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    Dream Trigger (ドリームトリガー, Dorīmu Torigā ?) is the opening theme for Fugitives Arc, performed by Pile. It is used from episodes 48-73, and replaced Ashita no Hikari. It was used in episodes 48 and 73 as an ending theme and from episodes 49-72 as an opening.

    Tracklist[edit source]

    CD Tracklist
    1. Dream Trigger (ドリームトリガー, Dorīmu Torigā ?)
    2. Vampire Kakumei (ヴァンパイア革命, Vanpaia Kakumei ?,  lit. Vampire Revolution)
    3. Densetsu no FLARE -strings ver.- (伝説のFLARE, lit. Legendary Flare ?) (Limited Edition A Only)
    4. Kimi ga Kureta KI.SE.KI -strings ver.- (君がくれたKI.SE.KI, lit. The Miracle You Gave Me ?) (Limited Edition B Only)
    5. Dream Trigger -strings ver.- (ドリームトリガー, Dorīmu Torigā ?) (Regular Edition Only)
    DVD Tracklist
    1. Dream Trigger (ドリームトリガー, Dorīmu Torigā ?) (Music Video)
    2. Live Footage "JEWEL VOX" One Man Live@Shibuya (Live映像「JEWEL VOX」ワンマンツアー@渋谷 ?)

    Lyrics[edit source]

    TV Size[edit source]



    A級感覚のNext Stage




    Soshite boku tachi wa kono basho de
    Hitotsu no yume wo mita...

    Kimi ga miteru genjitsu wa unmei no Roulette
    Tama ni ii koto aru no kana...
    Warui koto bakari ja Bail out

    Mina dare demo Dreamer
    Dareka no tame ja nakute ii
    Jibun no tame ni ikeba iiyo
    Eikyuu kankaky no Next Stage!

    Tatoe chikyuu de kimi dake ga
    Kodoku ni natta toshitemo
    Watashi wa kimi no mikata ni nareru
    Kitto sore mo Team da

    Sora ni mitsuketa meikyuu no chizu
    Me no mae ni hirakareta S-E-K-A-I
    Manten no hoshi wo mitsume yume wo egaki
    Takanatteru kodou wo shitta

    Ima koko ni hajimari tsugeru
    Boku ra no monogatari
    Ima koko ni hajimari tsugeru
    Boku ra no monogatari

    Dokomademo hibiku youni
    Kono omoi kienu youni
    Yume no Trigger hikun da...

    And we saw one dream in this place...

    The reality you're seeing is the roulette of fortune
    Do good things happen sometimes...
    If there are only bad things, bail out

    Everybody is a dreamer
    It doesn't have to be for somebody else
    Advance for yourself
    The A-rank(eternity)- feeling next stage!

    Even if only you become
    Lonely on the Earth
    I can side with you
    That's surely friendship, too

    Found in the sky was the GATE(Map) of the labyrinth
    The world that's opened up in front
    Looking up at the sky full of stars
    Drawing a dream

    It's starting here right now, our story
    To make it resound endlessly
    To make it feeling last
    Pull the dream trigger...

    And so we stand united in this place and share a single dream together...

    The harsh reality that you face, It's just a spin of the wheel of fortune
    There could be something good happen, maybe if everything is awful then it's Bail Out!

    Everybody is a dreamer
    You don't have to act selflessly
    You can do it all for yourself
    Aim for an epic A-rank, Next Stage!"

    Even if you're the only one on earth
    abandoned on your own without a friend
    I will be on your side
    I'll live no matter what
    I always know that it's our friendship!

    In the sky we found a gate
    that's a map to labyrinth
    in front of our eyes we can gaze at a brand new world

    We gaze at the sky for stars
    matching the future
    hearts beating faster, always together
    right here, right now, we're making it happen, our story's beginning right now!

    We'll make it echo for miles and miles
    so that are feelings will never fade
    We'll release the triggers of our hearts...

