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    Assault rifle and handgun Gunners can only fire the two types of bullets they have set up. But they're simple to operate and accuracy improves with training because each shot is the same as the last. And gun-shaped Triggers have an auxiliary function that increases range by 20%. That's what you choose if you want stable, reliable fighting.

    Kyōsuke Karasuma about Gunners, in Chapter 36.[1]

    A Gunner (銃手(ガンナー), Gan'nā Lit. Gun User ?) is a Border agent who specializes in the use of Gunner Triggers channeled through firearms.[2]

    Specifics[edit source]

    The Gunner position is one of the 9 official positions available to Border agents, one of the 7 directly involved in combat, and one of the 4 a trainee can seemingly be.[3] Any combatant who have scored the most points with a Gunner Trigger combined with a firearm out of all the Triggers in their set are counted as Gunners[4], however if they have 6,000 points with a Gunner Trigger and any Attacker Trigger, they are classified as All-Rounders.[5] On the other hand, users of Gunner Triggers who do not utilize any firearms are known as Shooters.[6]

    Overview[edit source]

    Gunners specialize in mid-ranged combat, with an emphasis on controlling the enemy's position.[7] Due to to the effectiveness of Shield, Gunners are mostly relegated to support roles, assisting allies from afar and regulating the flow of the battle.[8] Since they must also be able to take into account factors such as the goals of both teams, the conditions of the battlefield and the location of allies, frequently on the spot, Gunners are considered intellectual fighters.[9] Nonetheless, Gunners can become extremely dangerous by going in Full Attack[10] or by joining forces and focusing their fire on a single target.[11] Their fighting style is balanced and reliable, and it is easy to train one's accuracy thanks to the stable performance of the firearms they use, which also increases their range by 20% compared to Shooters.[1] Although they have fewer options than Shooters, Gunners may gain an edge on them due to only needing to aim and fire, whereas Shooters must perform more operations before they can shoot.[12]

    The four bullet types Gunners can select are Asteroid, Hound, Meteor and Viper,[13] while the available Gun Triggers come in the form of handguns, assault rifles,[6] shotguns,[14] grenade launchers[15] and miniguns,[16] although it is unknown if the latter can be used by B-rank agents. Gunner Triggers determine the features of the shot, firearms other traits such as range, rate of fire and more.[6] These factors are also hugely affected by the Trion capacity of the user: when two high-level Gunners engage in combat, due to the linearity of their fighting style, the winner is often determined by their respective trion reserves.[17] Since Gunner Triggers consume a lot of trion, Gunners require a moderately large amount of it to be effective.[18] They can load firearms with no more than two types of ammo,[1] or combine them in advance to shoot composite bullets.[19]

    Solo Points[edit source]

    Since points fluctuate constantly, most of the following scores are likely to be obsolete.

    List of Gunners[edit source]

    Currently, there are 19 known Gunners in Border,[28] corresponding to the Gunners who participate in Rank Wars. Among the All-Rounders, Ai Kitora is known to have started out as a Gunner,[18] and Yōko Katori switched to this position before becoming an All-Rounder herself.[29]

    The following Gunners are listed by their Squad's ranking at the end of the most recent season of Rank Wars. Their firearms and, when known, their individual ranking in the Gunner class are reported under their name.

    Takeru Yuiga
    Tachikawa Squad
    Kazuma Satomi
    Kusakabe Squad
    Assault Rifle/Handgun
    Takaaki Katagiri
    Katagiri Squad
    Assault Rifle
    Sumiharu Inukai
    Ninomiya Squad
    Assault Rifle
    Hiro Kitazoe
    Kageura Squad
    Grenade Launcher/Assault Rifle
    Takuma Yuba
    Yuba Squad
    Tatsuya Kuruma
    Suzunari First
    Assault Rifle
    Rokurō Wakamura
    Katori Squad
    Assault Rifle
    Kōtarō Suwa
    Suwa Squad
    Daichi Tsutsumi
    Suwa Squad
    Kotarō Tomoe
    Kakizaki Squad
    Wataru Urushima
    Urushima Squad
    Assault Rifle
    Ryōgo Funabashi
    Hayakawa Squad
    Assault Rifle
    Seiji Marui
    Hayakawa Squad
    Grenade Launcher/Assault Rifle
    Yūichirō Yoshizato
    Yoshizato Squad
    Assault Rifle
    Hitoshi Matsushiro
    Matsushiro Squad
    Assault Rifle
    Makoto Chano
    Chano Squad
    Itsuki Fujisawa
    Chano Squad
    Waka Utsunomiya
    Tokiwa Squad
    Assault Rifle

    Trivia[edit source]

    • Shooters are occasionally considered a sub-class of Gunners[6] despite having been created first.[30]
    • The author declared he would likely be a Gunner if he were a Border agent, although he adjoined that his ineptitude at athletics could force him to become an Operator instead.[31]
    • Their Representatives are Kōtarō Suwa, and Tatsuya Kuruma.[2]

    References[edit source]

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