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    The One that Shall Be Saved ((マモ)るべきもの Mamorubekimono ?) is Episode 53 of the World Trigger Anime.

    Short Summary[edit source]

    While working on their school assignment, Miwa, Yōsuke and Kodera are trapped by Trion Soldiers in Tamaga Tower.

    Long Summary[edit source]

    Giev looks over another city, complaining that Meedan’s trigger users are annoying. A series of webs are shown around another city, as a foreshadow to Giev’s next plan.

    Miwa, Yoneya, and Kodera are in Tamaga Tower. They’re supposedly there to help Miwa and Yoneya do their homework, but that is the last thing on Yoneya’s mind. Narasaka was invited too, but he declined, saying that a report is only good if it is done by the doer. Kodera agrees with this, but Yoneya goes off on a tangent about more Neighbors. It seems that Kodera is mostly unaware of the current situation, while Miwa explains that there has been Neighbor activity outside of Mikado City.

    The elevator malfunctions due to the trion soldiers. A maintenance worker who goes to check the power box is attacked by a trion soldier. A new type of trion soldier comes out of the elevator, and the three Miwa Squad members move into action. They work to take the trion soldier down, but there’s one catch: they seem to have regenerative properties. The three agents and many civilians are now trapped in the fiftieth floor of the skyscraper. Some of the civilians have been taken by the trion soldiers. The higher ups are frustrated with the irregular pattern of trion soldier attacks. All on-duty squads are dealing with other incidents, and Sawamura says they will have to call up off duty agents to assist.

    Narasaka and Tsukimi arrive at the scene and get in contact with the rest of the squad. The outside of Tamaga Tower is covered in webs and small trion soldiers. Tsukimi uses cellular signals to find the location of the taken civilians, and they happen to be in the other tower. They confirm that the trion soldiers can regenerate, and without the ability to bail out the agents are at a disadvantage. Kinuta informs the agents that the held civilians are being used as a source of trion. Miwa and Yoneya move in to rescue the civilians. Yoneya stays back to hold back the trion soldiers once they reach the 30th floor, and Miwa continues ahead.

    Jin calls, telling the higher ups that he foresaw the event. Meanwhile, Miwa enters the 50th floor and clashes with the mother trion soldier, but is unable to do any lasting damage to it. Tōma arrives with a package from Kido, and the three agents outside work together to send it up to Miwa. It’s Fūjin. With the Black Trigger, Miwa is able to defeat the trion soldier and successfully saves the hostages. The on-site agents leave, the mission completed with minimal damage.

    There is one problem: the amount of trion taken from agents and civilians alike is a large amount.

    Characters in order of appearance[edit source]

    Triggers in order of appearance[edit source]

    Debatable Canon[edit source]

    • When Netsuki complains about the Trion Soldiers popping outside of Mikado, He says that Border gets special privilages for luring the gates to Mikado but what the privileges are or why he says Mikado and not the Forbidden zone is unknown.

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    Fugitive Arc
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