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    The B-Rank Wars Arc is the fifth arc of the World Trigger series.

    A Flashy Debut[edit source]

    Main article: Round 1

    Osamu meets Kido in the hall, and they discuss the press conference. Osamu reveals that he is aware that Kido had intentionally used him as a scapegoat. He warns Kido to never use Yūma and Amatori like that, lest be deprived of his forgiveness. Kido complies and simply wishes Osamu good luck. Karasawa and Jin also discuss this, with Karasawa telling Jin that he wanted to give Osamu a chance to defend himself. He also divulges the increase in applications to Border since Osamu's outburst. Tamakoma Second makes its debut fighting against Yoshizato Squad and Mamiya Squad. Though Osamu is unable to participate due to his wounds, Yūma and Chika easily outdo their foes. It is a stunning victory, which attracts the attention of unsuspecting spectators. The team rank goes from #21 to #12, and their next Rank War will be against Suwa Squad and Arafune Squad. While they celebrate their victory, Konami alerts them that their next two opponents would be much stronger. The three participating teams begin analyzing each other, and on February 5, they have their second Rank War of the season.

    Round 2: Tamakoma Second vs. Suwa Squad vs. Arafune Squad[edit source]

    Main article: Round 2

    As the stage is Tamakoma Second's decision, Osamu chooses City C, a neighborhood sitting on a hill. It is initially met with surprise, as it would benefit the Sniper-oriented Arafune Squad. However, one of the commentators, Azuma, reveals that this would force Suwa Squad to create an alliance with Tamakoma Second in order to prevent Arafune Squad from getting the advantage. Chika hides while Osamu and Yūma move on the offensive. Yūma goes to attack Hanzaki, but the two are shot at by Tsutsumi. While Yūma dodges the attack, Hanzaki is hit and Bails Out. Tsutsumi attempt to shoot Yūma, but Yūma dodges with his newly-gained Grasshopper and cuts him down. Yūma sets his sights on Hokari, but Arafune intercepts him and fights him with Kogetsu. Eight months before, Arafune had been a renowned Attacker; however, he switched to being a Sniper. Hokari supports his captain, giving Arafune the advantage. However, Sasamori comes intent on defeating Hokari. Osamu circles the War zone, exerting pressure just by being there. Hokari decides to shoot Yūma, even though it means certain defeat at Sasamori's hands. Yūma is injured, and as he thought, Sasamori cuts him and he Bails Out. Yūma tricks Arafune into thinking that he would escape with Grasshopper, but uses the Trigger to launch himself towards his opponent and cut off his feet. Suwa comes to attack, and Sasamori, using Chameleon, traps Yūma for Suwa to get a clear shot, despite the fact that Yūma could stab him. Usami cues Chika to shoot at this moment, saving Yūma, but Arafune uses the opportunity to snipe back, hitting her and she Bails Out. Arafune and Suwa being attacking Yūma, but Osamu appears to shoot the latter down, eliminating them, while the former Bails Out due to trion loss, giving Tamakoma Second the victory (6-2-1).

    Round 3: Tamakoma Second vs. Suzunari First vs. Nasu Squad[edit source]

    Main article: Round 3

    Following its second Rank War, Tamakoma Second moves to #8. Its next Rank War is against Nasu Squad and Suzunari First. Yūma and Midorikawa have a Rank War, in which Yūma dominates. Arafune comes along, and challenges Midorikawa for announcing his prediction that Arafune would lose the Rank War. However, before that, the No. 4 Attacker Kō Murakami comes along, with Midorikawa stating that he was the reason Arafune quit being an Attacker. He asks Midorikawa to fight him, but Midorikawa states that he can't afford to lose any more points, capturing Yūma's interest. Yoneya also refuses to fight, saying that he wants to fight a Grasshopper user. Yūma himself volunteers, much to the others' disapproval. Murakami agrees, but with 2 conditions: the War is 10 matches long, and there will be a 10-minute intermission between the fifth and sixth matches. Yūma accepts. In the first 5 matches, Yūma wins four times, which makes Osamu thinks that he should center the team strategies on Yūma. However, Yoneya advises him to keep watching. Murakami wins five times in a row, becoming the first person to beat Yūma in solo rank wars. He reveals that he has a Side Effect of "enhanced sleep memory", where he synthesizes information extremely accurately when sleeping. Yūma's loss surprises those in Tamakoma, but the fact he got 40% of the points impresses both Murakami's team Suzunari First, as well as Tamakoma Second's other opponent, Nasu Squad. The Rank War begins on Saturday.

