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    Ergates' Trigger is an anime-exclusive trigger used by the residents of the errant nation of Ergates. This trigger was designed mainly to release and control specially designed Trion Soldiers for combat. The actual name and origin of this trigger was never revealed.

    Appearance[edit source]

    When deactivated, it takes the form of a white wristwatch-like device on the wearer's arm. When it activates, it exchanges the user's physical body with a Trion Body, and becomes a form of plated armor gauntlet that fully covers their arm.[1]

    Abilities[edit source]

    The main usage of this trigger is summoning and controlling of various Trion Soldiers. These Trion Soldiers are sealed in special capsules that resemble bullet cartridges and are loaded into the launching mechanism. The bullets then create a specialized gate where the Trion Soldier appears from. The Trion Soldiers released and used can be brought back into their capsulized form to avoid destruction.[1]

    An additional function of this trigger is the ability to turn the user invisible by loading a capsule into the launcher.[2] It has also shown the ability to summon a blade similar in appearance to Scorpion.[3]

    This trigger also has a specialized Black Trigger Model, which functions exactly the same as the original with the added bonus of enhancing the Trion Soldiers summoned from it.

    The following Trion Soldiers have been summoned from this trigger:

    Arugda[edit source]


    Arugda (アルブダ, Arubuda ?) is an anime-exclusive Trion Soldier with the ability to extract someone's trion without physically harming the target.[1] It also has the ability to shoot beams at its target. It comes in various sizes.

    Pneura[edit source]


    Pneura (フネウラ, Funeura ?) is an anime-exclusive Trion Soldier that has cloaking and shielding abilities, similar to Border's Chameleon and Shield triggers. Its shape is similar to an octopus.[1]

    Spilco[edit source]


    Spilco (スピルコ, Supiruko ?) is an anime-exclusive Trion Soldier. It resembles a scorpion and it is a self-running time bomb that can attach anything. They are controlled by their own Trion Users, as demonstrated when Xeno uses it to take Chika hostage.[1]

    Guries[edit source]


    Guries (ユリィ, Yurī ?) is an anime-exclusive Trion Soldier that specializes in surveillance and scouting. They resemble small worms.

    Melissa[edit source]


    Melissa (メリッサ, Merissa ?) is an anime-exclusive Trion Soldier that was created by Xeno which can create drones to attack its opponents using delayed pursuit system. It also has the ability to float off the ground.

    Nabis[edit source]


    Nabis (ナービス, Nābisu ?) is an anime-exclusive Trion Soldier with squid-like appearance.

    Pergrande[edit source]


    Pergrande (ペルランデ, Perurande ?) is an anime-exclusive giant Trion Soldier created by Giev. It specializes in bombing with estimated blast radius of 67 times bigger than Ilgar. It also has the ability to shoot multiple beams at its target.

    Raffilena[edit source]


    Raffilena (ラフェレダ, Rafereda ?) is an anime-exclusive flying Trion Soldier that can carry Arugda and drop them into the battlefield.

    Scare[edit source]


    Scare (スケア, Sukea ?) is an anime-exclusive Trion Soldier. It has the ability to shoot using trion bullets, similar to a Shooter.[4]

    It has also shown the ability to extend its limbs to hit enemies that are farther away. It has also been shown that it will slice its own allies in attempt to hit said enemy.[4]

    Should be noted that it has only been summoned by the Black Trigger Model so it may be exclusive to that model.

    Aleggie[edit source]


    Aleggie (アレギー, Aregī ?) is an anime-exclusive Trion Soldier. It has the ability to change its color and texture, blending itself to its surrounding.

    Unknown Spider Trion Soldier[edit source]

    This unnamed 'spider' trion soldier has one main ability: web making.[4][5] These webs can be used to trap people to then absorb their trion. Afterwards, the trion can be used to regenerate, as they act like cables. However, the trion soldier must be on the web for it to work.[5]

    It has also shown the ability to make many smaller versions of itself which can also use the webs.[5]

    When it fought Yōsuke it has shown attack speeds comparable to Marmods.[5]

    Unknown Water Based Trion Soldier[edit source]

    This unnamed water-based trion soldier's main ability is its ability to shapeshift using water as a basis, as well as use a Scorpion-like blade. From what we have seen the trion soldier can not replicate faces, skin tone or anything similar. However, it can take on a humanoid shape, albeit taller than average; as the shorter body is as tall as Osamu, while the taller form is a head taller than him.[6]

    Due to the fact it is water, it can move around its core to avoid being destroyed, or follow the flow of pre-existing water to escape. However, if the water is sealed off it will be trapped.[6]

    Unnamed Giant Trion Soldier[edit source]

    Another Unnamed trion solder this one fell from the sky during episode 49 and shot at Xeno's and Lilith's Ship with rapid fire bullets.[1]

    Unnamed Trion Soldier that controls gravity[edit source]

    This anime-exclusive unnamed trion soldier shown off in Episode 52 next to an arugda, and it has demonstrated the ability to change the gravity of the area and the objects inside. it has shown to come in groups of four which may be the reason for it's high control as when they started getting picked off the gravity started shifting back to normal.

    References[edit source]

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