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    Lore drop! New QnAs (August 2023)
    No chapter in the month of August due to sensei's health—Instead, we got 20 new QnAs! They were posted by the Official World Trigger Twitter. Like all other Volume/Twitter QnAs, you can see them on the page Question Corner. I have copy-pasted the new ones below for your reading convenience. All. . . more
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    Indie Wiki Buddy
    There is a google/firefox extension that can redirect or block fandom wikis called indie wiki buddy. which it has been set up so it can block results from the fandom world trigger wiki. you can get the extension here: https://getindie.wiki/. . . more
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    22 New QnAs Answered on Twitter! (Dec 2022)
    No new chapter this month, which was a bummer, because nobody wants to hear that Ashihara isn't doing well :( Hopefully he's feeling better soon. However, we've been BLESSED with new QnAs, instead! That's right! New lore has dropped! Each day from December 5th through the 9th, 4-6 QnAs were. . . more
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    Uniform Subpages for Squads (looking for help)
    This is a project I tried to start on the old wiki, and I managed to make a few with some other contributors. It's a pretty simple page. The main reason for this is that is would be super useful for fan artists who want to correctly depict the uniform. It makes a wonderful resource to reference. . . more
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    i love te prt in suwa trggwr where he said it’s suworbin time and suwad all over everyone it truly made it oke of the movies ever. . . more
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