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    1. Daisuke Ashihara: Q: Konami is the No. 3 Attacker, does this mean she shows up in the Solo Rank Wars? And in that case what Triggers does she use?
      A: Studying came first for Konami up until the end of her middle school years so she didn’t do any Solo Rank Wars then, and only participated in the period from her middle school graduation and part way through her first year of high school. Back then, in that period, Jin started using Fūjin and Tachikawa had kind of lost his motivation, so Konami sharpened her blades against those like Kazama to reach all the way to No. 1 Attacker. After that, along with Tamakoma’s separation, she took a step back from Rank Wars, but her solo points have only been surpassed by Tachikawa and Kazama so she’s still No. 3 Attacker. Her Triggers at the time were dual-wielded Kogetsu (fairly short).
      Source: Volume 20, Question Corner 15

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    qc= QnA
    303Lessons Were there any lessons learned from drawing ROOM 303 as you now go on to drawing World Trigger?
    A. I was very into suspense and mystery at the time and ROOM 303 contained elements of that. As part of that, the ideas of ‘how to reveal the information to the audience’ is, I would like to think, also being put to use in World Trigger. It’s a fine point, but greatly influences the reading of a story. ROOM 303 wasn’t very kind to readers (rather, there were too many areas where it relied on the reader to make it work), and I think it would have been better if I made it easier to understand.
    BattleManga To JUMP, ROOM 303 as a work is pretty different in a good way, but as you were drawing this, did you ever think that you would go on to draw a battle manga like World Trigger in the future? What kind of manga did you imagine you would draw as a serialising manga artist?
    A. As part of the generation that grew up on Dragonball, of course I wanted to draw a battle manga, and the work I brought in before ROOM 303 was a battle manga as well. But since the Tezuka Award has the pretty strict requirement of 31 pages, I realised that with my current composition abilities, a manga that requires many pages being used on action will not be able to let me showcase all of my ability, gave up on a battle manga and drew ROOM 303. But since I received a prize for this, I gained more interested in non-battle manga, so I am glad I did it.
    303Happenings Please tell us of any happenings when you made this or any thoughts you have for this work.
    A. The first time I entered, I was told that my work was worthless and unapproachable, so this was my first revenge work after I’ve done some studying. I had made the decision, or rather had the goal of ‘gonna get the top prize!’ That’s why, when I received news that I was one of the runner-ups, I remember being told I didn’t look very happy. Ah, youth.
    SpurredSF Was there a reason that spurred you to wanting to draw something with a world view like ‘Elite with Talent Jin’ (or like World Trigger), a SF battle manga?
    A. After I finished my earlier work ‘Super Dog Lilienthal’, I thought I should be more attentive that this is a shounen magazine and do something that has winning and losing. There was even a period when I planned out a sports manga; but since I myself isn’t very sporty, I didn’t think I could draw it in an interesting way. Talking it over with my editor, Bapti-san, I was told that I should think about things more freely, so I gave up on existing competitions and went back to the drawing board with the rules of competition manga. The result is SF battle manga. Rather than wanting to draw SF, it felt more like SF was what fit the requirements.
    JinPersonality Was there a reason that spurred you to drawing a character with Jin’s personality?
    A. When it turned into drawing this one-shot as a prototype for World Trigger, I wanted to set aside Yuuma and Osamu for serialisation feeling that using them in the one-shot would be a waste. So I asked Bapti-san if I could use a different protagonist, was given the OK, and so the story came to be about Jin, created to be a sempai character to Yuuma and Osamu. Rather than ‘let’s draw Jin’, I judged that Jin would be easier to draw. Compared to Yuuma and Osamu, Jin had an easy to understand character that was fitting for a one-shot, so it all worked out well.
    JinHappenings Please tell us of any happenings when you made this or any thoughts you have for this work.
    A. About half a year before I drew ‘Jin’, the 3.11 earthquake happened and I was shown non-committal big-wigs all day on TV. ‘If this reporting is real, then things must be pretty difficult where they are’ I thought, and the image of the antagonist came to me from that. (I didn’t use anyone as a model or anything.) It might have been the first time I drew a manga with satire on the side. Also, during this period my relations with Bapti-san were kind of bad, so I was glad that the popularity of this work helped mend the fence. The result is what’s important.
    Paid Do Border agents get paid?
    A: I might show it one day, but yes, agents do get paid. B-Rank Agents get a fee per Trion Soldier they defeat. A-Rank Agents have a salary + fee per Trion Soldier. C-Rank Trainees do not get paid.
    Reject Border Are there any requirements, like fitness tests, for applying to Border?
    A: There are basic fitness tests, basic achievement tests, and an interview. Other than having low Trion levels or a criminal record, you won't get rejected (Osamu was nearly rejected).
    Trion Training Can the Trion Gland be strengthened with training?
    Does Trion get replenished with time or sleep?
    A: Just like lung capacity and muscle strength, it can be improved somewhat, and does recover with nutrition and rest.
    Young Border Why are all Border agents young?
    A: The biggest reason is that the younger you are, the more your Trion Gland can grow. Agents over age 20 whose growth has stopped often go into administration (like Sawamura).
    BHS Do Border high schoolers go to the same school?
    A: For better coordination of agent schedules, they often go to the same school, but they don't have to.
    Pain Do Trion bodies feel pain from Trigger attacks?
    A: There is a pain sensation that tells you what part of your body got damaged. This can be turned completely off.
    Heal Trion Body Can you use Trion to heal damage?
    A: It is impossible to repair a Trion body. The Trion Body is basically disposable. Once destroyed, you need to create another one, which takes time and more Trion.
    op how How do you become an Operator?
    A: Some apply for it from the beginning, and some change track from combatants.
    op gender Can only girls become Operators?
    A: Almost all Operators are female. They say this is because women have higher parallel processing capabilities. Men can be Operators too. On the other hand, almost all the Engineers are male.
    squad limit Is there a limit to the number of members on a Squad?
    A: A team of five, with four Combatants and one Operator is the limit. Any more and it goes over the Operator's data processing capability.
    tama2 outfits Why do Osamu and Chika have different outfits?
    Do they have free rein?
    A: Chika's outfit is the standard C-Rank female Sniper (up to junior high) uniform. Jin made the adjustments to Osamu's. That's why it has Tamakoma's shoulder epaulette.
    narasaka bamboo Why is Narasaka the bamboo guy in the mushroom family?
    A: To avoid unnecessary bloodshed.
    raijinmaru girl Is Raijinmaru male or female?
    A: Raijinmaru looks female, but everyone at Tamakoma probably thinks Raijinmaru is male.
    yuma bento Was Yūma eating a lunch made by Osamu in chapter 2?
    A: He brought it himself.
    osamu eyesight What's Osamu's eyesight?
    A: Both eyes are 20/100.
    glasses bath Does Osamu take his glasses off when he takes a bath?
    A: Probably not. He may even wear them while he's asleep. Perpetual Glasses.
    arashiyama parents Does Arashiyama have parents?
    A: Yes. His dad is an office worker and his mom works part-time. He also lives with his grandmother, a brother and sister, and one dog.
    torimaru jobs What kind of jobs does Karasuma have?
    A: Delivering the newspaper, grocery cashier, waiter. There are rumors that more female customers come in on his shift days.
    osamu sweats How do you feel about Osamu sweating all the time?
    A: Osamu breaking into a cold sweat is like ketchup on an omelet rice (his glasses are the eggs).
    age limit Is there an age limit to applying to Border?
    A: There isn't a strict age limit as long as you have Trion, but you're more likely to be hired the younger you are because the Trion Gland can grow more.
    Rapid Teleport Can you Teleport in rapid succession?
    Distance = Trion consumed. Longer distances (over 30m) require a longer resting interval of several seconds. Short distances (2-3m) require 0.5 seconds or so.
    wortri Is World Trigger abbreviated to "WorTri" or just "Trigger"?
    A: My editor calls it "Trigger". My manager calls it "WorTri". My assistants and I never abbreviate it and call it "World Trigger".
    jin SE limit How far into the future can Jin see?
    A: He can see several years into the future that's pretty certain (high probability of actualization). But he can't see very far into uncertain futures that might be tinkered with.
    chika vs izumi trion Who has more Trion, Chika or Izumi?
    A: Chika. Izumi is a prodigy, but Chika is a monster.
    raijinmaru source Was Raijinmaru purchased at a pet shop?
    A: Director Rindō brought her from somewhere. It's a mystery.
    kazama short Why is Kazama so short?
    A: "Big power in a small package". That's Kazama.
    uniform design How are Trion body uniform designs decided?
    A: There are several basic designs, and each squad adds their own embellishments. The jersey style is popular because it doesn't intimidate civilians. Some suits, like Kazama Squad's, have functional additions.
    trion genetic Is Trion capacity inherited?
    A: Sometimes, but not necessarily. For example, Chika's parents don't have high Trion.
    op away missions Do Operators go on Away Missions?
    A: According to Usami in Volume 3, they do. Border has portable computers that operate on Trion, enabling them to support agents without a power supply.
    squad count How many A and B-Rank squads are there?
    A: There are currently eight A-Rank Squads and 20 B-Rank Squads, but it changes from time to time as the ranks change.
    reiji cooks What does Reiji like to cook?
    A: A dish of stir-fried vegetables with meat, meat and more meat. It's become a staple at Tamakoma.
    mentor find How do newly-enlisted agents find mentors?
    A: First you watch matches or videos of people who are good and study up. When you get to a certain level of competence, talk to them directly or get someone to introduce you. Or you can challenge them in individual matches.
    mentor via rival Has anyone risen to A-Rank without mentors (besides the initial members)?
    A: Several. Like Izumi, Kikuchihara and Yōsuke. You can get better without a mentor if you have good rivals.
    tachi grasshopper When Tachikawa destroyed the Ilgar, did he teleport or jump from the roof?