    The stage is the riverside one, in stormy weather. The map is composed of two segments of a city divided by water and connected only by one bridge. This is most likely to subdue Chika's sniping abilities. None of the teams have all members on the same piece of land, making the bridge a central location. Nasu Squad's strategy hinges on them being able to group at the bridge before the other teams. However, this is quickly interrupted when Chika blows up the bridge. Unable to regroup, Nasu decides to clear her side herself, while Kumagai is approached by Murakami. She puts up a fierce fight, but is unable to keep up and Bails Out. Hiura attempts to shoot Yūma, but she misses, inadvertently giving her position away, and Yūma cuts her down. Yūma and Murakami are the only ones remaining and begin their fight. It seems to be an even War, but slowly tipping in favor of Murakami. Seeing that using old techniques is useless against the latter, Yūma has Murakami step onto a Grasshopper to launch him into the river, where Yūma stabs him and defeats him, but is now stuck in the river.

    It is revealed that Hyuse has been kept prisoner in Tamakoma Branch and he comments on the War throughout its course.

    Meanwhile, Nasu begins to barrage the opponents on her side, and manages to take out Betsuyaku and cripple Kuruma. She gets locked into a fight with him. Osamu has Chika break the dam, releasing the river water into the city. This bogs down Nasu, who has been relying on her maneuverability. Nasu manages to defeat Kuruma with Tomahawk, but before he Bails Out, he shoots Hound bullets. The bullets hit Nasu, severing her arm. Osamu uses this moment to try and claim a point by defeating Nasu. The attack is in vain as Nasu purposely had several Tomahawk bullets miss Kuruma so that they could be used against Osamu. Osamu Bails Out, but Yūma approaches, having survived the river. With significant Trion loss, Nasu is forced to Bail Out, giving Tamakoma Second its third victory.

    Information and Training[edit source]

    Following Tamakoma Second's victory, it is bumped up to #6, and has Ninomiya Squad, Kageura Squad, and Azuma Squad as its upcoming opponents. The next day, Rindō takes Yūma, Osamu, and Hyuse to HQ. There, he is interrogated by the upper echelons, but he refuses to say anything. With Hyuse being a useless source of information, Kinuta takes Osamu and Yūma to their other source: Enedora. Parts of his psyche remained intact in his horns following his death, which allowed it to be put into a Rad. The Rad contains Enedora's knowledge and personality. Enedora reveals that Aftokrator had come to Earth because it was in the middle of a civil crisis. Its god, the human that powers the planet's core via their Trion, was dying and Aftokrator had to fight a suitable replacement lest the country is destroyed. Thus, Hyrein brought his Expedition Force to obtain a person with high-Trion, which they nearly did. Enedora pledges his allegiance with Border for the sole reason of revenge, but Yūma detects this as a partial lie; he has a second motive. After the interrogation, Osamu has a chat with Kikuchihara, who warns Osamu that his team would not be able to reach the Expedition Force since it is too dependent on Yūma.

    Back at Tamakoma Branch, a visitor has come: Masataka Ninomiya. Mikumo Squad has a discussion with him regarding Rinji's disappearance. He sheds some light on the circumstances surrounding the disappearance. His former teammate, Mirai Hatohara, had been discovered to have smuggled Triggers to civilians. She disappeared on the same day that Rinji did, which presents a possibility that they were collaborators. Ninomiya believes that Rinji might have manipulated Hatohara into doing such a thing since she was incapable of being so elaborate. Chika admits that that is something her brother might have done, but Osamu believes that both were fully complicit of each others' motives. Ninomiya leaves, refusing to divulge any more information until the Squad has reached A-rank. He also tells Osamu that Mikumo Squad's only honest way of getting Rinji back is to send Yūma into an A-rank Squad on the Expeditionary Force.

    Kizaki reveals that Ninomiya Squad was demoted to B-rank as a result of Hatohara's actions, and advises them to keep the incident a secret. Osamu calls Karasuma for more Shooter training, but Karasuma has him train under specialists. The first one is Arashiyama Squad. Arashiyama asserts that Osamu need not act differently than he already has because Shooters have a tendency to assume a supportive role. Nevertheless, he and Tokieda train Osamu to better his skills. Next, Osamu visits Tachikawa Squad's operation room, where he experiences an unfriendly greeting from the weak but arrogant Takeru Yuiga. Yuiga's flashy nature is quelled by Tachikawa and Izumi. Izumi tells Osamu that teaching him composite bullets is pointless at his skill level, but he will do it if he can beat Yuiga 100 times in a 1v1. Yuiga is appalled at this deal, but Osamu and he go ahead with it anyway. Osamu is unable to defeat Yuiga to the specified number, but refuses Izumi's offer to reduce it to 50 victories.

