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    Please upload images within the page editor or use the Special:Upload feature when adding new pictures to the wiki. When adding images from the manga, click the fair-use option in the Licensing dropdown box. Also, avoid scanlation images as they are illegal, as well as Viz scans, as they can be altered from the original Japanese versions, so it is recommended to have as little text as possible. Having the episode/chapter number in the title is not required but it is requested as it helps out others when searching for the source. When adding images from the anime, it is preferred to not have subtitles or a timestamp. The order of preference from greatest to least is as follows:

    Manga[edit source]

    1. High Quality tankōbon version
    2. High Quality magazine version
    3. Viz version
    4. Scanlation version
    5. Raw tankōbon version
    6. Raw magazine version

    Anime[edit source]

    1. Textless High Quality
    2. High Quality with Text
    3. Textless Low Quality
    4. Low Quality with Text

    Image Uploads[edit source]

    There are two main ways to upload images (or other files).

    Uploading Files Inside the Page Editor[edit source]

    Go to Insert > Images and Media > Upload. If you use the source editor, the button should look like .

    You can upload via Select File. Then it will take you to a frame that lets you title the image and add a description. There are two elements required for the description:

    1. {{File}}
    2. Categories

    {{File}} is an easy template to add to all File pages. It autofills the copyright, description, etc. You can add details to the template if you want, or you can just insert it like this:{{File}}

    If you want to include a description (or keywords for search engine purposes), you can do it like so:

    |d= description here
    |n = name here
    |kw = keywords, here, separated, by, commas }}

    Categories are important additions to file uploads. If you want to add the Manga category to any file (or page) just add [[Category:Manga]]. Categories to add to images include:

    For images with characters (see examples in step-by-step images below):

    • [[Category:CharacterName Images]]
    • [[Category:CharacterName]]
    • [[Category:CharacterName's Squadname]]

    For images featuring the whole squad, add:

    • [[Category:Squadname Images]]

    For images with locations, add:

    • [[Category:Locations]]

    For manga screenshots from a certain chapter, add:

    • [[Category:Chapter # Images]]

    For anime screenshots from a certain episode, add:

    • [[Category:Episode # Images]]

    You can add other categories if you think of them.

    Step-by-step Example[edit source]

    An example file upload should proceed like the images below.

    Once you have clicked Save after filling out the title and description, you may exit the box if you do not wish to include the image on the page you are editing. Otherwise, select your preferences and insert the image.

    Uploading via Special:Upload[edit source]

    Galleries[edit source]

    Image galleries create an area that displays an arrangement of multiple images. It can be included on pretty much any sort of page.

    Captions on images in galleries aren't required, but they are good for when an explanation is needed.

    Gallery 'mode', by default, is set to traditional. Instead you should set it to packed. This should be an option in the dialog box when you create or edit a gallery on a page (in the main/'visual' editor). If you prefer to 'edit source' instead, here is an example, without captions:

    <gallery mode="packed">
    Episode 19 Screenshot.png

    This produces:

    An example with captions:

    <gallery mode="packed">
    Oji.gif|Osamu being attacked
    Episode 19 Screenshot.png|Osamu has been attacked

    This produces:

    GIFs don't really work in most galleries. If you would like to put a gif on a page, check out the {{Thumb}} template. There are instructions on the page linked.

    Slideshows[edit source]

    You can also use slideshows. Normally tabbers get the job done if you only want to alternate between 2-3 images, but if you have more and only want to display one at a time, a slideshow might be what you're looking for. See a good example on the Border page.

    Note: The only issue is that image quality suffers a little in slideshows.

    To create a slideshow, just set 'mode' to slideshow.

    <gallery mode="slideshow">
    Oji.gif|Osamu being attacked
    Episode 19 Screenshot.png|Osamu has been attacked

    Fan Art[edit source]

    When uploading fan art, please state the source either in the comment section of the upload, or on the file's page. Additionally don't use it on any articles, however you can put it on blogs, user pages etc.

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