    A: He probably used an Optional Trigger called Grasshopper. Midorikawa uses it in this volume.
    HS Do A-Rank high schoolers all go to the same school?
    A: There are two schools affiliated with Border (one regular and one college prep). Kodera, Narasaka, Usami, Utagawa and Kikuchihara go to the college prep school. Most of the others go to a regular school. Some, like Konami (and Kitora), go to a private girls school.
    body where Where is the physical body while the Trion body is activated?
    A: Stored where the Trion body was, inside the Trigger Holder.
    Shotgun Tell us more about the gun Trigger (a shotgun?) Suwa was using in chapter 45.
    A: It's a shotgun that blasts a bunch of largish bullets. You can adjust the angle of the blast to some extent.
    Pro: high firepower. Con: slow reload.
    scorpion flexibility How drastically can Scorpion change shape? Can you wrap it around your whole body?
    A: The shape can change a good bit. How much it can expand depends on your Trion levels, but the wider it is spread, the weaker it becomes. It would be as fragile as glass if you put it around your body. Chika might be able to pull it off.
    wacky tachi Tell us more wacky anecdotes about Tachikawa, who's bad at everything non-combat.
    • He pronounced the English "danger' like "dang-ah".
    • He thought an unplugged computer was broken.
    • He picked out the dried fruit from granola and threw the rest away.
    osamu glasses style Why are Osamu’s glasses frames under-rim style?
    A: He picked it up from his father (who's still alive, by the way).
    senpai vs san When do people start to call their seniors "Mr./Mrs./Miss"?
    A: People older than high school and college start to get called "Mr./Mrs./Miss". So when Osamu doesn't add "Mr." to Kazama...
    chameleon uniform The round parts of Kazama Squad's uniform react when they activate Chameleon. What're they doing?
    A: The uniform is embedded with a mechanism that reduces the Chameleon's Trion consumption. But it increases the cost of the Trion Body.
    ryo AR Is Utagawa an Attacker or All-Rounder?
    A: The first editions of the graphic novels (in Japan) have it wrong. He's an All-Rounder.
    Kogetsu On Can you not put away Kogetsu only while it's selected, or the whole time the Trigger is on?
    A: Once the Kogetsu is selected, it is always out. It disappears in the art sometimes, but that's just me forgetting to draw it.
    LB Weight How heavy is one of Miwa's Lead Bullets?
    A: About 100kg (220lb). Yūma's Anchor is about twice that.
    Tsukimi and Tachikawa What is the relationship between Tsukimi and Tachikawa? (Tachikawa's birthday comes earlier so he's older, isn't he)?
    A: Tsukimi is Tachikawa's childhood friend and mentor when it comes to strategy. It goes Azuma, Tsukimi (and many other pupils) and then Tachikawa.
    Trion Body Uniform The Trion body wears a Border uniform when the Trigger is activated, but are the Trion Bodies automatically made wearing a uniform?
    A: The clothing upon Trigger activation can be an outfit specifically chosen by the Agent or can just be the default outfit. You can register multiple outfits of your own choosing.
    Trion Body Repair When Yūma's wounds healed after he was struck by a car (Chapter 2), does that mean that his Trion Body repaired itself?
    A: Yes. Yūma's regular body is less durable than his Trion Body, but it has a repair function. A regular Trion Body wouldn't be damaged in a car crash.
    Sniper Rifle Do Sniper rifles only stay out in gun form, or can they be put away at will? Can one be carried around as a smaller version?
    A: Once guns are out, they stay out. If you "put it away", another gun's worth of Trion must be used to take it out again.
    ARsnipe Can All-Rounders snipe too?
    A: Not really. An All-Rounder is good at close and mid-range combat. The only Perfect All-Rounder who can also snipe is Reiji.
    Eyesight is it important for Snipers to have good eyesight?
    A: Eyesight is perfected for the Trion Body, so it doesn't matter. People with glasses keep them because the glasses are tied to their identity.
    twin snipe practice Is Satori's double-barreled sniping technique highly advanced? Did he need to practice it, or was it his natural talent?
    A: He practiced. Satori pursued firepower and awesomeness to perfect it. But nobody's going to imitate him.
    konami hair Does Konami's Trion Body have short hair to conserve Trion?
    A: It's most likely so her hair doesn't get in the way during a battle. It's her old hairstyle.
    tokieda cats Tokieda lists cats as one of his likes, but does he have any at home?
    A: He has two. Arthur, a brown tabby, and a black and white cat named Tomio.
    yotaro helmet Why does Yōtarō wear a helmet?
    A: Because he's always in battle mode. Reiji made it for him.
    who is MC Who is the main character, Yūma or Osamu?
    A: Either one. I personally consider the four people I drew on the first title page as the main characters (Yūichi Jin, Chika Amatori, Yūma Kuga, and Osamu Mikumo)
    bonchi If you were to eat Bonchi fried rice crackers in Jin's room without asking him, would he get mad at you?
    A: You would start to get shipments of Bonchi fried rice crackers sent to your room.
    gates where Do gates open only in Mikado City or do they also open elsewhere?
    A: They open around the world and people secretly get kidnapped. But since a big one opened in Mikado, the world thinks that they only open in Mikado.
    why tachi kido Why is Tachikawa affiliated with Kido when Shinoda taught him how to use a sword?
    A: The Kido Faction prioritizes Away Missions, and the Shinoda Faction prioritizes defense. Tachikawa is interested in Away Missions. It's not because he disagrees with Shinoda.
    Away Team Does the Away Team try to avoid detection?
    A: They sneak in to get Trigger Technology through trades or negotiations. If a country is in the middle of a war, they will fight off attackers and take their Triggers.
    konami before ara Konami and Arashiyama are related. Did they join around the same time?
    A: Konami joined much earlier. Konami has been around since Old Border, and Arashiyama joined after the current base was built.
    kikucchi likes Does Kikuchihara actually like anything?
    A: Friends and colleagues.
    rinji sister Rinji was Osamu’s mentor, right? So shouldn't Osamu show more respect towards Rinji's sister Chika?
    A: Osamu doesn't act that way towards Chika because he's insensitive. Both Rinji and Chika herself allow him to be informal with her.
    koda squad form Does Kōda Squad (New Three Idiots) have any other formations besides Bird?
    A: They currently have ten formations including Dragon, Snake and Horse. Nine of them are "everyone attack at once" and one is "everyone run for your lives".
    Rebuild Trion Body After an agent returns to their normal body, do they have to rebuild the Trion Body like they do after they Bail Out?
    A: When an Agent returns to their normal body on their own, their Trion Body is "put away". They can decide to use the same Trion Body next time, but the damage to the body won't be repaired.
    spider box Are the wires used in Reiji's traps are the same as the ones Kitora uses? Is the box used inside the trap a Meteor?
    A: It's a Trigger called Spider and it's the same as Kitora's. It can do various things depending on which Trigger it's combined with. The box used in the trap was a Meteor (in 27 pieces).
    Izumi Tomahawk Izumi synthesized a Tomahawk by combining a Viper and a Meteor. Can he do that because he's a genius or could Osamu do it too with practice?
    A: It's possible to do it with practice, but it would take some time. If Osamu tried to shoot a Tomahawk now, it would take him a whole minute to prepare. It only takes Izumi two seconds.
    Shield Distance How far can an agent deploy a remote Shield like the ones used in the battle with Ranbanein?
    A: It depends on individual ability, but they should be able to deploy a Shield up to 25 meters away. This remote defense is one of the reasons that Shield is superior to Raygust's Shield Mode.
    squad emblems Do only A-Rank squads have their own emblems?
    A: Once a squad makes A-Rank they can make their own emblem. Even if they are eventually demoted to B-Rank, they can continue to use their emblem until the squad disbands.
    Trigger On Can you transform without saying "Trigger on" out loud?
    A: If you are touching the Trigger holder and give a clear signal, you can be silent or use a different word. You can even have your own unique transformation phrase.
    tamakoma living Please tell us if there are any characters who are living in Tamakoma Branch.
    A: Director Rindō, Yōtarō, Jin, and Reiji live there, but rooms are provided for everyone and people like Konami or Usami frequently stay over. There are plans to provide rooms for Osamu, Yūma, and Chika too.
    Gun type Triggers During the battle versus Ranbanein, Okudera used Full Guard; does that mean you can use other Triggers if you just put Kogetsu in a sheath without deactivating it?
    A: Even without putting it in a sheath you can turn the Kogetsu off, but the sharpness will become zero. You won’t be able to use it and you can’t deactivate it either, so it’s a big hindrance. Deactivating Kogetsu and then remaking one later when you need it again will mean it’s not a hindrance, but it will use up trion. It is the same with gun-type Triggers.
    trion gland decay Does the Trion gland decay with age?
    A: It seems it slowly decays if it is not used. Using it maintains it to a certain extent.
    croquettes What is Osamu’s favorite out of his mother’s home-made dishes?
    A: Cream croquettes. Even the white sauce is hand-made.
    agent origins Are all the agents from Mikado City?
    A: Generally they are, but scouting occurs in other prefectures too so there are a small number from other regions.
    what is cube What is it called when Shooters produce Trion in cube form?
    A: Trion Cube, nata de coco (fermented coconut cubes), sugar cube, Suwa, tofu, etc. Everyone calls it whatever they want.
    Chameleon Hound While Chameleon is in use, can Hound bullets track you? And do you show up on Radar?
    A: Hound bullets that use "Detection Guidance" can, but usually they are intercepted by walls and so on. Even during Stealth Mode, you still show up on Radar, so it’s possible to use that to make a rough counter-attack.
    tamakoma c uniform Yūma’s C-Rank uniform is black; was this also specially arranged by Jin?
    A: It seems to be something that Yūma’s father, Yūgo, had configured a long time ago. It is a remnant from the times of Old Border.
    fake cigarette Why is Suwa smoking even though he’s in a Trion Body?
    A: It’s to show off. Since there have been no depictions of ashtrays, there is also the possibility that it might not actually be a cigarette.
    Trion Regen Do normal Trion Body users also not need to sleep but need to eat?
    A: Trion Body users need rest just like usual. This is because the brain and nerves get fatigued, and because the Trion Gland does not recuperate while using a Trion Body.
    raygust separate Is Raygust’s shield mode a separate trigger?
    A: Shield mode is not an optional trigger, but one of Raygust’s standard functions. As such it does not use a Trigger slot.