    Chika and Natsume do Sniper training where they shoot at targets. They are easily outclassed by Narasaka, but Narasaka advises them to take a look at the Snipers who didn't aim for the bullseye; rather, they made flawless designs with their bullets. The Snipers are Tōma and Yuzuru Ema. Tōma introduces Ema as his pupil, though Ema says that the only person he considers to be his mentor is Hatohara, the girl who went missing with Rinji. Chika asks Ema for more information regarding Hatohara. Ema reveals that she was an excellent Sniper, but she didn't have the conviction to shoot at people; rather, she shot at their weapons. It was this weakness that caused Ninomiya Squad to be dropped out of the Expeditionary Force, in spite of the fact that she met the requirements. Chika admits that she too struggles to be able to shoot people. Ema mentions that she should not have said that, for he is part of Kageura Squad, Tamakoma Second's upcoming opponent.

    Yūma and Murakami have a Rank War, resulting in Murakami's victory. Murakami takes Yūma to Masato Kageura, the captain of Kageura Squad, one of their upcoming foes. Moments before Yūma and Murakami arrived, Kageura had decapitated two trainees (in their trion bodies) for speaking ill of him behind his back. Murakami tells the trainees that Kageura possesses a Side Effect which let him read their mind, and assures them that they would not be harmed in their real bodies. They flee, regardless. Murakami introduces Kageura and Yūma to each other, and the two discuss Tamakoma Second's goal and the upcoming Rank War. Kageura leaves, but not without asserting that he wouldn't let a weakling beat him. Murakami explains to Yūma that Kageura's Side Effect is actually feeling others' emotions.

    Azuma Squad begins strategizing for their Rank War by coming up with an idea for the map. Koarai suggests choosing a gimmicky map like the one Nasu Squad did, but Azuma and Okudera suggest otherwise. Tamakoma Second meets up. Osamu scolds Chika for revealing her secret, but Yūma defends her by stating that Ninomiya and Azuma, having known Hatohara, likely saw the resemblance between her and Chika, and having the only unaware opponent know is not too significant. Kageura Squad watches records of Tamakoma Second.

    Round 4: Tamakoma Second vs. Ninomiya Squad vs. Kageura Squad vs. Azuma Squad[edit source]

    Main article: Round 4

    The commentators for Round 4 are Kako, Kazama, and Ayatsuji. The map chosen is City B, and the weather is snowy. Tamakoma Second and Azuma Squad concentrate on regrouping, while Kageura Squad's members fight from their positions. Kitazoe shoots Meteor, but it ultimately fails, resulting in Ninomiya's counter with Asteroid. Ema attempts a shot at Ninomiya, but it also proves unsuccessful. Ninomiya orders his teammates to go hunt Tamakoma Second down, while Ninomiya goes after Kageura Squad. Yūma is intercepted by Tsuji of Ninomiya Squad, but is freed when Kageura comes along.

    Inukai, one of Ninomiya Squad, reaches Osamu and gets into a fight with him. Inukai holds the clear advantage, and forces Osamu into a building. Osamu attempts to use hidden Asteroids, but Inukai proves too good for him. All of a sudden, Koarai and Okudera jump in and cut off Inukai's arm. Tsuji, Inukai's teammate, comes to save him. The two parties get into a fight, and Osamu tries to attack them. However, Azuma shoots Osamu through the walls of the building, causing him to Bail Out.

    The War continues, with some worrying that Chika could shoot. Inukai assures them that Chika cannot shoot, but he is proven wrong when she does in fact shoot, demolishing the building in which they were in. However, the shot was slow, allowing the targets to dodge. With Chika's location revealed, and Azuma being near her, she is unable to Bail Out so Inukai pursues her. Yūma tries to defend her, but once again, he is intercepted by Tsuji. He has Chika jump onto a Grasshopper to propel her. Inukai closes in, but is shot by Ema and stabbed by Kageura. Chika manages to Bail Out herself so that no team could collect points from her.

