions into the town.[27] There is also traps inside the base for when invaders get inside[32]

    Misc[edit source]

    Lounge[edit source]

    With tables, and chairs[15][33] it is a place where Border Agents can relax[15], or bringing their tablets to work out plans for Rank Wars.[15][33]

    Secret Channel[edit source]

    Mikado City has multiple of these passages exclusive to Border Agents[15] Once an agent's trigger has been authenticated[15], the entrance will open which is the shortest path to HQ.[15]

    R&D Department[edit source]

    The area Kinuta manages - researchers research technology from the Neighborhood[15] as well as develop new weapons.[15] it is also the researchers who reversed the cubeification of border agents.[15][34]

    Cafeteria[edit source]

    There is a big cafeteria with cheap prices[35], the menu includes: A-rank set (a mystery set of toasted mochi udon and croquettes)[35], A-rank set meal (a mystery set meal of sashimi rice and mapo tofu)[35], A-rank capricious fried rice (fried rice with different ingredients depending on the day).[35]

    Trivia[edit source]

    • There are ducts inside in Border HQ that allows Bail Out use inside the base[36], which will return the user to their Strategy Room.[36]
    • Mini-Replica left behind on Earth is currently kept in the R&D department at HQ for analysis.[37]
      • It was noted that if Yūma went on the away mission, he would bring the mini-replica.[37]
    • There is a convience store on the first floor[38] which was used by Katagiri Squad[38][39]
      • The Logo seems to be a rotating cube.[39]
    • There is an area which houses Border Agents and Staff.[40]
    • There are delivery tunnels that run from the base's underground area to downtown Mikado City.[42] while stuff like the water and sewage system were drawn from lines that were used in the now forbidden zone.[42]
    • Conversations inside the training rooms, and during rank wars can't be heard from the outside.[43]

    Members[edit source]

    S-rank[edit source]

    Tsukihiko Amō

    A-Rank[edit source]

    Kei Tachikawa
    No. 1 Attacker[46]
    No. 1 Overall[46]
    Kōhei Izumi
    No. 2 Shooter[47]
    Takeru Yuiga
    Yuu Kunichika
    Shinji Fuyushima
    Isami Tōma
    No. 1 Sniper
    No. 4 Overall
    Risa Maki
    Sōya Kazama
    No. 2 Attacker
    No. 3 Overall
    Ryō Utagawa
    Shirō Kikuchihara
    Kaho Mikami
    Saki Kusakabe
    Shun Midorikawa
    Ryūji Saeki
    Kazuma Satomi
    No. 1 Gunner
    Hayato Uno
    Jun Arashiyama
    Ai Kitora
    Mitsuru Tokieda
    Ken Satori
    Haruka Ayatsuji
    Nozomi Kako
    Futaba Kuroe
    Mai Kitagawa
    An Kobayakawa
    Shūji Miwa
    Yōsuke Yoneya
    Tōru Narasaka
    No. 2 Sniper
    Shōhei Kodera
    Ren Tsukimi
    Katagiri Squad
    A-Rank #8
    Takaaki Katagiri
    Yukimaru Ichijō
    Tōichirō Momozono
    Asumi Amakura
    Karin Yuitsuka

    B-Rank Upper Group[edit source]

    Masataka Ninomiya
    No. 1 Shooter
    No. 2 Overall
    Sumiharu Inukai
    Shinnosuke Tsuji
    Aki Hiyami
    Masato Kageura
    ~No. 20 Attacker
    Yuzuru Ema
    Hiro Kitazoe
    Hikari Nire
    Tatsuhito Ikoma
    No. 6 Attacker
    Satoshi Mizukami
    Kōji Oki
    Kai Minamisawa
    Maori Hosoi
    Kazuaki Ōji
    Kazuki Kurauchi
    Yutaka Kashio
    Haya Kittaka
    Haruaki Azuma
    Noboru Koarai
    Tsuneyuki Okudera
    Mako Hitomi
    Rei Nasu
    Yūko Kumagai
    Sayoko Shiki

    B-Rank Middle Group[edit source]

    Takuma Yuba
    Yukari Obishima
    Kazuto Tonooka
    Nono Fujimaru
    Tetsuji Arafune
    Atsushi Hokari
    Yoshito Hanzaki
    Rin Kagami
    Yōko Katori
    Yūta Miura
    Rokurō Wakamura
    Hana Somei
    Kōtarō Suwa
    Daichi Tsutsumi
    Hisato Sasamori
    Rui Osano
    Kuniharu Kakizaki
    Fumika Teruya
    Kotarō Tomoe
    Madoka Ui
    Urushima Squad
    B-Rank #14
    Wataru Urushima
    Rika Rokuta