    Rebuild Time Are there any differences in the amount of time it takes a person to recreate a Trion Body?
    A: The more Trion a person has (= the more Trion that gets used in battle) the bigger the cost of constructing a Trion Body, so recreating it will take more time. Chika takes a lot of time but Osamu can return to battle fairly quickly (in about 1~2 hours time).
    agents offduty What do Border Agents do on their days off when they’re not on duty and there’s no school?
    A: Polishing their skills in solo Rank Wars, studying the recordings, immersing in hobbies, feeling sad, falling asleep, thinking about what to buy with their wages, being swamped with homework, playing around, dancing with joy, visiting grave sites, or thinking about the person they like.
    satori penalties In the end, did Satori have to face any penalties after Chika blew a hole in the wall of HQ with that Ibis?
    A: It seems that, due to Azuma and Arashiyama covering for him, he got away with just a chop from Kinuta.
    scabbard What is the difference between ‘turning off Kogetsu and then recreating it’ and ‘putting away Scorpion and taking it out again’?
    A: ‘Putting away Scorpion’ is similar to ‘putting Kogetsu back in its scabbard’. They’re both out of the way, but Scorpion is less of a burden. ‘Turning off Kogetsu’ means to destroy both the scabbard with the blade.
    Sniper Limit What distance is the limit for a Sniper Trigger to hit its mark?
    A: If it’s an unmoving target, someone who is good at premise sniping like Narasaka or Hanzaki can hit the mark from 1km away with an Egret. An Ibis or Lightning’s range will be shorter.
    yuma eats more Even though Yūma doesn't need to sleep since gaining a Trion body (Chapter 94), does he get hungry?
    A: I believe that Yūma needs to eat food to send nutrients to his dying body, so he eats more than others.
    crank 1 trigger C-Rank Members are only supposed to have one weapon Trigger, but why did Chika train with a Bagworm on at Tamakoma?
    A: That was a Tamakoma Trigger that Reiji provided to drive the foundations of sniping into her. It is set with the three types of sniper rifles and Bagworm.
    Other Branches Are there any branches besides Tamakoma and Suzunari?
    A: Border has 6 branches: Tamakoma, Suzunari, Wataayu (綿(わた)(あゆ) ?), Yumite District ((ゆみ)()(まち) ?), Hayanuma ((はや)(ぬま) ?), and Kuma (()() ?). Its personnel are mostly those who prioritise work or school and don’t aim for A-Rank (they do not participate in the twice a week Rank Wars). The branches are placed on the outer edge of the Forbidden Zone. Other than Tamakoma, the branches function as a point of contact for local residents.
    AR def How is an All-Rounder defined?
    A: An All-Rounder is ‘an agent who has earned more than 6,000 solo points in both Attacker and Gunner Triggers respectively’. Right now Border’s overall level is on the rise and there are those who say it should be raised to above 8,000.
    character names How do you think of names for the characters?
    A: Surnames are just ones that fit, roll off the tongue easily, and isn’t too unique. First names are chosen by thinking about the parents that would be picking the names for these people.
    train trion Can’t you train your Trion Gland in Virtual Combat Mode?
    A: You can’t. You can only train your reflexes and increase combat experience in virtual mode. Trion Gland can only be trained through using Trion.
    Defense Difference What is the difference between Shield, Raygust Shield Mode, and Escudo?
    A: Shield: Can change shape. Durability changes according to the size of the surface area. Moving it lowers the durability.
    Raygust: Can change shape. Durability changes a little according to the size of the surface area. Even if you wave it around in your hand the durability will not change.
    Escudo: Cannot change shape. Cannot be moved. High durability. Needs a place (such as a wall or floor) to grow out of.
    Escudo LB Can Escudo defend from Lead Bullets?
    A: Escudo converts Trion into a material form, so it can. It is treated the same as blocking Lead Bullets with walls or buildings.
    Miwa LB In Volume 2, before he used Lead Bullet, Miwa loaded a Trigger into the handgun, do Triggers in the shape of other guns have that kind of feature too?
    A: Miwa’s Lead Bullet is customized. By loading an external magazine that was created beforehand, Lead Bullet can be used as the "handgun’s exclusive optional trigger" (so you can use a Lead Bullet handgun in the left hand and another Trigger in the right hand). The demerit is that the cost of a magazine is high, and the number of bullets are limited. Other gun Triggers can also use it if they are customized.
    cars on trion Can motorbikes or cars run on Trion energy?
    A: If HQ were to develop a "car-shape Trigger that runs on trion" then it’s possible. There is already a mechanism that converts trion into electricity, so I think electric automobiles can naturally run off it, but It wouldn't be very efficient, due to high energy loss.
    BT Shield Do Black Triggers not come with communication abilities or Shields?
    A: It’s different depending on the Black Trigger. For instance, Fūjin doesn’t seem to have Shield but looks like it has communication abilities (a receiver sometimes being there, sometimes not is the author's mistake). Yūma's Black Trigger doesn’t have communication abilities but Replica was responsible for that role.
    border quitters Are there people who have resigned from Border? And is that possible?
    A: There are times when agents or staff leave Border due to career or family matters. To quell confidential leaks, measures might or might not be taken to seal memories depending on the kind of person who’s leaving. For instance, if Taichi were to leave, I think his memories would probably be sealed.
    Bail Out Duct What happens if you Bail Out inside Border HQ? Do you fly outside first and then fly back to HQ?
    A: Inside the HQ Base there are ducts for Bail Out use, so you will return to your Strategy Room through those. You don’t need to go outside.
    Jin Scorpion It’s said that Jin made Scorpion, but are there any conditions for an agent to take part in Trigger development?
    A: Kako talked a little about it in Volume 14; when you become A-Rank Agent, you can make requests with Engineers to customise your Trigger. Developing new Triggers is just an extension of that.
    utagawa sister age gap Is there a large age difference between Utagawa and his older sister?
    A: It does seem like there is.
    miwa mentor Does Miwa have a sword or gun mentor?
    A: He started using handguns as a countermeasure to getting beat up by Tachikawa, so in a way you can’t not say Tachikawa is his mentor.
    SE operator Is there anyone with a Side Effect among the Operators?
    A: There is. I think I will get to draw it at some point.
    Starmaker How is Starmaker used during normal defense duty or in Rank Wars?
    A: Mostly as a countermeasure for stealth. Even a graze will let you mark that section, and as long as it’s not cut off then you can make Chameleon or Bagworm temporarily rendered useless. Its weaknesses are that it’s an All-Purpose Optional Triggers so it can’t be used with Full Attack, and usually you defeat the enemy before they even get marked.
    chika izumi In Volume 8, if Chika temporarily linked with Izumi instead of Osamu, what would happen to the power of the Asteroid?
    A: Chika's burst of Trion would've been the same, so the attack would be identical to Osamu's. if they'd been going for pure power, having Osamu and Izumi hold hands would've produced the biggest, flashiest attack of all.
    rilienthal plush Who brought the Rilienthal plush that was in Osamu's hospital room in Volume 10? Was it Yōsuke?
    A: It’s a toss-up between Yōsuke and Usami, but it feels like it was Yōsuke.
    nino snowmen Were the snowmen in Chapter 115 made by Ninomiya himself?
    A: He made them industriously himself. It was in plain sight of the commentating seats.
    konami kitora uniforms Why did Konami and Kitora have different uniforms, despite the attending the same school?
    A: Because Konami is in high school. Kitora will get the same uniform when she enters the High school division.
    sailor fuku The boy’s uniform for the normal high school is a gakuran, right? Is the girl’s sailor fuku?
    A: It’s sailor fuku. White short sleeves in summer, navy long sleeves in winter, white long sleeves in spring and autumn.
    osamom and kazama What was going through Kazama's mind when Mikumo's mom mistook him for a middle-schooler.
    A: "I thought she was his older sister so we're even."
    hyuse pig You had a character whose name means ‘pig’ in your last work (Schwein), and in this one Hyuse means ‘pig’ too. Is there some kind of meaning behind this?
    A: There isn’t really any meaning, but since the author likes pork cutlets he might be subconsciously giving the title of ‘pig’ to characters.
    rank war commentary What are the criteria used to choose who does the Play-by-play and the commentary for Rank Wars?
    A: It seems Play-by-play are mostly those who have A-Rank experience, but sometimes B-Rank captains are called up too. Anyone can be a commentator as long as they can talk, and honestly it doesn’t have to be an Operator but because you need to operate equipment a lot are Operators. There have been times when the person doing the Play-by-play was a combatant or an Engineer.
    kako scorpion Kako doesn’t have a Gunner Trigger on her main Trigger side, so why is she a Shooter?
    A: This comes from BBF. Thank you for reading. The positions are based on the equipped Trigger with the most solo points (except All-rounders). Kako-san’s Hound (custom) that she equips in her sub has the highest solo points, and the Scorpion she equips in her main hasn’t reached 6,000 points yet, so she’s a Shooter. It looks like she wants to increase her Scorpion to over 6,000 points and become an All-rounder. In the Galopoula battle, it seems she equipped Hound (custom) in her main too in preparation for a firefight.
    vorvoros Can Enedora’sVorvoros’ make things like just his hand from a distance?
    A: It seems possible, but it seems he can’t make precise movements. But it’d likely be interesting if he could move it.
    mira portal pop If Mira closes one of her portals around an object, would the object cut in two? Or would the portal just be unable to close.
    A: No cutting, The object would just be forced out of the portal, like "pop". If the portals were capable of cutting thing and people in two, there would've already been a number of unfortunate accidents.
    alektor shape Can Hyrein’sAlektor’ create bullets in the shape of humans?
    A: It doesn’t seem like there are bullets of mammals that don’t reproduce through ‘eggs’, but he was using things that looked like jellyfish which goes planula larva -> polyp strobilation, so maybe he can.
    alektor healing Can Alektor’s ability to take in trion from surrounding cubes and heal the user be used on other people’s Trion Bodies?
    A: He didn't do it for Mira, so it seems it can’t.
    Licenses Is there anyone of 18 and above who has a driver’s licence for a car or a bike?
