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    Borderless Mission JP.jpg

    World Trigger: Borderless Mission (ワールド トリガー:ボーダーレス ミッション, Wārudo Torigā: Bōdāresu Misshon ?) is a 3D Action game made exclusively for the PS Vita. It was developed by Artdink, Published by Bandai Namco, and released on September 17, 2015.

    Gameplay[edit source]

    Triggers[edit source]

    Borderless Mission plays in a third person perspective, and lets you equip a specific amount of triggers depending on the rank (1 for C-rank, 4 for B-rank, and 8 for A-rank with S-Rank being exclusive to Black Trigger users) and slot position. Due to the story, they only have triggers for everything before B-Rank Wars Arc, in addition the game has triggers that permanently boost a character's stats, as for the triggers they work similarly to the show, but some triggers are changed for the game.

    it should also be noted that unlike the series, any character can equip any trigger regardless of rank (ie, B and C-rank character's can equip Kitora's Spider Gun, or Konami's Sōgetsu), but you have to buy the chip additionally you can only assign one chip to one character, so if you buy and equip a Kogetsu chip to Tachikawa, the same chip can't be assigned to Karasuma thus will be required to buy another Kogetsu chip. Each trigger chip costs a specific amount of Border Coins - BC (ボーダーコイン・BC ?) which are earned after beating missions.

    Rank[edit source]

    When completing story missions, or winning rank wars in the match hall; you gain points with the character used, when the character reachs 4,000 points they will become B-Rank, and when it reaches 8,000 it becomes A-Rank.

    Map[edit source]

    Icon Meaning
    Blue Player
    Red Enemy
    Red Arrow Off-screen enemy
    Green Marker you need to go to.
    Orange Line Map Border.

    Control Layout[edit source]

    Menu[edit source]

    Action Button
    Change setting - Left Stick
    Select - Circle Button
    Return/Back - X button

    Combat[edit source]

    Action Button
    Select/Change settings - Left Stick
    Move Camera
    Change Lock-on Target (when locked onto an enemy)
    - Right Stick
    Reset Camera Press Bottom Right part of the screen
    Jump - X button
    Aim (Hold Button When equipping Gunner/Sniper Trigger)
    Lock-on (Tap Button)
    - Left Bumper
    Shoot (Gunner/Sniper Trigger) - Right Bumper
    Attack (Attacker Trigger) - Triangle Button
    Squat (When still/increases trion recovery)
    Step (When Moving)
    - Circle Button
    Block - Square Button
    Change Character Select->
    - D-Pad Up or - D-Pad Down
    Enable/Disable Weapon (When equipped with 2 Attacker/Gunner Triggers)
    Make Composite Bullet (Shooter Triggers)
    Change Bullet Type (Handgun/Assault Rifle)
    - D-Pad Left or - D-Pad Right
    Pause Start

    Guarding[edit source]

    Trigger used Block Bullet Block Sword
    Guarding with Sword No Yes
    Shield Yes Special*
    Raygust (Shield Mode) Yes Yes
    Escudo Yes Yes

    * = When the shield is hit by a slash, it staggers on impact. It also blows up in the air.

    Match Hall[edit source]

    Stages[edit source]

    • Construction Area
    • Forbidden Zone
    • Shelter
    • Abandoned Residential Area
    • Border HQ
    • Third Mikado City Middle School
    • Yumite District Station
    • Training Room

    Rule Settings[edit source]

    Name Options
    Match Style Solo Battle (個人戦 ?) • Team Battle (チーム戦 ?)
    Match Mode Rank War (ランク戦 ?) • Free Match (フリー対戦 ?)
    Trion Regeneration Standard (標準 ?) • Fast (早い ?)
    Health Regeneration Standard (標準 ?) • Fast (早い ?) • None (なし ?)
    Time Limit (Solo and Team are same) 3 Minutes • 5 Minutes • 10 Minutes • 15 Minutes • 20 Minutes • 30 Minutes
    Win Condition (Solo) 1 Defeat • 3 Defeats • 5 Defeats • 10 Defeats
    Win Condition (Team) 4 Defeats • 8 Defeats • 12 Defeats • 16 Defeats • 20 Defeats

    Menus[edit source]

    In-mission menu[edit source]

    Name Action
    Map Shows a bigger version of the map
    Review Controls Shows what the buttons do
    System Settings Change System Settings
    Restart Restarts the mission from the beginning
    Return to HQ Goes back to main menu

    Story-section mission[edit source]

    Name Action
    Review Controls Shows what the buttons do
    Skip Conversation Skips all dialogue to go straight to the fighting.
    Return to HQ Goes back to main menu

    Characters[edit source]

    Playable characters[edit source]