    Yūma, Koarai, Okudera, Tsuji, and Kageura get into a brawl. Ninomiya goes after Ema, and manages to claim a point from him. Koarai and Okudera gang up on Yūma because his Grasshopper presents a threat to Azuma. Kitazoe attempts to shoot the group, but his shot is blocked by Azuma, who attempts to shoot him. However, he is protected by Ninomiya, who is intent on having Kitazoe for himself. Kageura takes out Okudera, Yūma takes out Koarai, and Azuma takes out Tsuji, leaving Yūma and Kageura to a one-on-one War. They are quickly interrupted by Ninomiya's Full Attack Hound. Yūma uses the opportunityto try and take out Ninomiya, but he ends up being defeated by a surprise attack. The remaining three combatants make no aggressive action, leading to a time out, which results in Ninomiya Squad's victory.

    New Tactics[edit source]

    Following their loss against the upper B-rank teams, Osamu asks Jin to join their team. When Jin asks Osamu for his reason, Osamu states that he wanted to go on the expedition more quickly since Yūma was running out of time before his death and he wanted to reunite him with Replica. Jin refuses because he says there are other things to which he has to attend and because he thinks there is someone more fitting to recruit.

    The next day, Chika attends a practical sniping exercise at Border HQ. The goal of the exercise is to snipe as many other snipers while taking the fewest amount of hits as possible. Radar is turned off, only sniper triggers are allowed, and no muzzle or sound is made when firing your rifle. Marks are placed on the trion body where the target is hit. Despite being unable to shoot people, Chika does fairly well in the exercise much to Ema's surprise. As they're walking back, he can't help but think of his mentor, Hatohara, and her similarities to Chika and how he doesn't want her to share the same fate. He suggests he try something out with Chika at his Squad's room, and Chika and Natsume agree. There, Ema gives Chika a Lightning Trigger combined with Lead Bullet. Ema suspects that the reason why Chika can't shoot people is because of the splatter that happens when a trion body dies. Lead Bullet only causes lead bricks to form, so that should allow Chika to shoot at people. Additionally Lightning balances out Lead Bullet's slow bullet speed, and since Chika has such a high trion capacity, she'll be able to have the bullet reach her target from a practical distance and speed. After testing it, the group learn that Ema's suspicions were correct: the combination is viable and Chika can use it to shoot at others.

    Meanwhile, Osamu contemplates who would be a better fit than Jin as another party member. Yōtarō suggests that Jin was referring to Hyuse, who has been watching the last few matches of Tamakoma-2. At first, everyone thinks that the suggestion is outrageous, and even Hyuse quickly dismisses the idea. But then Osamu thinks of the possibility and starts to consider it seriously after looking into it more. Meanwhile, Yūma is called in by R&D Director Kinuta, who wants to question Enedora again. Enedora further explains that Hyuse is a member of the House Ellin, and that his lord is the most likely candidate for Hyrein's proposed god. This is why Hyuse was abandoned on Earth, Hyrein wanted Hyuse out of the way and unable to protect his master. With this, Osamu and Yūma learn that Hyuse wants to return to Aftokrator as soon as possible, and thus they both have a shared goal.

    Osamu later visits Arashiyama Squad again, but Captain Arashiyama is not present. He sits with Kitora and Mitsuru, and Kitora explains why she thinks that helping Osamu at this stage is a wasted effort. After convincing her to help him, after Mitsuru's suggestion, Kitora decides to teach him about the trigger Spider. Spider creates trip-wires that can slow down or stagger opponents. Additionally, operators can alter their appearance to make them difficult to see by enemies, but extremely easy to see by teammates. Further, Spider doesn't take up a lot of trion to either equip or use and Osamu wouldn't have to shoot at moving targets. Osamu learns that this trigger is perfect for him, as he can set up wired areas that would be beneficial to only his team; Yūma, with his fighting style, would be able to use the wires to his benefit; and Osamu would be able to help his teammates even if he is eliminated early on in the fight.

    The Attack on the Ship[edit source]

    Main article: Galopoula Invasion

    Later, Jin goes to a meeting where the subject of another invasion is brought up. Two of three planetary nations, Galopoula and Rhodokhroun, coming near Earth are vassals of Aftokrator. Due to their small size, an all-out invasion would be unlikely, so a covert mission could happen. Additionally, Jin did not see any casualties happening in many citizens' and Border agents' futures. Just in case, a special barrier is in place until the planets leave Earth's proximity and the A-rank Squads are on alert. Enedorad explains that because Aftokrator would have to deal with their internal issue of choosing a god, Hyrein would send one of those two countries to do their work.