    A: Aside from Reiji who has already driven in the story, it seems Fuyushima, Azuma, Suwa, Tsutsumi, Kako, and Kakizaki have normal driver’s licenses. The top brass and Sawamura have licenses too. Tachikawa doesn’t as you might expect. Zoe has a motorbike license, and Kage and Tōma have motorized bicycle licenses (two wheelers under 50cc, Scooters, mopeds etc). It seems Arafune and Hokari want motorbike licenses too.
    Konami Rank Wars Konami is the No. 3 Attacker, does this mean she shows up in the Solo Rank Wars? And in that case what Triggers does she use?
    A: Studying came first for Konami up until the end of her middle school years so she didn’t do any Solo Rank Wars then, and only participated in the period from her middle school graduation and part way through her first year of high school. Back then, in that period, Jin started using Fūjin and Tachikawa had kind of lost his motivation, so Konami sharpened her blades against those like Kazama to reach all the way to No. 1 Attacker. After that, along with Tamakoma’s separation, she took a step back from Rank Wars, but her solo points have only been surpassed by Tachikawa and Kazama so she’s still No. 3 Attacker. Her Triggers at the time were dual-wielded Kogetsu (fairly short).
    Clothes Can the things on a trion body like the clothes you’re wearing or shoes be taken off?
    A: You can set it to can be taken off or can’t be. The composition can be simpler if set to can’t be taken off, so that can save trion cost. Border’s on-duty combat bodies are generally made so you can only take off the outerwear.
    jin SE solo match Does Jin use his Side Effect in solo matches? If he does, then what is the cause when he loses?
    A: It seems he uses it against A-rank agents. He used it actively in his past matches with Tachikawa too. A common case of him losing has him getting absorbed in reading the future and neglecting the present as the main factor.
    Hound Kanji Up to the Large Scale Invasion Arc, Hound was written with the kanji for "Guided Bullet", but from rank wars it’s written with the kanji for "Tracking Bullet"; why is this?
    A: "Detection guidance" which chase trion responses is written "Guided Bullet", and "Visual Guidance" which locks on to the target with line of sight is written "Visual Guidance", but there are quite a few mistakes here and there so don’t worry about it.
    chika spider What would happen if Chika used Spider? Could she make a giant spider web all at once?
    A: She could bust out one hundred times as many wires as Osamu in one go, but they'd be so dense they'd immobilize her, and they'd end up stabbing her and her allies.
    kage mask teeth Does Kageura wear a mask in order to hide his sharp spiky teeth?
    A: There's that, yes, but it's also to cover up more skin, which keeps his side effect from taking too much of a toll on him.
    why taichi Why would anyone ever recruit Taichi Betsuyaku?
    A: For his youth, his decent Trion levels, his excitability and his dazzling eyes.
    tsuji bro names Please tell me Tsuji's brothers' names.
    A: His older brother is Ryōtarō ((りょう)()(ろう) ?), and his younger brother is Sōhei ((そう)(へい) ?).
    tsuji train If Tsuji is so awkward with women, why didn't he go to an all-boys school?
    A: Because he needed to train his heart to cope.
    suwa BT When will Suwa get a Black Trigger?
    A: Who knows? The future is vast and limitless.
    what trapper What do Trappers do, exactly? Do they forgo weapons altogether and just set traps?
    A: Yes, they're dedicated to traps. The Switchbox trigger used by Trappers is not only tough to use, but it consumes a huge amount of Trion, so for the most part, Trappers don't equip ordinary attacking triggers.
    trion gland removal If someone tries removing the trion gland from a body, wouldn't they run into a wall of meat and bone? Is it possible to rip out the trion gland without killing the subject?
    A: It's believed to be impossible with current technology. But surgically removing Black triggers might be possible?
    tamakoma1 triggers Can other people not use Tamakoma First's triggers?
    A: Sure, they can, but Tamakoma's triggers are advanced enough to be hard to handle for the inexperienced. That said, Arashiyama could use Geist, Nasu could use Axe, and Iko could use Full Arms.
    rinji and nino Half a year before the story started, Rinji was 20 years old, but was he in the same grade as Ninomiya? Or the same grade as Kazama?
    A: Same grade as Ninomiya. Maybe they kept passing by and missing each other in high school and college?
    iko and oji galo What were Ikoma Squad and Ōji Squad doing when Galopoula showed up? I guess they were off duty?
    A: In Chapter 124, when Shinoda said, "Leave one squad in the West and one in the South," that was those two.
    Nickname Of all the nicknames Ōji has given people, what are his top three?
    A: He doesn't think too hard about them. He just sort of comes up with them in a very Ōji-esque way. Two that have become popular are "Mikamika" and "Pokari," and the one that's spread the least is "Jackson" for Wakamura.
    oji nicknames What do the other agents think about Ōji's nicknames for people?
    A: "As long as we can figure out who he's talking about, it's whatever." Except in the case of Wakamura.
    which gifts What sort of gifts are you happy to receive? And which ones, not so much?
    A: When I was hospitalized, I hated the flavorless rice gruel, so I got a lot of use out of the bottled seafood preserves sent to me by fans (with hospital permission, of course). There's no gift I wasn't happy to receive, though the editorial staff wouldn't let me eat homemade food from fans, as a rule.
    rank in border During the Galopoula attack, Kuruma mentioned how leaders are usually determined by rank or age, but are there more formalized military ranks for individuals in Border (like sergeant, colonel, etc.)?
    A: Since the organization is still pretty small, different agents' duties don't differ that much. Besides Commander, HQ Director, Branch Director, and squad captains, there are no individual ranks. Also, because Border is a civilian organization, they're wary about pushback from the government and populace in general if they were to implement more of a military-style hierarchy.
    internal comms Does the Internal communicator function transmit all of one's thoughts? Or just the thoughts that one wants to broadcast?
    A: The latter. It won't transmit unless you have a recipient in mind and put those thoughts into clear words.
    twin snipe Satori's ultimate move isn't "Double Snipe," but rather "Twin Snipe". Any special reason for that name?
    A: Satori once played a video game that had a weapon called "Twin Cannon," and that's where he got the name.
    why satoken sniper Please tell me why Satori chose to be a sniper.
    A: So that he could help people over the widest range possible.
    siblings Are there any other siblings within Border other than the Kazama brothers?
    A: In terms of characters who've appeared already, there's Tsukimi's little sister and Zoe's little brother, both of whom are in Yoshizato Squad (B-Rank).
    Teleporter Goggles Why do so few agents choose to wield Teleporter? Is there some downside to using it, like not being able to use one's Triggers within a certain range immediately after, or one's body freezing up? If not, that seems like an overpowered Trigger. Also, why didn't Arashiyama Squad wear goggles during the scramble for the Black Trigger? Concealing their lines of sight would've been a big advantage. Is it because that was their first time using Teleporter in a real battle? Or was it because they were purposely getting Tōma to shoot? If there's no downside beside the line-of-sight thing, then I think Teleporter is way too powerful.
    A: Ah, you're a Teleporter diehard. Thank you for the question(s). Given Izumi's shock when Arashiyama used Teleporter in Volume 4, it's safe-ish to assume that was his first time using it. Kako Squad–the first Teleporter users–had a reason for not wearing goggles (which could hide one's line of sight), but if Arashiyama had worn goggles after his first use of Teleporter revealed the trick, I bet that would've made him really strong. I also tend to think that Teleporter is ridiculously powerful, but there are downsides, and learning to use it properly takes a high level of skill. I'm hoping to elaborate on that with future battle scenes involving Kako Squad, so please be patient.
    Yūma SE Can Yuma's side effect help him detect lies in writing too? Like in books or text messages? Will Yuma's side effect pick up on lies that the speaker doesn't even realize are lies? How does Yuma's side effect tell him when something is a lie? (Does he hear the person speaking in slow motion, or does he get prickling tingles like Kage?)
    A: When a person is lying, Yuma's side effect makes it look like black smoke is pouring out of their mouth. The subtle changes in the liar's voice transform into a visual cue that helps Yuma see through the lie. So no, I don't think his side effect would work if the person didn't know they were lying or if he were reading the lie in a text.
    scorpion strong At the start of Round 7 (Chapter 167), Kage used Scorpion to swing across a big gap. Is Scorpion really strong enough to carry the weight of the person who's manipulating the blade's shape?
    A: Weapons made of Trion are super-strong, even for non-attacking purposes. Definitely sturdy enough to do the job.
    map makers The engineers who created the Round 7 map are incredible. Do they replicate every little detail of the areas of Mikado City right down to the wiring?
    A: They're using technology that scans the real-life buildings and components of the city and replicates them all in the virtual space. For that night map, the engineers took the time and effort to faithfully upgrade the data on the electrical system.
    sniper bullets Can a Sniper Trigger shoot anything besides Asteroid or Lead Bullet?
    A: Strictly speaking, a sniper's "bullets" aren't Asteroids, but sure–I bet they could make a special request to the engineers. However, the result would have reduced power, speed, and range, making the shots easier to block. It might be fun to have them shooting Viper shots, but nailing a far-off target would be pretty difficult.
    torimaru Who came up with the "Torimaru" nickname?
    A: It started up as a slip of the tongue by Tachikawa, but it seems as though Konami jumped all over that and spread it around. These days, Tachikawa calls him by his given name, "Kyōsuke" with a straight face, accepting no blame.
    hyuse bday Please tell us Hyuse's birthday.
    A: Translated to a date understood by our world, it would be June 12. His zodiac sign is Lepus.
    yuma BT seals Did Yūma's Black Trigger have no seals initially? Please let us know if there were any standard seals?
    A: He started with Seven altogether, including Bound, Boost, Shield, Chain, and Echo.
    kouscudo When the Escudo popped out of Murakami's body, did it feel heavy to him like a Lead Bullet? Or did it just impede his movement because of the bulk?
    A: I think it's got to be lighter than a Lead Bullet. But since it's such a stiff hindrance, one could use that move to really annoy people.
    edgy oji Is Ōji at an ordinary school because he's not great at schoolwork?
    A: Ōji used to have much more of an edge to him, so it's possible he bungled the interview and failed to get into the school of his choice. I think his grades are decent enough.
