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    Nasu Squad vs. Wen Sō is a fight between Rei Nasu, Yūko Kumagai, and Wen Sō that happened during Galopoula's Invasion.

    Prologue[edit source]

    Galopoula's forces attack Border under Aftokrator's orders. A team of snipers are sent to the rooftop of Headquarters to hold off the large wave of Idras.[1] However, they are quickly overwhelmed by someone sending Dogs to the roof. This allows for Gatlin, Ratarykov, and Wen Sō to infiltrate Headquarters. Jin first tracks down and attacks the invaders, however the three get away.[2] Nasu and Kumagai pursue the three, and Wen Sō volunteers to stay behind to fight them.

    Battle[edit source]

    Nasu and Kumagai engage against the Dogs that were summoned by Wen Sō.[2] Kumagai and Wen Sō clash momentarily before Nasu separates the two and takes out some of the Dogs.[3] She has gotten a grip on the strength of the Dogs and says she will take them out herself. Wen Sō then throws up a smoke screen, disorienting the two Border agents while placing diamond shaped triggers on the ceiling.[4] Nasu manages to find Kumagai in the fog and tells her that she has her back, however she then hears Kumagai from further into the smoke screen. Nasu has been tricked; Wen Sō had cast an illusion to look like Kumagai. The Neighbor takes Nasu's arm off. Nasu chides herself for falling for a trap that she was briefed about.[5]

    Nasu and Kumagai manage to deplete Wen Sō of her Dogs.[6] However, Wen Sō still has tricks left. She clones herself and attacks Kumagai, leaving her confused.[7] She asks Shiki for help, but as radar analysis is unable to keep up, she figure out which is the real Wen Sō. Nasu hits a couple of the clones, but the two Border agents agree that this is too much for them and Nasu suggests a retreat to the hall. Wen Sō prevents Kumagai from leaving, surrounding her with the clones and slicing at her which causes trion to start leaking unnecessarily from her body.

    It is then that Kumagai notices the cause of the clones: the triggers on the ceiling that make a projection of Wen Sō. She points this out to Nasu, who starts hitting them with Viper to destroy them. One by one, the clones start disappearing but they are relentless and continue attacking Kumagai. Soon, it is down to four Wen Sōs: Three fakes and a real one. Kumagai notices that all of them except for one are mirrored, and goes to attack the odd one out.

    Kikuchihara appears, telling Kumagai that the real Wen Sō is actually the one directly to the right of the mirrored one.[8] With his help, Kumagai hits the real Wen Sō and gives Nasu the opening she needs to nearly bisect the Neighbor with her Viper.[9] Kumagai thanks Kikuchihara for the last minute save.

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    References[edit source]

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