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    Tamakoma Second vs. Katori Squad vs. Kakizaki Squad

    Acting like you're the main characters of all of this... This pisses me off...!

    Yōko Katori about Osamu and Yūma in Yōko Katori. [1] ,

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    Tamakoma Second vs. Katori Squad vs. Kakizaki Squad is a three way Rank War that took place during Round 5, between Tamakoma Second, Katori Squad and Kakizaki Squad.

    Background[edit source]

    Osamu acquired a new Trigger, Spider, in order to make more effective use of his tactical skills. As a way to mitigate Chika's aversion to shooting, Ema shows her the hypothetical Lead Bullet Lightning, an amalgamation of the Lead Bullet's heavyweights and the Lightning's speed. Right before the Rank War, Katori Squad is assigned to patrol duty, during which Katori insults both Tamakoma Second and Kakizaki Squad. Katori gets into a heated argument with her teammate Wakamura regarding her attitude towards Rank Wars and work in general.

    Summary[edit source]

    The map chosen is the Industrial Zone, the time set is mid-day, and the weather is clear. After warping in, all teams attempt to rendezvous except for Katori who makes a beeline for the closest combatant on her radar, Yūma.

    Katori attacks Yūma, and they begin to trade blows in close combat. As Katori's teammates struggle to reach her to provide support, Kakizaki Squad continues to rendezvous and wait for their two opponents to wear each other out. Meanwhile, Chika reaches a sniping position from the south and prepares to provide cover, and Osamu supports Yūma with Asteroid rounds from the north.

    Both Wakamura and Miura activate Chameleon as they descend on Osamu. Annoyed by Osamu's attacks, Katori gives up on her assault on Yūma and goes after Osamu instead. Just before reaching him, however, Katori is tripped up by an invisible Spider line and falls to the ground. At that moment, Chika shoots her Lead Bullet Lightning at Katori, but Miura blocks the attack with his left arm. Osamu keeps up the pressure with another asteroid round and Yūma uses the wires to bounce through Katori Squad and cut Wakamura. Katori cuts off Miura's useless left arm, and the Squad starts to withdraw out of the wire zone.

    Yūma continues his pursuit of Katori Squad and puts further damage into Wakamura. Meanwhile, Kakizaki Squad has regrouped and decides to attack the already weakened Katori Squad. As Katori Squad leaves the wire zone, Kakizaki and Teruya start a fire-fight with Katori and Wakamura as Tomoe and Miura get into a sword fight. Tomoe uses his handgun to launch Hound at Wakamura, weakening his defenses and causing him to take damage. Following the advice of their operator, Somei, Katori Squad heads to a nearby open area. Because they were distracted by their pursuit, Kakizaki Squad didn't notice Yūma and Osamu approach them from their rear. Caught in a pincer between Katori Squad and Tamakoma-2, Kakizaki Squad retreats to the south.

    With a lull in the fighting, Tamakoma-2 sets more wired zones and the other Squads take the chance to regroup and strategize. Both Squads come to the conclusion that they should ignore Tamakoma-2, since their new strategies are difficult deal with. As the Katori Squad and Kakizaki Squad start to engage, Chika fires multiple rounds on her Ibis to alter the landscape and force their Squads to come after Tamakoma 2.

    As Chika's barrage continues, Katori Squad and Kakizaki Squad realize that they have to deal with her or else Tamakoma-2 will win. But to reach her means they have to go through Tamakoma-2's enormous wire zone, since neither team has a sniper of their own. Also, both Yūma and Osamu have activated their bagworms, so there is no knowing when they'll launch a surprise attack inside. Both Katori Squad and Kakizaki Squad realize that they have to work together to take down Chika: if Tamakoma focus their forces on just one of the two groups, the other can attack Chika with no resistance, but if Tamakoma splits its fighting power, then they'll be a much larger disadvantage. Kakizaki Squad waits for Katori Squad to enter first to be the bait. Katori Squad activates bagworm and enters the wire zone and Kakizaki follows suit after a brief moment.