    yuba lol When Ōji mentioned how it was the first time his squad got ahead of Yuba Squad, Yuba's face was covered by the speech bubble! How did he react to that line from Ōji?
    A: He LOL'd, maybe? I guess.
    tokki and satoken Tokieda and Satori joined Border at the same time, but were they friends before that? Or did they become friends after joining up?
    A: They'd known of each other since elementary school, but it wasn't until middle school that they ended up being in the same homeroom class and became friends. Then they joined Border together.
    yoneya dogbreed What's the breed of dog at Yōsuke's house?
    A: Black Shiba Inu. It's technically Yoneya's grandma's dog.
    izumi cat person Is Izumi a dog person or a cat person?
    A: His vibe screams "cat person".
    tachi scout izumi When Tachikawa Squad was being formed, did Tachikawa scout Izumi? Or did Izumi ask to join?
    A: Tachikawa really wanted to battle the previous iteration of Azuma Squad, so recruiting Torimaru and Kunichika was just a pretext for that. The old Azuma Squad disbanded shortly after that.
    hanzakis sib names What are the names of Hanzaki's siblings?
    A: The older brother is Takato ((たか)() ?). The younger sister is Minato ((みなと) ?) (TN Note: the kanji says little sister, which is likely a mistake based on previous info).
    izumi sis name Please tell us Izumi's older sister's name and age.
    A: It's Eiko ((えい)() ?), and she's 23 years old.
    hyuse trion sleep When Hyuse is using his Trion Body (without horns), does he sleep facing up?
    A: He's attempted it when he had Trion to spare, but before he knew it, he had flipped facedown again. Old habits die hard.
    LB Meteor What happens when you combine Meteor and Lead Bullet?
    A: I think it would put a thin layer of weight on the surface that was exposed to the blast. It seems to fall off if you move.
    kazama and suwa In the Volume 23 bonus content, Suwa's comment about Kazama was, "Depressing, nasty personality." Did he come away with that impression after a particular incident?
    A: No specific incident—they just don't get along.
    nino and kage arank After falling to B-Rank, did Ninomiya Squad and Kageura Squad challenge and lose to A-Rank Squads during the Rank Wars in October? Is that why they've remained B-Rank?
    A: After dropping down in the ranks, they couldn't fight for a chance at promotion for a set period of time as a penalty. Something like that.
    away test quitter If a single agent decided to quit in the middle of the Sealed Environment Phase of the test, would their whole squad be disqualified?
    A: According to the rules of Phase 1, no—the team would not be disqualified. They would just continue the test with fewer people. Still, that would leave them unable to gain as many points as other squads, so it would be mighty difficult to reach the top of the test rankings.
    eyelashes Most of the female characters have three distinct eyelashes over each eye, so why does Ui only have two?
    A: The leading theory is that Ui donated a pair of lashes to Fumika Teruya.
    bt trion amount Why does a Trion user's total trion increase when a Black Trigger is activated?
    A: The current theory is that the Black Trigger's creator's own stats override the current user's stats. Sometimes output is even higher than the creator's typical levels, perpahs becuase creating a Black Trigger involves pouring in and condensing every last drop of one's own Trion.
    nasu friends Who does Nasu get along with besides the members of her own squad?
    A: In terms of boys, she gets along with her cousin Narasaka, Kodera (Narasaka's mentee), Zoe...for some reason, and Utagawa (who's friendly with Kumagai)
    Among the ladies, she's on good terms with the girls who attended Seirin Girls' Academy for high school, including Teruya, Konami, and An Kobayakawa, and Hanao (Tsukimi's little sister. And other film buffs, like Risa Maki.
    akane bro Could you please tell us the name of Akane's brother! And, did they manage to confess to Kumagai before they moved away?
    A: His name is Shōma ((しょう)() ?). I don't think he managed to confess. If he had, the farewell scene with Nasu Squad would have been awkward.
    hato shot who Hatohara-san once shot someone and fell ill, who did they shoot?
    A: She involuntary shot Utagawa while he was using Chameleon. After that, she practiced so she could snipe while also paying attention to the Radar.
    ren azuma op Who was the Operator of Old Azuma Squad (Ninomiya/Kako/Miwa)?
    A: It's Tsukimi.
    izumi vs nino I heard that Izumi was the only one who could challenge Ninomiya. If they fought, would his master, Izumi, win? I would like to know the winning percentage!
    A: I think Ninomiya would win about 60% of the time in a one-on-one match. In a team fight, Tachikawa Squad would win by a wide margin, in addition there were many occasions when Izumi beat Ninomiya.
    sayoko why op Did Shiki-san of Nasu Squad become an operator because she is not good with men?
    A: I think it's because she's not good at jumping and running.
    arafune vs raijinmaru Would Arafune be afraid of Raijinmaru if she were introduced as a dog?
    A: He would say, "It looks like a rodent," but if someone said, "This one bites ......," I think he would brace himself.
    raijinmaru old Was Raijinmaru present when Yōtarō was born?
    A: Raijinmaru was not born until after Ruka and her family had defected to Meeden, which is a little later than Yōtarō's birth.
    Top3 I would like to know the rankings of the Gunners and Shooters like we do with the Attackers and Snipers.
    A: From what I remember, The top 3 Shooters, from the top, are Ninomiya, Izumi, and Kako. Top 3 Gunners are Kazuma, Yuba, and Katagiri Top 3 All-Rounders are Reiji, Arashiyama, and Miwa.
    tono hair Why does the gentle and friendly Tonooka have a punk haircut?
    A: "Tono is plain and is hard to find (in rank wars)" Koala's sigh of defeat was taken seriously by Nono "He's not plain, he's skilled!" And she made Tono flashy, which was very well received and became the norm.
    galo bailout Was the "Bailout" developed by Galopoula created from scratch?
    A: It was developed after receiving information on Meeden from Afto, but the gate technology was already developed before. Like Border's Bailout, it eats up a lot of Trion just to set it up and it seems to be unpopular with Reghi and some others.
    og azuma yakiniku What's Miwa's, Ninomiya-san's and Kako-san's favorite part of the Yakiniku?
    A: Miwa mainly likes the skirt meat and ribs, but is generally okay with anything, Ninomiya likes the shoulder loin and hip meat, and Kako-san likes the tongue and rump. Luxurious.
    cube shapes Why do Shooter cubes have different shapes like squares and spheres?
    A: Probably because they want to control the number and power of the bullets in detail. It seems to be a very advanced technique to divide the cube into shapes other than more cubes. Izumi could likely do it too, but he isn't so particular about the shape.
    fav dino What's Tsuji's favorite dinosaur? There was something that looked like a Plesiosaur in Ninomiya squad's strategy room, does he like Paleontology other than dinosaurs?
    A: He likes the Allosaurus the most. He also likes marine reptiles such as the Elasmosaurus and the Sarcosuchus.
    teleporter blind Can you use Teleporter even if there are obstacles between you and the location you want to move to?
    A: No, it can't be used if there is no line of sight to your destination, so it can't be used if there is an obstacle, if your eyes are blocked or if there is a smoke screen.
    horns hurt Does it hurt if you pull or push on Hyuse's horns?
    A: The area of the base of the horns and his head shouldn't hurt much, but if you move them around a lot it will hurt his neck.
    mizu and kon In Chapter 222, Mizukami and Kon seemed to get along very well. Are they involved in more than just being in the same grade?
    A: I don't know if they are close or not, but both of them have excellent grades, so they may have been treated as one by their school.
    yuu kouhai Kunichika calls Konami, Kitora and Katori by just their last name. Is this because they are younger or is there another standard?
    A: Perhaps it's a defensive instinct, to call those who are younger or the same age but who seem to be smarter than you like that. Only Kon, who has helped her with her studies, gets called "chan" or "sama".
    jin SE on off How does Jin's Side Effect work? Can he turn it ON or OFF?
    A: It's like having a new window open up in your vision (mind), you can't turn it off, but you can consciously choose to ignore it. The person you saw once gets registered in the brain channel for a while and seems to allow tracking future branching events during it.
    talented ppl Both Ninomiya and Kako like "talented people", can they understand each other?
    A. I get the feeling that Ninomiya focuses on talent as "a piece that forms a unit," while Kako is looking for talent that "shines as an individual," so they have different view about it.
    no3 sniper Tell me who is the No. 3 Sniper (my prediction is Azuma).
    A. I checked it and yes, it's Azuma.
    few shooters Why are there so few Shooters?
    A. I think it is because the Top 3 Shooters, Ninomiya, Izumi, and Kako, are hard to follow as role models, and agents cant take the approach of "using tools (guns) to adjust and raise performance."
    fastest arank Who are the fastest members to be promoted to A-Rank after enlisting?
    A. The conditions of A-Rank promotion are changing little by little as the number of agents increases so I can't use general metric, but I think it's Narasaka, Utagawa, Kikuchihara. Midorikawa, Yuzuru and Kuroe also seem to be fast. If you include operators, Hyami is included.
    amo bt From whom did Amō get his Black Trigger?
    Q. Is Amō a Neighbor?
    A. The Black Trigger that Amō used was left behind by Tetsuya Umesaki, a member of Old Border.
    Amō is from Meeden (citizen of Mikado City).
    inukai sisters What are the names and ages of Inukai's 2 sisters?
    A. The eldest daughter: Kanade ((かなで) ?), 23. The second daughter: Akari ((あか)() ?) 21.
    osamu hot Will Osamu's handsomeness increase without his glasses
    A. It may go up a little, but most people will not recognize him as Osamu.
    geist off Once Karasuma's Geist is turned on, is it possible to turn it off? Is it the same for Reiji's Full Arms?
    A. Geist cannot be deactivated once it is activated. Full Arms can be deactivated, but since more than three triggers are used at the same time, the trion consumption will be greater than usual.
    toma shot In Chapter 118, who was number 338 that Tōma shot during the stealth and target acquisition training?
    A. I may have already answered this, but it was either Oki or Tonooka. Tonooka would have been ranked 3rd in that training, so if he managed to escape Tōma, number 338 would have been Oki.
    yotaro heavy Do you think that Raijinmaru carrying Yōtarō is heavy? Also, how does Yōtarō feel about its comfort?
    A. Raijinmaru looks strong, so I think she is fine with it. I think Yōtarō feels it's luxurious and exclusive, he likes the feel of wind.
    suzunari from I would like to know from where each member of Suzunari First was scouted from.