    As the next round of the B-Rank Wars are underway, Galopoula begins its assault. The force is first seen in their ship discussing the general details about their mission: to cripple Border's offensive abilities. Gatlin, the invading force's commander, decides this is best achieved by destroying Border's Expedition Ship. They send Trion Soldiers provided by Rodochroun to evaluate the strength of Border's defenses. Then, they send a large wave of them. Gatlin, Wen Sō, and Ratarikov blend in, and Ratarikov uses his Trigger to go through the walls of Border to reach the ship while Reghindetz and Koskero served as a distraction outside of Border.

    The three Galopoulan warriors inside of Border are attacked by Jin and Nasu Squad. Gatlin and Ratarikov manage to continue unharmed, but Wen Sō stays behind to fight Nasu Squad. Using Servitora and duplication tactics, she deals significant damage, but Nasu Squad, with the help of Kikuchihara, defeats her. Meanwhile, Miwa Squad finds Koskero. Koskero uses Nikokyra to dull his foes' blades and restricts their movement, but in the end, he finds himself slashed by Jin and bails out back to his ship much to Miwa Squad's surprise. Ratarikov and Gatlin head towards the Expedition Ship's dock, only to find themselves confronted by Tachikawa, Kazama, Konami, and Murakami. Despite putting up a considerable effort, Gatlin is defeated by Tachikawa's suicide tactic where Konami bisects both him and Gatlin together. Meanwhile, Kazama defeats Ratarikov.

    With all members but Reghindetz retreated, the mission is considered a failure. However, Reghindetz attempts to lure Border's attention by pretending to attack Mikado City, but Jin's premonition tells everyone that this is just a bluff. Frustrated, Reghindetz is soon confronted by Hyuse and Yōtarō, the former of which demands that he be taken home. Reghindetz orders Hyuse to take Yōtarō hostage to prove his allegiance to Aftokrator, but Hyuse takes things one step further and appears to stab him. Reghindetz is horrified at the excessive measure Hyuse took, and informs him that Aftokrator had abandoned him, and that he had no intention of letting Hyuse board their ship and would even kill him if necessary. Yotaro's death, however, turns out to be a ruse. Hyuse used Scorpion to maneuver the blade around Yōtarō's body, stabbing nothing but his clothing. In anger, Reghindetz activates Thugater and attacks Hyuse, but Hyuse manages to easily defeat him with his Lampyris. Jin then approaches Hyuse and Yotaro, and Hyuse invokes the request he won from their bet "to return to Aftokrator as soon as possible, regardless of the method." Jin agrees and says that there's a position open that he'd be perfect for and the trio heads towards HQ to watch the next B-Rank Match. Reghindetz bails out and reSquades with his fallen comrades. As they depart on their ship, Gatlin notes that while the mission was a failure, they have plenty of time to try again.

    Round 5: Tamakoma Second vs. Katori Squad vs. Kakizaki Squad[edit source]

    Main article: Round 5

    The map chosen is the Industrial Zone, the time set is mid-day, and the weather is clear. Katori starts off the match by launching an attack on Yūma. The two trade blows as Katori's teammates struggle to reach her to provide support. Meanwhile, Chika reaches a sniping position from the south and prepares to provide cover, and Osamu supports Yūma with asteroid rounds from the north.

    Katori gives up on her assault on Yūma and goes after Osamu instead. Just before reaching him, however, Katori is tripped up by an invisible spider line and falls to the ground. At that moment, Chika shoots her Lead Bullet Lightning at Katori, but Miura blocks the attack with his left arm. Katori cuts off his arm, and Katori Squad starts to withdraw out of the wire zone. Yūma continues his pursuit of Katori Squad and puts further damage into Wakamura. Meanwhile, Kakizaki Squad has regrouped and decides to attack the already weakened Katori Squad. As Katori Squad leaves the wire zone, Kakizaki and Teruya start a fire-fight with Katori and Wakamura as Tomoe and Miura get into a sword fight. Following the advice of their operator, Somei, Katori Squad heads to a nearby open area. Because they were distracted by their pursuit, Kakizaki Squad didn't notice Yūma and Osamu approach them from their rear. Caught in a pincer between Katori Squad and Tamakoma-2, Kakizaki Squad retreats to the south.

    With a lull in the fighting, Tamakoma-2 sets more wired zones, and the other Squads take the chance to regroup and strategize. Both Squads come to the conclusion that they should ignore Tamakoma-2, since their new strategies are difficult to deal with. As the Katori Squad and Kakizaki Squad start to engage, Chika fires multiple rounds on her Ibis to alter the landscape and force their Squads to come after Tamakoma 2. As Chika's barrage continues, Katori Squad and Kakizaki Squad realize that they have to deal with her or else Tamakoma-2 will win. But to reach her means they have to go through Tamakoma-2's enormous wire zone, since neither team has a sniper of their own. Both Katori Squad and Kakizaki Squad realize that they have to work together to take down Chika. Both Squads activate bagworm and enter the wire zone from different sides of the complex.