    Reiji Kizaki Kirie Konami Kyōsuke Karasuma Yūichi Jin (Normal/S-Rank When Fūjin is equipped)
    Osamu Mikumo Yūma Kuga (Normal/Black Trigger) Chika Amatori Kei Tachikawa
    Kōhei Izumi Sōya Kazama Ryō Utagawa Shirō Kikuchihara
    Jun Arashiyama Ai Kitora Mitsuru Tokieda Shun Midorikawa
    Shūji Miwa (Normal/S-Rank When Fūjin is equipped) Yōsuke Yoneya Tōru Narasaka

    Non-playable characters[edit source]

    Replica Yōtarō Rindō Raijinmaru Shiori Usami
    Yuu Kunichika Kaho Mikami Haruka Ayatsuji Ren Tsukimi
    Isami Tōma Ken Satori Shōhei Kodera Izuho Natsume
    Takumi Rindō Masamune Kido Masafumi Shinoda Kyōko Sawamura
    Motokichi Kinuta Eizō Netsuki Hyrein Enedora
    Mira Hyuse Ranbanein Viza
    3 Idiots

    Trophies[edit source]

    There are a total of 28 Trophies, 9 of which are bronze, 13 are silver, 5 are gold and 1 platinum.

    Image Name

    Trophy Completion
    (トロフィーコンプリート, Torofi Konpurīto?)
    Win all trophies

    Border Debut
    (ボーダーデビュー, Bōdā Debyū?)
    Complete the tutorial

    Beginner Border Agent
    (()()しボーダー, Kakedashi Bōdā?)
    Complete 15 Missions

    Mid-tier Border Agent
    ((ちゅう)(けん)ボーダー, Chūken Bōdā?)
    Complete 40 Missions

    (エンディング, Endingu?)
    Complete all Yūma Arc Story Missions

    Mission Complete
    (ミッションコンプリート, Misshon Konpurīto?)
    All missions completed (note: To unlock this trophy, you have to go into multiplayer and play the free-play missions with someone else)

    Black Trigger
    (ブラックトリガー, Burakku Torigā?)
    Win a battle with an S-Rank border agent in a match

    Anti-Black Trigger
    (アンチブラック, Anchi Burakku?)
    Win a battle against an S-Rank border agent with a normal trigger in a match

    B-rank level up
    (()れてB(きゅう), Harete B-Kyū?)
    Have a C-rank agent level up to B-rank

    A-rank level up
    (()れてA(きゅう), Harete A-Kyū?)
    Have a B-rank agent level up to A-rank

    Master Class
    (マスタークラス, Masutā Kurasu?)
    Have a Border Agent's points exceed 20,000

    Ace Border Agent
    (エースボーダー, Ēsu Bōdā?)
    Have a Border Agent reach max level

    Elite Coach
    (エリートコーチ, Erīto Kōchi?)
    Have 10 border agents reach max level

    Gallery Complete
    (ギャラリーコンプリート, Gyararī Konpurīto?)
    Unlock all CGs

    Trigger Completion
    (トリガーコンプリート, Torigā Konpurīto?)
    Unlock all Triggers

    Character Completion
    (キャラクターコンプリート, Kyarakutā Konpurīto?)
    Unlock all Characters

    Border Coin Chieftain
    (ボーダーコイン(ちょう)(じゃ), Bōdā Koin Chōjya?)
    Border coins in possession exceed 100,000 BC

    Shadow Merit Points
    ((かげ)(こう)(ろう)(じゃ), Kage no Kōrōjya?)
    Have Merit Points exceed 10,000 BP

    True Merit Points
    ((しん)(こう)(ろう)(じゃ), Shin no Kōrōjya?)
    Have Merit Points exceed 50,000 BP

    Solitary Merit Points
    (()(こう)(こう)(ろう)(じゃ), Kokō no Kōrōjya?)
    Have Merit Points exceed 120,000 BP

    Trion Soldier Killer
    (トリオン(へい)キラー, Torion-Hei Kirā?)
    The number of Trion soldiers destroyed exceed 500

    Trion Soldier Hunter
    (トリオン(へい)ハンター, Torion-Hei Hantā?)
    The number of Trion soldiers destroyed exceed 2,000

    Beginner Winner
    (()()しの(しょう)(), Kakedashi no Shōri?)
    The number of wins in Match Hall exceed 10

    Solid Winner
    ((けん)(じつ)(しょう)(), Kenjitsuna no Shōri?)
    The number of wins in Match Hall exceed 50

    Glorious Winner
    ((えい)(こう)(しょう)(), Eikō no Shōri?)
    The number of wins in Match Hall exceed 100

    Steady Continuation
    (()(みち)(けい)(ぞく), Jimichina Keizoku?)
    Total play time exceeded 3 hours

    Perseverance makes one stronger
    ((けい)(ぞく)(ちから)なり, Keizoku Wa Chikaranari?)
    Total play time exceeded 8 hours

    Trigger Master
    (トリガーマスター, Torigā Masutā?)
    Total play time exceeded 15 hours

    Gallery[edit source]

    Trivia[edit source]

    • When on the character select screen, if you press triangle you can change the color of the outfit.
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