    A. Kon: Chiba prefecture
    Taichi: Kouchi prefecture
    : Ehime prefecture
    I believe it was.

    tsuji names Tsuji seems to refer to guys younger than him with "-kun", so why does he call Urushima by just his last name?
    A. I think it's because of his cockiness and lack of modesty toward the other party. He also calls Yuiga, Satori, Hanzaki and Midorikawa simply by their last name, and calls Koarai "Koala". Surprisingly, he calls Minamisawa "Kai-kun".
    yoneya first name When Yōsuke introduced himself, he said "Yōsuke is fine", but why don't Izumi and Osamu call him by his first name?
    A. Osamu probably doesn't because he feels uncomfortable calling his seniors by their first names. Izumi probably doesn't because he doesn't want to be called by his first name by him.
    izumi yuu Why does Izumi call Kunichika by her first name?
    A. Maybe because he wants her to call him by his.
    squad mandatory If you become B-rank or A-rank do you have to join squads? (I want to read about the stories behind all the squads’ formations)
    A: To participate in rank wars, at the very least you need one combatant and one operator. Naturally, it’s more advantageous to have more members, so a squad with few members is quite a thorny path in comparison.
    radar snipe When enemies show up on Radar, is it possible to use that to snipe?
    A: Compass points are displayed on Radar, but not elevation, so it seems impossible. Combined with the topography data that operators have, it is possible to grasp the approximate location of the mark, but it would be hard to pinpoint a human-sized opponent this way.
    radar optional Are Radars and wires Optional Triggers?
    A: "Radar" is a Standard Equipment Trigger like trion bodies or the Bail Out function. "Spider", a Trigger that uses wires, is an Optional Trigger.
    yuu hokkaido Is Kunichika from Hokkaido? (trans: a reference to the fact that her favourite food is ishigari nabe/salmon hotpot, a traditional Hokkaido dish)
    A: Her mother is. Her parents would send salmon hotpot sets, sea urchins, crabs, salmon roe and so on to them. Everyone eats them together.
    arashiyama names Why do Arashiyama and his siblings have ‘second position’ type names?
    A: The person who named them, Arashiyama’s grandfather, apparently had something in mind when he chose them, but since he has passed away nobody knows for sure. The three of them seem pretty happy with it.
    mini replicas How many Mini-Replicas can be released at a time?
    A: If the functions are limited to conversation and transmitting over the comms he can probably release about 200 of them.
    body where 2 While you are in your Trion Body, where is the Trigger Holder that houses your flesh body?
    A: In another dimension (a dimension in the Neighborhood) an independent space has been set aside for the Trigger Holder to be stored.
    jjk In the manga volume of "Jujutsu Kaisen," Akutami Gege announced the image songs for the characters; do World Trigger characters have any songs like that?
    A: Right now, only Yūma has a song connected to him. It’s Dash Through the Night ((よる)()ける, Yoru wo Kakeru ?) by Spitz.
    kako recruited Other than Yūma, who else has been scouted by Kako?
    A. She greedily recruited Konami, Kage, Kitora, and others. Kazama and Kinuta have also been targets. No rules.
    tachisquad tidy Who is the worst at cleaning in Tachikawa Squad? Was Torimaru bad at cleaning too back in the old Tachikawa Squad?
    A. Torimaru was the only one who had tidying up skills, it's been sad since he left. Tachikawa is the least tidy of the bunch, Kunichika only tidies up game related stuff.
    old fighters Old man Viza and Captain Gatlin are still fighting on the front lines despite their advanced age. In the neighborhood, is it normal for people in their 30s or 40s or older to keep fighting as long as they continue to use their Trion gland?
    A. Viza is a rather rare case, but it is common for people in their 30s and 40s to still be on the front line.
    katoptron When Gatlin, Rata and Wen Sō were disguised as Idras was it thanks to Servitora (Straw soldiers)? Is Servitora a different trigger as it seems to set up somewhere else?
    A. It's a trigger called Katoptron (被り物(カトプトロン), Katoputoron ?,  lit) Headdress that reads the shape of nearby objects or people and transforms your and your allies' Trion Bodies into that shape.
    liar SE What did Yūma think of his father's Side Effect?
    A. Until he inherited it, he thought it "sounds convenient."
    liar SE sick If Yūma lies, does it make him sick cause of his Side Effect?
    A. I don't think so, but when he looks in the mirror, maybe he'll see smoke coming out of his own mouth?
    miwa friends Does Miwa-kun have any friends in Border outside Miwa Squad? Does he talk to Nire-san and Miura-kun who are in his class?
    A. He probably doesn't think they are close, but he does talk to Hikari and Muller at school. At HQ he talks to Saeki, Satomi, Momozono, Ōji, Kashio, and Kotaro quite often.
    dog walks forced At the end of Volume 20 you mentioned Arashiyama "forces Jin to go on dog walks with him," do you mean by going over to Tamakoma and picking him up?
    A. Yes, if Jin doesn't show up at the meeting place he does that, but most of the time, Jin does show up by himself.
    Osamu Friends Does Osamu make any friends in Border?
    A. Outside of Tamakoma, he seems to be good friends with Kikuchihara, Yuiga and Kitora. I think.
    Yūma Height If Yūma were able to grow, how tall would he be?
    A. I can't imagine Yuma being taller, but since Yugo, his father, seemed to be rather tall, he probably would have been too. About 175cm maybe?
    RokuHS Were all the students at prep high school from the affiliated middle school? (Are there any from outside it?)
    A. About 20-30% are from outside it. I think Tsuji and some others took the entrance exam from public middle schools.
    Miwa Squad Formation How did the current Miwa Squad form after the original Azuma Squad disbanded?
    A. Tsukimi, who was worried about Miwa, followed after him and joined alongside Yoneya, who was still going solo at the time. They fought other squads for a while for a Sniper (Azuma's role) and got Narasaka. Kodera probably joined right after they made it to A-Rank.
    Narasaka Pupil Who was Narasaka's first pupil, Kodera or Akane?
    A. They enlisted at the same time, but Kodera became an official combatant earlier than Akane, so he was probably first.
    Young Konami Why was Konami in Old Border when she was so young?
    A. Probably because she had a near encounter with people from the neighborhood when she was still small.
    Better Viper Who's the better Viper user, Nasu, who aligns multiple bullets when using Viper, or Izumi, whose bullets are all different.
    A. Nasu uses her spatial awareness while Izumi uses his intuition/perception to draw trajectories, but because Izumi uses any type of bullet, it seems that Nasu is more famous as a Viper user.
    Inukai Friend What is the relationship between Inukai and Kuroe? When did they become friends?
    A. After Kuroe beat Inukai, who started practicing using his sub trigger Scorpion, in a solo ranked match, they became friends.
    Judge Schedule Do the A-Rank members who are judging the away mission selection test also stay overnight?
    A. Yes, they stay overnight in rented rooms at HQ. They work 8 hour shifts, each with an 8 hour break in between judging, defense duty and rest. It's quite black company.
    Arashiyama Squad Feeling How did Arashiyama and the others feel about Kakizaki leaving the squad 2 years ago?
    A. Satori was genuinely disappointed. Tokki and Ayatsuji were also disappointed but thought 'maybe it's better this way'. Arashiyama thought and said "we'll be rivals from now on".
    Kuruma Border Why did Kuruma join Border?
    A. When Kuruma's parents decided to support Border, he wondered if there was anything he could do on the field, and so he joined.
    Ko SE Does Murakami learn every time he goes to sleep? I'm worried it will tire him.
    A. It seems that when he sleeps he usually spends some of it without his Side Effect activating, so I think he'll be fine.
    Yuiga DD Does Yuiga participate in defense duty?
    A. He used to skip it in the past, but now, under Izumi's guidance, he is participating properly. Izumi is keeping a good eye on Yuiga.
    Osamu W How many wins does Osamu have against Yuiga now?
    A. Currently, it's 81 wins and 196 losses. (Note: in Chapter 110 it was 48 wins and 152 losses).
    Phantom Hag In chapter 123, why did Kage call Kako "Phantom hag"? And doesn't Kako get angry at it?
    A. Back in A-Rank, Kage was pretty screwed over by Kako, so he calls her that since he is pissed off by her fighting style. Kako doesn't get angry because she makes light of Kage.
    Toki Cat What are the birthdays of Tokieda's cats? And what do they like?
    A. I don't know their exact birthdays as they are both shelter cats, but Arthur likes to cat kick cushions and stuffed animals, and Tomio likes watching TV with grandpa.
    Raizo Team Before he became an Engineer, who was Terashima in a squad with? Was he the captain?
    A. Before Raizo became an engineer, team combat wasn't all that popular, so Raizo did training and missions solo. If he had continued to be a combatant, it's possible he would have teamed up with Kazama or Suwa.
    Enedora Brain Was the entire brain transferred into Enedora's horns?
    A. The personality and memory information that were backed up in the horns are now just connected to the Rad, so there is no brain anymore. The fact that Enedorad can think and talk is rather new technology based on the analysis data from (the tiny) Replica and is rather experimental.
    Kazama Brother What was the age gap between Kazama and his brother Shin? Were they close as brothers?
    A. They are about 4 years apart. They seemed to get along well.
    Tachi Dual When did Tachikawa start using 2 swords?
    A. The man himself says "I was born dual wielding".
    WhySawamura Why did Sawamura become the assistant director?
    A. The plan was to appoint either Azuma or Sawamura, and as Azuma declined, Sawamura was chosen.
    Makiwhacker Katagiri said that Maki is a “rubble-rouser”, did something happen?
    A. Maybe he witnessed a scene where Fuyushima's opinion was whacked aside.
    1LDK Is the 1LDK design floor plan that was used in the T-shirt voting a single room affiliated with Border? There seems to be no space for a washing machine, is that because there is a seperate laundry room?
    A. ……… yeah that makes sense! That's probably it, yup.
    KatagiriStore What store did Katagiri squad stop by to get food on their way back from their defense mission?
    A. Probably the convenience store located on the first floor of Border HQ.
    Kazama San When did Osamu and Yūma change from calling Kazama "Senpai" to "San"?
    Did they have a chance to realize Kazama's age?
    A. I think that Reiji and Konami pointed it out
    Tamakoma Meal Duty How is meal duty at Tamakoma decided?
    A.The meal duty is rotated on the days when there is no work such as defense duty.