    Full Size[edit source]

    そして僕たちはこの場所で 一つの 夢を見た,,,,,

    悪いことばかりじゃ ベイルアウト

    あしたというシルエットが Colorfulになればいいよね
    キミの情熱 引き金にして 飛びたとうよEmotion

    空に見つけた迷宮のGATE(ちず) 目の前に開かれたS・E・K・A・I

    満天の星を見つめ 夢を描き 高鳴ってる鼓動を知った
    どこまでも響くように この想い消えぬように 流れ星に願ぅょ

    「悩むだけ悩んだでしょ あとは前だけ見てみれば?」
    皆だれでもDreamer 誰かのためじゃなくていい
    自分の為にイケばいいよ A級[永久]感覚の Next Stage


    空に見つけた天使のSmile 雲間に差し込んでく光
    幾千の時を越えて キミと出逢いどこまでも進むのは
    この先に語り継げる 僕らのHeavenly
    どこまでも続くように この想い消えぬように

    空にひろがる宝石のGATE(ちず) 目の前に開くのはM・I・R・A・I
    満天の星を越えて そして僕ら1つの太陽になって
    どこまでも導くから この想い消えぬように


    soshite bokutachi wa kono basho de hitotsu no yume o mita,,,,,
    kimi ga miteru genjitsu wa unmei no ruuretto
    tama ni ii koto aru no kana?
    warui koto bakari ja beiruauto

    kawaku kokoro uruosu nowa ‘yume’ to iu oashisu nanda
    kyuuteishi dekinai hodo ni iroiro motomechau Angel
    ashita to iu shiruetto ga Colorful ni nareba ii yone
    kimi no jounetsu hikigane ni shite tobitatou yo Emotion

    sora ni mitsuketa meikyuu no chizu me no mae ni hirakareta S-E-K-A-I
    manten no hoshi o mitsume yume o egaki takanatteru kodou o shitta
    ima koko ni hajimari tsugeru bokura no monogatari
    dokomademo hibiku you ni kono omoi kienu you ni nagareboshi ni negau yo

    “nayamu dake nayanda desho ato wa mae dake mitemireba?”
    koyoi, tsubasa o te ni irete kimi ni okuru mono wa Message
    mina dare demo Dreamer dareka no tame janakute ii
    jibun no tame ni ikeba ii yo eikyuu kankaku no Next Stage

    tatoe chikyuu de kimi dake ga kodoku ni natta to shitemo
    watashi wa kimi no mikata ni nareru
    kitto sore mo Team da

    sora ni mitsuketa tenshi no Smile kumoma ni sashikondeku H-I-K-A-R-I
    ikusen no toki o koete kimi to deai dokomademo susumu nowa
    kono saki ni kataritsugeru bokura no Heavenly
    dokomademo tsudzuku you ni kono omoi kienu you ni
    yume no torigaa hikunda…☆★☆

    sora ni hirogaru houseki no chizu me no mae ni hiraku nowa M-I-R-A-I
    manten no hoshi o koete soshite bokura hitotsu no taiyou ni natte
    ima koko de kagayakitsudzukeru bokura no monogatari
    dokomademo michibiku kara kono omoi kienu you ni

    nagareboshi ni negai o…
    yume no torigaa hikunda…☆★☆

    Then, in this place, we saw the same dream,,,,,

    The reality you observe is a roulette of fate
     I wonder if there’s something good every once in a while…
    But if it’s all bad, just bail out!

    What quenches your thirsty heart is the oasis known as a “dream”;
    An angel seeking so many things, you can’t even stop stop in a pinch!
    The silhouette known as tomorrow would be so much better if it were colorful, don’t you think?
    Using your passion as the trigger, let your emotion take flight!

    The map of a labyrinth we found in the sky, had a W-O-R-L-D opening before our eyes…
    Staring at a sky full of stars, picking out our dreams, we came to know a rising beat in our hearts;
    Right here and now, our story announces its beginning!
    So that we can ring out endlessly- So that these feelings never fade- we’ll wish upon a shooting star!

    “You’ve probably done all the worrying you can – why not trying looking ahead this time!”
    Tonight, I’m gonna attain my wings – what I’ll send to you is a message!
    Everyone’s a dreamer – it doesn’t have to be for someone else’s sake.
    You can just live for yourself, feeling an A-class eternity at the next stage!

    Even if you were the only one in the world steeped in solitude,
    I’d become your ally –
    I’m pretty sure that’s what a “team” is!

    The smile of an angel I found in the sky… is a L-I-G-H-T that shines through the breaks in clouds!
    The reason I’ve gone through thousands of moments to meet you, coming this far,
    Is for the story that’s about to be handed down: Our Heavenly!
    So that it can continue endlessly- So that these feelings never fade-
    We gotta pull our Dream Trigger…☆★☆

    That treasure map expanding in the sky, had a F-U-T-U-R-E opening before our eyes…
    Going beyond that sky full of stars, we then became a single sun:
    Our story that will shine from here on out!
    I’ll lead you wherever we may go, so in order to keep these feelings from fading,

    We’ll wish upon a shooting star!
    We’ll pull our Dream Trigger…☆★☆

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