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    Tamakoma Second vs. Suwa Squad vs. Arafune Squad

    They factored their inability to beat Arafune Squad in a long-range battle into their overall strategy. By choosing this stage and giving Arafune Squad an obvious advantage they created a natural allegiance with Suwa Squad. Tamakoma Second put a lot of thought into this urban battle.

    Haruaki Azuma describing Tamakoma Second's strategy, in Tamakoma Second 3.[1]

    Arafune Kogetsu.gif

    Tamakoma Second vs. Suwa Squad vs. Arafune Squad is a three way Rank War that took place during Round 2, between Tamakoma Second, Suwa Squad and Arafune Squad.

    Background[edit source]

    Tamakoma Second was promoted to the middle group after beating the lower B-Rank groups in the previous round.

    Summary[edit source]

    As the stage is Tamakoma Second's decision, Osamu chooses Cityscape C, a neighborhood sitting along a hill. It is initially met with surprise, as it would benefit the Sniper-oriented Arafune Squad. However, one of the battle's commentators, Azuma, reveals that this would force Suwa Squad to create an alliance with Tamakoma Second in order to prevent Arafune Squad from gaining an advantage. [2]

    Osamu, Chika, and Yūma reveal their position when Chika shoots her Ibis toward the buildings at the top of the hill, hitting near the spot Arafune had just chosen. All of Arafune Squad can now see them, and the three snipers shoot at them. In a cluster, Tamakoma Second blocks the Egret shots with Shields and Osamu's Raygust.[3] Chika then shoots again, forcing Arafune to jump off a building. This allows Suwa to find him and start shooting at him.[2] Kagami, Arafune Squad's Operator, apologizes, distraught that she allowed Tamakoma Second to distract her and prevent her from warning her combatants about Suwa Squad's approach.[4]

    While Arafune is running from Suwa, Azuma points out that it was really a trap. Hanzaki shoots Suwa with perfect aim, guaranteeing a headshot. But to the shock and awe of both Arafune Squad and the audience watching, Suwa blocks it with a very small focused shield right in front of his face.[5] It was a gamble, and the commentators explain that this was only possible because Hanzaki is known to have extreme precision as a sniper, which cost him in this case.[6] Suwa instructs Tsutsumi to go after Hanzaki now that his position is known.

    Chika hides while Osamu and Yūma move on the offensive. Yūma goes to attack Hanzaki, but the two are shot at by Tsutsumi. While Yūma dodges the attack, Hanzaki is hit and Bails Out. Tsutsumi attempt to shoot Yūma, but Yūma dodges with his newly-gained Grasshopper and cuts him down. Shun Midorikawa reveals that he had taught Yūma how to use grasshopper the day before.[7] Tsutsumi bails out.

    Yūma sets his sights on Hokari, but Arafune intercepts him and fights him with Kogetsu. It is revealed to the audience that Arafune used to be an Attacker.[8] Hokari supports his captain, giving Arafune the advantage. However, Sasamori arrives intent on defeating Hokari. Osamu circles the battle zone, exerting pressure just by being there. Hokari insults Sasamori as he runs away, asking if he was chosen to take out Hokari because they know Sasamori wouldn't be able to defeat Arafune, who is master class. Sasamori, to Hokari's surprise, doesn't take the bait.[9] Hokari decides to shoot Yūma, even though it means certain defeat at Sasamori's hands. Sasamori cuts him down and Hokari Bails Out.[10]

    Yūma is injured, and the audience suspects his downfall—except for Midorikawa, who is familiar with Yūma's fighting style. Yūma tricks Arafune into thinking that he would escape with Grasshopper, but uses the Trigger to launch himself towards his opponent and cut off his legs.[11] Suwa goes to attack, and Sasamori, using Chameleon, traps Yūma for Suwa to get a clear shot, despite the fact that Yūma will stab him with Scorpion from his back. Usami cues Chika to shoot at this moment, saving Yūma, but Arafune uses the opportunity to snipe back, hitting her and she Bails Out.[12] Arafune and Suwa try to attack Yūma, but Osamu appears to shoot Suwa down with Asteroid, eliminating him. Arafune bails out due to Trion loss, giving Tamakoma Second the victory (6-2-1).[13]

    Aftermath[edit source]

    Tamakoma Second's victory moves the Squad further up in the rankings, making them the number 8th and in the top middle group of the rankings.

    References[edit source]

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