    Shifts are scheduled every two weeks, and the person on duty checks the refrigerator by evening, and if there isn't enough ingredients, they go to the store or ask someone else to buy it for them.
    Hyuse Age Does Hyuse know that he is the same age as Karasuma?
    A.He knows, but in Aftokrator, it is "you are on your own after 15," so Hyuse feels like Karasuma, Yūma, Osamu, Usami, Konami, Reiji, and Jin are all about the same.
    Chika is 14, so she is still treated as younger.
    Late SE Does a Side Effect ever manifest itself late in life?
    A.Except for the very rare case of "inheriting it together with a Black Trigger" like with Yūma, there is no record of a clear late manifestation of a Side Effect at that point.
    It is often the case that a person has lived their life without realizing that they have a Side Effect, and later learn about it.
    Izuho Karate What's Izuho's rank in karate?
    A. She's a brown belt (1st Kyuu).
    She's been doing it for quite a long time, ever since she was a child, but she has not reached her black belt (Early Dan) yet because her dojo master, her father, is very strict and Izuho can be moody and doesn't always concentrate on her training.
    Hanzaki Rank In the BBF, Hanzaki is somehow the n.5 sniper, having a range and skill of 11, but is he ranked n.5 in the actual rankings?
    A. Hanzaki isn't really the type of sniper to score, so he's more in the middle of the pack when it comes to the rankings, he's a skilled, energy saving sniper.
    Utagawa SIster What's the name and age of Utagawa's older sister?
    A. Aya ((あや) ?), 24 years old.
    Squad Factions What factions do Ui, Ouji, Ikoma and Yuba belong to in terms of their views on neighbors?
    A. Ui: Shinoda faction (defense), leaning towards factionless
    Ouji: factionless/freedom faction
    Ikoma: Kido faction (expedition), leaning towards the middle
    Yuba: Shinoda faction
    I think it's about something like that.
    Yuma Test What does Yūma do during the nights of the expedition selection test since he can't sleep? Does he pretend to sleep?
    A. Yuma learns slowly when it comes to the assignments, so he's probably working on them in the middle of the night with a notepad like what Osamu did. When he's in the double bedroom, he's probably reviewing strategies like usual while pretending to sleep.
    Kikuchihara Meet Kikuchihara wrote Minamisawa and Maki in the list of people he doesn't want to go with, but who does he want to go with?
    A. Shiori Usami, Haruaki Azuma, Hayato Uno, Yoshito Hanzaki, Osamu Mikumo.
    Kage Writing Kuga wrote Kage's name in the list of people he wants to go with, but did Kage write his?
    A. He probably did.
    Kitora Writing Is Osamu's name on the list of people Kitora would like to go with? If so, what reason did she put in?
    A. I don't think Osamu's name is on there, since Kitora is rather rigid.
    Zoe Izumi In round 6 of the rank wars, Zoe mentioned that he “talked with Izumi about it", what kind of relationship do they have?
    A. It's the horizontal relationship between Gunners and Shooters. Zoe talks with everyone, young and old, male and female.
    Izumi Masterclass Izumi has all 4 bullets in his trigger set, is he masterclass in all of them?
    A. It seems like he is.
    He has over 10k in Asteroid and Viper though.
    Fujin Trion Body When using Fujin, is the user's body still in the flesh? Or is it a Trion body? I was curious because both Jin and Miwa seemed to be wearing the same clothes as before transforming.
    A. It's a Trion body. Fujin does not have a set uniform, so the user's Trion body is based off of how they were dressed before activation. If you activate it while only wearing underpants, it will result in a big showy action panel.
    Tachikawa When When did Tachikawa become A rank?
    A. The man himself says: “In the summer of my 2nd year (of school), I was already A rank.”
    replica eat Can Replica eat food??
    A: He cannot gain nutrition from food, but as a poison taster he can eat it. Good for survival.
    jin glasses What’s the reason behind Jin's sunglasses not slipping?
    A: They're connected at the back.
    replica sleep Can Replica sleep?
    A: He doesn’t need to sleep to recharge, but he does have a ‘sleep mode’-like feature. To stay out of the way when he isn’t needed, he is on standby (sleep mode) in the ring.
    yugo vs shinoda Out of the current characters, who is about as strong as Yūgo?
    A: Yūgo was as strong as the current Shinoda. Four years ago, Yūgo would have been stronger, but Shinoda trained every day and caught up.
    yumas mom Regarding Yūma's mother, can we get even just a little bit of info about her?
    A: Yūgo told Yūma "if I die, go to Border" instead of saying "rely on your mother" or "go meet your mother", so I think she has already passed away. The traits Yūma inherited from his mother are bold decision-making, expression of will through action, and lack of whining.
    where lil replica Where is the chibi-Replica left behind in this world currently located? Does Yūma keep it on his person, is it lovingly displayed in his room, is it carefully stored away, or is it perhaps being kept somewhere for the sake of research...... Please tell us!
    A: Currently, it is being kept in the R&D department at HQ for further analysis. If Yūma were to go on the away mission, he would probably bring it with him during that time.
    school life yuma We haven't gotten many opportunities to see their school life recently, but what sort of position is Yūma in at school? Is he treated like a lovable mascot, does he have fans/closeted fans due to his overwhelming athletic abilities and inner good-guy vibes getting exposed, or does he purposely clown around and act like a weird guy?
    A: At first he was in a "returnee kid that's easy to talk to" kind of position, but after he joined Border he became a respected being and is now known as a "capable guy that's easy to talk to".
    nino ema hato talk Regarding the Sealed Environment Phase, I'm very very curious about what's going to happen next. I would love to hear about any highlights or parts to look forward to, please...!
    A: There are many developments that I hope to draw in the future, but it's likely I will get to draw these 3:
    first words What were Osamu's first words? (as words with meaning, not just babbling)
    A: Osamu was the type of child who started speaking late, but his first words were most likely nouns such as "father", "mother", "glasses". He may have also caused trouble for his mother by learning phrases such as "That's true, but......" by imitating his father.
    ashi friends Are there any characters that Ashihara-sensei would/wouldn't get along well with?
    A: Raizō, Kashio, Taichi, Hanzaki, Fuyushima-san, etc. are the ones I might get along well with. The guarded, cool-type characters would be hard to get along with, like Ninomiya, Miwa, Risa Maki. Among the cool-types, I'm starting to think I could get along pretty well with Hyuse.
    rice addons Please tell us Chika's favorite accompaniments to rice!
    A: She is the type who has no trouble consuming rice by itself, but it seems she is able to eat endlessly if there's cod roe or salmon flakes.
    hyuse escudo Hyuse called Escudo "the shield Trigger that Torimaru used", but in truth, did he decide to employ it based on his experience when Jin used it against him?
    A: I think that's probably true. He may have not wanted to phrase his request as "the shield trigger that Jin used to sandwich me".
    torimaru ikoma senku Hyuse told Karasuma to "do Ikoma's Senkū next, you can do it", but did he actually somewhat believe that he could do it?
    A: I think he was thinking half "he truly can do it" and half "he seems like he would somehow try to do it if asked". Torimaru is generous.
    Nino Squad Summer Speaking of Ninomiya squad, the black suit is that squad's trademark, but it looks like it would be hot in the midsummer. Do they have a summer uniform?
    A: I think "isn't it okay to wear black suits in the summer?", but wearing a black vest and rolling up their sleeved is more likely.
    Nino Ginger Ale Ninomiya is well known for drinking ginger ale with his yakiniku. He's old enough to drink, so if he just not good with it? I love it.
    A: I don't think he's weak with alcohol, but he certainly doesn't like drinking. Maybe he made a mistake while drinking with the other 20 year olds. He's the type to get stuck on mistakes. (It probably wasn't even anything major)
    Ema Confess Will Yuzuru ever confess to Chika?
    A. What do you think? "If... I'm selected for the away team, I'll confess..." if he said that he'd need to be careful (foreshadowing)
    Yuma Survival I assume there were times, in harsh environments, where Yuma didn't get enough food, so did he ever had to eat insects and tree roots and such? Or did Replica manage to help get him good food to eat?
    A: Yuma has been traveling with his father, Yugo, since he was a small child, so he has good survival skills and never had a problem with food unless he was in a desert or something. He would use his trigger to gather birds, fish, small animals, nuts and wild plants, which he either boiled and roasted and ate to his heart's content. Plus his cheeks are round.
    Ema Join Squad Will you tell us how Ema joined Kageura squad? (Is there a special story behind it?) How do the formation of squads differ from one another? Is Tamakoma an outlier? Can you generally form a squad with people you know?
    A: There isn't anything dramatic behind it. Hatohara and Toma discovered him when he did something exceptional in sniper training, and even though many squads were fighting each other over him, he was enthusiastically recruited by Hikari, who won the right to try by drawing lots, and he joined Kageura squad. The deciding factor was that "he liked that they weren't overly formal"
    Title Drop Is it safe to assume that the title "World Trigger" will eventually be name dropped in the characters' dialogue, and any foreshadowing to be revealed?
    A: I've never drawn anything that could be considered "foreshadowing", so please don't hold your breath for a name drop (lol) "World Trigger" is in everyone's hearts!
    Away Test Shirt The clothing given to the members of the closed environment test each have a different design on it, but frankly speaking, what is the significance behind them?
    A: To be frank, there is none, but it's possible that the manager who designed them had some reasoning behind them. For the artist's reasoning, what do you do with a change of clothes on the away ship? Do you wash them? -> It's just a way to smoothly and tastefully show that the clothes are made from Trion
    Ema Weapons Can Yuzuru use other weapons? Is it impossible because of lack of skill? Or is he just inept when it comes to love and relationships?
    A: I think he could use Gunner triggers, but Yuzuru himself prefers "weapons with high, one-shot firepower", so his style is more geared towards using Ibis even at close range
    Shocked Info Q: Do you have any scenes that you feel "I didn't think this piece would be so exciting OR I didn't think I would get into it"?