    Osamu launches an attack on Katori Squad and Yūma attacks Kakizaki Squad. As the Yūma's fight ensues, he manages to cut off Kakizaki's left arm. Through the use of hound, Kakizaki Squad manages to push Yūma into a more open area, but this only works to his benefit. Realizing they are at a disadvantage, Kakizaki Squad tries to cut down the wires, but Yūma retaliates to stop them. He grapples with Tomoe, but Yūma launches him straight in the air using grasshopper. Expecting sniper fire, Tomoe instinctively shields his head, but Chika fires a lead bullet round instead, dropping him down straight to the ground and allowing Yūma to deal the final blow cutting off his head. Wanting to take out Chika as fast as possible, Wakamura goes out from cover first to draw Chika's fire while Katori and Miura launch a dual assault on Osamu. Osamu counters by launching vibrant red spiders, which distract Katori causing her to trip over camouflaged wires. Chika fires a lead bullet at her, hitting her right leg. Katori cuts her leg off and she takes cover with Miura. Noticing that they are going to lose unless something is done about Chika, Teruya volunteers to make a b-line for Chika to take her down, and Kakizaki agrees.

    Kakizaki switches back to his assault rifle and attacks Yūma at a distance to create an opening, and Teruya makes a break for it and charges at Chika. However, she takes cover when Chika's lead bullet rains down on her. Meanwhile, Kakizaki is taking more and more damage to Yūma's attacks. Realizing he can't win, Kakizaki grapples Yūma who stabs him through the chest; but before he bails out, Kakizaki shoots Yūma at point-blank range, blasting a huge hole to the left side of his body. To keep his trion from leaking out, Yūma uses one of his scorpions to wrap itself around the hole. Knowing that they'll be targeted by Yūma soon, Katori Squad decides to launch another assault on Osamu. First, Wakamura and Miura use cover to flank Osamu while Katori provides cover. After talking to Osamu in an effort to distract him, both Wakamura and Miura attack Osamu's flank. He retreats further into the complex and counters with more red wires. Wakamura trips over another camouflaged wire, and Osamu uses thruster to close the gap and strike at him on the ground. Wakamura blocks, but Osamu had a round of asteroid prepared beforehand at ground-level. Before bailing out, Wakamura tells Miura to cover Katori as Yūma descends on her.

    Yūma is engaged with Katori who notices he's close to bailing out due to low trion. She tries to shoot at him to make the point to Katori Squad, but because she hesitated in deciding to use her handgun, Yūma cuts off her right arm. Miura counter-attacks to defend her, but Yūma is able to block him easily. As he's engaged with Yūma, Osamu attacks from his rear, causing him to bail out. As Katori unleashes a barrage of bullets at Yūma and Osamu, Teruya closes in on Chika. Waiting till she's in range and between buildings, Chika fires another lead bullet. Expecting this, Teruya uses a broken-off tile from one of the roofs she was traversing to block the lead bullet and close the distance. In a last-ditch effort to defeat her, Chika disengages her Lightning Lead Bullet and activates Lead Bullet Hound. Teruya is completely covered in weights, but she responds with an all enclosing hound of her own and causes Chika to bail-out. Knowing she'll only be defeated and earn a point for another team, Teruya voluntarily bails out from the match.

    Katori realizes that if she can beat Osamu and Yūma, then her Squad will tie for first place with the additional survival points. She launches herself at Yūma with grasshopper, but uses the red wires to change direction mid-flight and attack Osamu causing to bail out. Just before bailing out, though, Osamu launches another camouflaged spider directly between Katori and Yūma. She gets caught by it, and Yūma uses the Mantis technique and defeats Katori.

