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    Border's Top Attackers vs. Gatlin and Ratarykov

    Border's Top Attackers vs. Gatlin and Ratarykov is a fight between Kei Tachikawa, Sōya Kazama, Kirie Konami, Kō Murakami, Gatlin, and Ratarykov that happened during Galopoula's Invasion.

    Prologue[edit source]

    Galapoula's forces attack Border under Aftokrator's orders. Jin sees a future where Tachikawa is split in half, and sends Konami with the Number 1 attacker. Gatlin, Ratarykov, and Wen Sō break into Headquarters and are promptly tracked down and attacked by a Fūjin-wielding Jin, however they go through a wall and get away.[1][2] Wen Sō is left behind to deal with the pursuing Nasu and Kumagai,[2] while Gatlin and Ratarykov infiltrate the hangar.[3] The team of Border's top four attackers discuss Galopoula's strategy before the two Neighbors arrive.

    Battle[edit source]

    Gatlin and Ratarykov arrive and are met with the four attackers in the hangar.[4] Gatlin senses trion spots and warns his younger team member about them, and Ratarykov immediately activates his trigger. Tachikawa provokes the two neighbors by telling them that the away ship that they are after is directly behind the backs of the visible three attackers. Kazama appears shortly after this fact is stated, and slices Gatlin's left arm off. Vasilissa is activated and Gatlin is quick to replace his lost arm with a blaster.

    Gatlin immediately shoots at the wall where the away ship is tucked behind.[5] Murakami is quick to react and blocks the beam with his Raygust, however it is not enough to completely nullify the effects of the beam. It bores a hole through Murakami's hand and the wall hits the wall, but doesn't destroy it. A Dog swoops in and takes Murakami's right arm off, rendering it useless.

    Kazama activates Chameleon and disappears. Ratarykov uses his trigger to attack the enemy, forcing them to block the disks and for Kazama to reappear. Konami blasts Gatlin with Meteor and Tachikawa moves to attack Ratarykov with Senkū Kogetsu, however Gatlin regains his composure quickly enough to block the attack. Konami then strikes the same spot on Vasilissa's leg, causing it to break. This surprises Gatlin, as Konami was not using a black trigger.

    The two sides regroup. Gatlin increases the mission time to fifteen minutes, and Murakami points out that Gatlin can not fire his cannon right away. Tachikawa decides that it would be better to get rid of Gatlin first, however Kazama already knows that Ratarykov is wary of his Chameleon. Because of this reason, Kazama says he will take Ratarykov by himself.

    While Konami and Tachikawa focus on Gatlin, Murakami moves to prepare and intercept his cannon.[6] Kazama takes advantage of Fuyushima's short warps to catch Ratarykov off guard. Gatlin, realizing that Tachikawa is about to Senkū once again, throws debris at him which is countered by Murakami.

    Ratarykov attacks Murakami, distracting him from his initiative.[7] He also sends a couple Dogs his way. Kazama draws his full attention back to him by activating Chameleon, however Ratarykov has figured out where he is as his arm is leaking trion. He finds the trail of trion and attacks it. Unfortunately, he falls for Kazama's trap. Borrowing what Yūma did to Hiura in Round 3, Kazama has cut his arm off as bait. Kazama reappears and slices Ratarykov's legs off, causing him to fall. He still has control over Despinis, and attacks Murakami once again, but then Kazama rids him of his arm.

    Gatlin's cannon is now fully charged, and he intends to fire with Tachikawa in his way. Tachikawa is blocking Murakami's field of view, and he can not tell where the cannon is going to hit. Konami swoops in and slices both Tachikawa and Gatlin in half, however Gatlin still has one last trick: he stabilizes his torso with the legs of Vasilissa.[8] He fires the cannon. Murakami is able to block the shot and this time uses a shield for extra support against the beam.

    Tachikawa and the two Neighbors bail out. Kazama, Konami, and Murakami briefly celebrate their victory.

    Trivia[edit source]

    • As they don't know their names, Gatlin is forced to nickname each of the four attackers when referring to them.
      • They refer to Konami and Murakami as their main weapons of choice and Tachikawa by his trademark goatee.
      • Ironically, both he and Ratarykov label Kazama as the youngest (or a child) despite him actually being the oldest Border agent on the scene at 21 years old.

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