    A: I am often surprised when my manager reports information that raises eyebrows, such as "Lying Broccoli" trending or "Tetsuji Arafune" merchandise expanding.

    However, in the manga, there is a scene in Volume 2, Chapter 15 where Osamu tells Chika, "He (Yuma) may be a Neighbor, but he's my friend", From that chapter onwards, the popularity of the magazine's survey was visibly stable, which made me think that the readers had come to like Yuma more than the author had expected.

    Another scene that comes to mind is Volume 5, chapters 36 and 37, where Osamu has a mock battle with Kazama. The popularity of the survey, which had been stable since chapter 15, became even higher from this point on! I was surprised.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the readers and Kazama!

    There are many other things that happened, but I can't write them all down!

    Name Origin Q: Is there an origin for the name of each character?

    Kuga (sky), Mikumo (cloud), and Amatori (rain) are associated with the sky/weather... How do you come up with the names?

    A: for the family name, I choose one that is relatively my own taste and not too specific.

    As for the first name, I think vaguely about what kind of feelings the character's parents put into the name.

    I think it would be easier for readers to remember if I had names like "Sky, Cloud, Rain," but if I start to get hung up on that, I will spend endless time on it (I will want to have them all),

    Other than those three, I'm not that conscious about it.

    A few i am conscious of are Yoko, and Hana from Katori Squad, Kage and Hikari from Kageura Squad, Kinuta and Netsuki.

    I prepare a lot of surnames and first names separately, and then look for a good-sounding combination. The combination is quite important because I often create the image of a character from their name.

    Incidentally, before the series was published, Osamu and Yuma's last names were reversed. In the end, we switched them because the image didn't fit, but if they had been "Yuma Mikumo" and "Osamu Kuga," they might have turned out to be different characters from what they are now.

    Battle Scenes Q: How do you construct the battle scenes in your mind? I am always excited and thrilled by the unpredictable battle scenes. At the same time, I wonder what goes on in Ashihara-sensei's head.

    A: The way of constructing the battle scene changes depending on whether it is a battle that is settled one by one, such as a rank war, or a battle in which the situation moves as a series of events, such as a large-scale invasion.

    In rank wars, the characters are basically left to their own devices, so their placement when they are first transferred to the map will largely determine their subsequent development.

    Since it is a three-way or four-way battle, it is easy to create rough developments and showcases that transcend differences in ability, and the members of the play-by-play and commentary team follow up on the information, making it easy for the author to do so.

    For invasions like Aftokrator's large scale invasion, or the Galopoula Defense Mission, I have a certain idea of what is going to happen and decide on checkpoints in advance, praying that the characters will pass through them as much as possible, and leave it up to them.

    It is more difficult than in rank wars because things don't always go according to plan, Jin's "foresight" can make the other characters change their moves, which makes me think, "Wow, he's really good! I am grateful for that, and try my best to make it to the next stage of the game.

    In fact, during the serialization of the large-scale invasion, Jin and Replica helped me a lot. And Enedora, too.

    In both cases, rather than just thinking about it in my head, I think it is important to organize the "characters" and "actual situation" before the battle starts, and to arrange them in a way that shows and events are likely to occur.

    Culture Shock Q: What was the biggest culture shock for Hyuse, who grew up in Aftokrator, when he came to Tamakoma?

    A: In the Neighborhood, it is customary for POWs to have to give trion for food, so I think he was surprised to find that food was served for free at the Tamakoma branch.

    I also think he was shocked to see a child riding a dog (capybara). He is like an elite soldier that he doesn't show his shock on his face.

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