    Hyuse's Recruitment[edit source]

    After the match, Tamakoma holds a celebration dinner to commemorate Tamakoma Second's decisive victory. During the Dinner, Yotaro mentions that Hyuse is now interested in joining Tamakoma. Hyuse elaborates that this is part of his deal with Jin: He'll join Tamakoma Second and help them in the B-Rank Wars only if they take him along so he can return to Aftokrator. Konami suggests why this is necessary if Tamakoma Second is doing so well. Hyuse rebuts by mentioning their remaining flaws: (1) Chika still can't shoot people with regular bullets and (2) Tamakoma Second is done for if Yūma bails out during the middle of a match. By being their "second ace" Tamakoma Second's strength will be greatly increased, making them a tough opponent no matter who they face. His only condition is that everyone is refused from asking him information about his country in order to maintain honor when he returns to his master. Osamu agrees to this condition, and the group tries to think of ways to fix the problems by having him join. Shiori says that his horns can be covered by always having him be in a Trion Body without horns, and Jin suggests telling everyone he's a relative of Tamakoma Branch's engineer (who they claim is from Canada, but is, in reality, a Neighbor). All that's left is for Osamu to figure out a way to get HQ to agree to let Hyuse join Border.

    The next day, Tamakoma Second and Hyuse are granted time to speak with the Border Executives about Hyuse's recruitment. Shinoda and Kinuta are hesitant about the prospect and Netsuki rejects the idea of allowing a prisoner of war to join the organization. Osamu tells the Executives that recent developments have caused Hyuse to cooperate with Border and he wants to join Tamakoma Second as well. But when asked if he would help share info on Aftokrator, he refuses. Netsuki asks what else is there to discuss and Osamu mentions that he has strong combat abilities and even defeated a Galopian Invader (which was confirmed by security cam footage). When asked for his opinion, Rindo surprisingly suggests that Hyuse can be a potential liability for the Expeditions, and so he should leave. Osamu counters this by saying that Hyuse would be a valuable guide on their way to Aftokrator. Since both Hyuse and Border want to reach there, it's in his best interest to help assist them there as much as possible. Additionally, Osamu previously confirmed Enedora lacks knowledge about most places outside of Aftokrator, while Hyuse vouches that he should be able to help guide them to most places so long as it's not some extremely obscure world.

    Kido allows Hyuse's enlistment to Border, but under 2 conditions: (1) Hyuse must go through the normal channels and earn B-Rank like all other agents; and (2) Chika must be allowed to go on the Expedition regardless of whether Tamakoma Second is selected to join. Because the Expedition Ship is fueled by trion, it would be beneficial to have someone with a large trion supply to help supply the ship. In fact, her trion supply is so high that more agents will be able to go than ever before. However, if she goes without the rest of her team, then she will be unable to participate in combat and will stay to guard the ship whenever they stop and land. Chika agrees to this term, because they have to agree to it to recruit Hyuse and because she knows that Tamakoma Second will be allowed to join the Expedition Team. Kido then mentions that Tamakoma will be unable to reach A-Rank by the time the Expedition begins, because they are moving up the date of the Expedition. However, his team can still join the Expedition if they reach at least Rank 2 of B-Rank before the end of the B-Rank Wars. Kido explains that due to the extra seats they'll have on the Expedition Ship, they are expanding the teams eligible to the top two B-Rank teams as well and a few strong B-Rank combatants.

    Round 6: Tamakoma Second vs. Ōji Squad vs. Ikoma Squad[edit source]

    Main article: Round 6

    Kunichika, Kitazoe, and Toma are the commentators for Round 6 of the Rank Wars, with cityscape A as the map. This map doesn't possess any outstanding features, with no terrain to give an advantage. The teams are all transmitted with agents from Ikoma Squad being closer to each other.

    Along with the snipers, Osamu activates his bagworm.  Oji guesses that Osamu is the one hiding and continues to target him as planned.  His squad begins to methodically comb the areas where Osamu could be found. First, Agent Kashio finds Ikoma squad's sniper, Oki.  He chooses not to fight, as his sole target is Osamu.  

    Captain Oji realizes that he will soon cross paths with Kuga. At first, he believes that Kuga is covering Osamu's location, but he realizes it's a trap for him to get sniped by Chika. Kurauchi catches up with him and they discuss the possible trap.  He contacts Kashio and directs him to head to the southeast - Osamu's probable location.

    Kuga realizes that Oji Squad didn't fall for his trap. Osamu is setting up his spider traps and figures out that a member from Oji Squad has activated their bagworm and is probably searching for him.

    The scene switches to Ikoma Squad, where Ikoma expresses confusion at more people going off-radar. Mizukami explains that they are probably hunting for either Amatori or Osamu and warns Kai that he could end up falling into a trap if he isn't careful. Kai activates his bagworm, which Osamu notices.  Soon, both Kashio and Kai find the wires, showing that Osamu is close by.  Kashio alerts his squad, and Yūma warns Osamu that his location is compromised. Both Kuga and Chika rush to Osamu's location to help him.

