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    Creation of a Black Trigger

    A Black Trigger ((ブラック) トリガー, Burakku Torigā ?)[1] is an extraordinarily powerful Trigger created by Trigger users with high trion levels when they pour their life and trion into an object.[1] Since the process inevitably results in the creator's death, Black Triggers are thus considered a legacy for the creator's allies.[1] They strongly reflect the personality of the ones who created them.[1] For this reason, they cannot be activated if there isn't compatibility between the user and the creator's personalities,[1] a downside which normal Triggers don't have. On the other hand, the performance of a Black Trigger is incomparable to that of a normal Trigger.[1] Additionally, the trion used to make the Black Trigger is "crystalized" and is added to the user's total trion when in use, leading to higher trion counts than people who use normal triggers.[2]

    These Triggers are very rare due to the sacrifice required to create them. Furthermore, luck plays a role in determining whether an individual will be capable of leaving one behind, which further reduces the number of volunteers.[3] However, Side Effects seem to raise the success rate considerably.[3] 7 years prior to the Second Large-Scale Invasion, the planet-nation of Aftokrator had 13 Black Triggers, which is considered an enormous amount[4] — more than twice that of Chion,[5] another superpower in the Neighborhood.[6]

    The existence of these Triggers is a crucial factor for warfare in the Neighborhood. In wars, the winning side always tries to avoid pushing the losing one into a corner, fearing that the desperation will lead to the creation of Black Triggers.[7] According to Replica, the past is rife with examples of countries on the verge of victory having to flee due to the appearance of a Black Trigger.[8] This is especially the case in away missions where there is no backup;[8] although it is very rare for more than one Black Trigger to be carried on such expeditions, as they are essential to the defense of a country from external attacks.[5] An exception to this rule is the imminent death of the God of a planet-nation.[9]

    Known Black Triggers[edit source]

    Border's Black Triggers[edit source]

    Aftokrator's Black Triggers[edit source]

    Black Triggers of Unknown Countries[edit source]

    The Black Trigger user who nearly killed Yūma.
    • The unknown mercenary's Black Trigger[10]

    Ergates' Triggers (Anime Only)[edit source]

    Known Users[edit source]

    Current[edit source]

    References[edit source]

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