    B-Rank Lower Group[edit source]

    Takahiro Ebina
    Yukito Otokawa
    Shō Motegi
    Sakurako Taketomi
    Satoru Hayakawa
    Ryōgo Funabashi
    Seiji Marui
    Asami Taya
    Yūichirō Yoshizato
    Hidetaka Kitazoe
    Hanao Tsukimi
    Asuka Asagiri
    Hitoshi Matsushiro
    Masakuni Hakoda
    Yūya Tsuchisaki
    Ayumu Hatori
    Makoto Chano
    Itsuki Fujisawa
    Megumi Tokura
    Mamoru Tokiwa
    Tokiya Saitō
    Waka Utsunomiya
    Yoshinobu Kera
    Hazuki Nanao
    Mamiya Squad
    Ranking Unknown
    Keizō Mamiya
    Mitsuya Koinuma
    Minoru Hata
    Aoi Kusumoto

    C-Rank[edit source]

    Teruteru Kōda
    Fumifumi Saotome
    Hidehide Hinoe
    Solo Agents
    Izuho Natsume

    [edit source]

    Masamune Kido
    HQ Commander
    Chief Executive
    Masafumi Shinoda
    HQ Director
    Defense Corps Commander
    Kyōko Sawamura
    Assistant HQ Director
    Motokichi Kinuta
    Research and Development Director
    Eizō Netsuki
    Public Relations Director
    Katsumi Karasawa
    External Affairs Director
    Business Director
    Raizō Terashima
    Chief Engineer
    Seiji Mizunuma
    Human Resources Director
    Ruka Shinoda
    Mother Trigger Operator[50]

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    Navigation[edit source]

    Commander in Chief Masamune Kido
    Administration Eizō Netsuki • Katsumi Karasawa • Kyōko Sawamura • Masafumi Shinoda • Motokichi Kinuta • Takumi Rindō
    General Staff Michael Cronin • Raizō Terashima • Seiji Mizunuma
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    C-Rank Fumifumi Saotome • Hidehide Hinoe • Izuho Natsume • Teruteru Kōda
    Operators Aki Hiyami • An Kobayakawa • Aoi Kusumoto • Asami Taya • Asuka Asagiri • Ayumu Hatori • Hana Somei • Haruka Ayatsuji • Haya Kittaka • Hazuki Nanao • Hikari Nire • Kaho Mikami • Karin Yuitsuka • Madoka Ui • Mako Hitomi • Maori Hosoi • Megumi Tokura • Nono Fujimaru • Ren Tsukimi • Rika Rokuta • Rin Kagami • Risa Maki • Rui Osano • Saki Kusakabe • Sakurako Taketomi • Sayoko Shiki • Shiori Usami • Yuka Kon • Yuri Rindō • Yuu Kunichika
    Former Border Agents Akane Hiura • Mirai Hatohara • Tadaomi Kanda • Yūgo Kuga
    Affiliated Personnel Raijinmaru • Replica • Izuho's Cat • Rinji Amatori • Ruka Shinoda • Yōtarō Rindō
    Old Border Agents Hibiki Taira • Ibuki Wakisaka • Kaede Namekata • Kengo Sōma • Kirie Konami • Manabu Kai • Masafumi Shinoda • Masamune Kido • Mato Kujō • Motoki Suzumura • Reiji Kizaki • Rintarō Chihiro • Ryōji Kiriyama • Shin Kazama • Sōichi Mogami • Takumi Rindō • Tetsuya Umesaki • Yūichi Jin • Yuri Rindō
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    Positions All-Rounder • Attacker • Engineer • Gunner • Operator • Shooter • Sniper • Spotter • Trapper
    Branches Hayanuma Branch • Hisama Branch • Suzunari Branch  • Tamakoma Branch  • Wataayu Branch • Yumite District Branch
    Factions Kido Faction • Shinoda Faction • Tamakoma Branch • Factionless Faction
    Triggers Asteroid • Bagworm • Bagworm Tag • Bail Out • Chameleon • Cobra • Connector • Dummy Beacon • Egret • Enhanced Radar • Escudo • Fūjin • Full Arms • Full Attack • Geist • Gimlet • Grasshopper • Hornet • Hound • Ibis • Idaten • Kogetsu (Spear/Gen'yō/Senkū) • Lead Bullet • Lightning • Makō • Meteor • Radar • Raygust (Shield Mode/Thruster) • Salamander • Scorpion • Shield (Fixed Mode/Full Guard) • Silencer • Sōgetsu (Axe) • Spider • Starmaker • Switchbox • Teleporter • Timer • Tomahawk • Trion Body • Viper • Yūma's Black Trigger

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