    Osamu launches an attack on Katori Squad and Yūma attacks Kakizaki Squad. Neither side decides to send an agent to go after Chika for opposite reasons. Because Yūma is hard to fight, Kakizaki Squad needs all his agents to fight him. Conversely, Osamu appears as an easy target, so Katori Squad thinks they can easily defeat him and continue straight for Chika. As the Yūma's fight ensues, he manages to cut off Kakizaki's left arm. Through the use of Hound, Kakizaki Squad manages to push Yūma into a more open area, but this only works to his benefit. Realizing they are at a disadvantage, Kakizaki Squad tries to cut down the wires, but Yūma retaliates to stop them. He grapples with Tomoe, but Yūma launches him straight in the air using grasshopper. Expecting sniper fire, Tomoe instinctively shields his head, but Chika fires a lead bullet round instead, dropping him down straight to the ground and allowing Yūma to deal the final blow cutting off his head. Tomoe bails out and Tamakoma-2 earns the first point of the match.

    Wanting to take out Chika as fast as possible, Wakamura goes out from cover first to draw Chika's fire while Katori and Mirua launch a dual assault on Osamu. Osamu counters by launching vibrant red spiders, which distract Katori causing her to trip over camouflaged wires. Chika fires a lead bullet at her, hitting her right leg. Katori cuts her leg off and she takes cover with Miura. Noticing that they are going to lose unless something is done about Chika, Teruya volunteers to make a b-line for Chika to take her down, and Kakizaki agrees.

    Kakizaki switches back to his assualt rifle and attacks Yūma at a distance to create an opening, and Teruya makes a break for it and charges at Chika. However, she takes cover when Chika's lead bullet rains down on her. Meanwhile, Kakizaki is taking more and more damage from Yūma's attacks. Realizing he can't win, Kakizaki grapples Yūma who stabs him through the chest; but before he bails out, Kakizaki shoots Yūma at point blank range, blasting a huge hole to the left side of his body. To keep his trion from leaking out, Yūma uses one of his scorpions to wrap itself around the hole. Tamakoma-2 earns its second point of the match.

    Knowing that they'll be targeted by Yūma soon, Katori Squad decides to launch another assault on Osamu. First, Wakamura and Miura use cover to flank Osamu while Katori provides cover. After talking to Osamu in an effort to distract him, both Wakamura and Miura attack Osamu's flank. He retreats further into the complex and counters with more red wires. Wakamura trips over another camouflaged wire, and Osamu uses thruster to close the gap and strike at him on the ground. Wakamura blocks, but Osamu had a round of asteroid prepared beforehand at ground-level. Before bailing out, Wakamura tells Miura to cover Katori as Yūma descends on her. Tamakoma-2 earns its third point of the match.

    Yūma is engaged with Katori who notices he's close to bailing out due to low trion. She tries to shoot at him to make the point to Katori Squad, but because she hesitated in deciding to use her handgun, Yūma cuts off her right arm. Miura counter-attacks to defend her, but Yūma is able to block him easily. As he's engaged with Yūma, Osamu attacks from his rear, causing him to bail out. Tamokoma-2 earns its fourth point of the match, and Katori Squad and Kakizaki Squad only have 2 agents left.

    As Katori unleashes a barrage of bullets at Yūma and Osamu, Teruya closes in on Chika. Waiting till she's in range and between buildings, Chika fires another lead bullet. Expecting this, Teruya uses a broken-off tile from one of the roofs she was traversing to block the lead bullet and close the distance. In a last ditch effort to defeat her, Chika disengages her Lightning Lead Bullet and activates Lead Bullet Hound. Teruya is completely covered in weights, but she responds with an all enclosing hound of her own and causes Chika to bail-out. Kakizaki Squad earns it only point in the match. Knowing she'll only be defeated and earn a point for another team, Teruya voluntarily bails out from the match.

    Katori realizes that if she can beat Osamu and Yūma, then her Squad will tie for first place with the additional survival points. She launches herself at Yūma with grasshopper, but uses the red wires to change direction mid-flight and attack Osamu causing to bail out. Just before bailing out, though, Osamu launches another camouflaged spider directly between Katori and Yuma. She gets caught by it, and Yūma uses Mantis and defeats Katori. Tamokoma-2 earns three more points for Katori's defeat and survival points, bringing Tamakoma-2's total up to 7.

    Aftermath[edit source]

    • Tamakoma-2 earned 7 points, and Kakizaki Squad and Katori Squad each only earned one point.
    • Tamakoma Second's overwhelming victory raised it back into the upper group, at #4.

    References[edit source]

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