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    World Trigger: Smash Borders (ワールドトリガー:スマッシュ・ボーダーズ, Wārudo Torigā: Sumasshu Bōdāzu ?) was an iOS and Android game that released on July 23rd, 2015 and was later ported to the Playstation Vita on February 17, 2016.[1] However, Bandai Namco shut down the servers on February 22, 2018.[2]

    Gameplay[edit source]

    World Trigger: Smash Borders is a turn-based strategy game, where players have to manage a Border HQ and the area around and participate in missions to destroy Neighbors or battle bosses. The players can control and battle different characters from the series.

    The characters are divided in 3 classes; Intellectual (, Chi ?), Trick (, Waza ?), and Body (, Karada ?). Each class is strong against another one, in a rock-paper-scissors fashion (intellectual characters are strong against trick characters, trick characters are strong against body characters, and body characters are strong against intellectual characters). Most if not all characters have a finishing move, and some characters can work with a specific character for their finishing move.

    Characters by class[edit source]

    Intellectual[edit source]

    Trick[edit source]

    Body[edit source]

    Trophies[edit source]

    On the Playstation version of the game, there are trophies you can get, there are 14 trophies: 11 bronze, 2 silver, and 1 gold.

    Image Name Description
    Seasoned Commander Raise HQ level to 10.
    Everyone's Hero Clear 1,000 Away Missions.
    Ironclad Defense Complete 500 Quests.
    Smash Master Destroy 10,000 Enemies.
    Trion Monster Collect 5,000,000 Trion.
    The richest person around Collect 5,000,000 Coins.
    New Commander Raise HQ level to 3.
    Strong Defense Complete 50 Quests.
    Support from the shadows Complete 50 missions.
    Trigger Development Department Staff Raise a trigger's level 10 times.
    Friend's member arrives Perform 80 battles with a friend's character.
    Steady and diligently Do 1,000 resource collections.
    Urban Development Strengthen a facility 50 times.
    Town Restoration Develop 20 facilities.

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