    Realizing he's trapped, Osamu fires an asteroid, and both Kashio and Kai see it. They rush to the location of the shots only to find each other instead of Osamu, forcing them to face off.

    Watching the match, Kunichika and Toma commend Osamu's decision, while he expresses determination that he'll never allow himself to be taken out without doing anything to help again.

    Kashio fires Hound at Kai and they both battle with Kogetsu. Meanwhile, Osamu hides in nearby houses and plans his next move. The other two members of the Oji Squad are between him and Kuga if he heads north.  If he goes southeast, he'll end up out of bounds. He chooses to go west, which would put Ikoma Squad between himself and Oji.

    Oji correctly guesses Osamu's plan. He and Kurauchi continue to chase him while also heading toward Kashio to meet up at the same time. While battling Kai in the middle of Osamu's wires, Kashio slowly loses ground.  Kai gains confidence and doesn't pay attention to the rest of the Oji Squad closing in. Their operator Mario warns him that he's now in Kurauchi's range. At the same time, Kurauchi fires off a Salamander. In the destruction that follows, Kashio fights back and Kai is taken out, giving the first point to Oji Squad.

    Back in the squad room, Mario yells at Kai for not being careful. Ikoma chimes in that their selling point is that they are a four-man crew. Without that, they only have Oki's popularity with the girls.

    In the commentators' booth, Kunichika remarks that Oji's squad is tracking Osamu as if they could see him.  Kitazoe explains that this is because Osamu and Oji have a similar thought process. Toma says that Tamakoma has realized this already. The scene switches to Kuga catching up with their group and attacking Kashio.

    He cuts off Kashio's arm, and while they are distracted, Chika shoots Kurauchi in the leg with a lead bullet. Toma comments that Tamakoma knew that Oji Squad relied on their quick running and going for the leg was a smart choice. Oji squad attempts to retreat, but Kuga uses grasshopper to block them.

    Oji squad and Kuga look back in surprise as Ikoma appears and activates his special whirlwind move with Kogetsu. Kuga barely manages to block it and receives a wound, though it's not enough for him to bail out.  Ikoma expresses surprise that they're all still standing. Mizukami tells him to try again, and he does.

    The audience admires this display of the "Ikoma whirlwind," while Kunichika explains why it's special to Toma and Kitazoe. Most Kogetsu users take one second to activate the whirlwind and can extend the slash for 15 meters. Ikoma, however, can activate it in 0.2 seconds and can extend the slash 40 meters.  He is the only one in Border who can perform this move.

    In the fight, Oji and Kurauchi decide to attack Kuga while he is pinned between them and Ikoma squad, and they both fire Hound at him. While Kuga blocks, Ikoma and Mizukami go after Oji Squad as payback for defeating Kai. Mizukami yells, "Asteroid," as he fires shots, but when they dodge they realize that he'd used Hound instead. They block the shots, but Ikoma fires another whirlwind as they're in the air.  Kashio uses a grasshopper to knock Kurauchi out of the way of the slash. Kurauchi is still in the air when both Oki and Chika snipe him. Oki uses Ibis and renders his arm useless, while Chika's shot narrowly misses.  He lands on the ground where Kuga beheads him with a sneak attack using bagworm. This is Tamakoma's first point.

    Oji realizes that his squad is now at a disadvantage and decides to retreat with Kashio. Haya, their operator, displays paths they can take without being spotted by snipers.

    Kuga is now left to face Ikoma Squad, but Chika is providing cover fire with lead bullets. Mario marks her position and sends it to Oki to track her down. Oki says he doesn't want to take down a little girl because it might affect his popularity. Mizukami tells him not to blow it, and he goes off to find Chika.

    As Kuga and Ikoma duel, Oji Squad begins hunting down the two snipers. Kashio finds Chika, and Oji finds Oki. Osamu instructs Kuga to keep moving northward to an area where wires have been set up. Meanwhile, he'll go to pick up Chika.

    Kashio is chasing down Chika, upset that he didn't manage to catch Osamu earlier on. He is determined to take them both out. Chika fires off a lead Hound behind her, but Kashio ducks behind a balcony, using the physical barrier to keep from getting caught.  He sends a Hound barrage, forcing Chika to use a shield.  This leaves her unable to use the lead Hound since it requires two trigger slots to be active at the same time.

    With Chika unable to return fire, Kashio gains ground on her. While running, she hops over an invisible obstacle. On high alert, Kashio stops in his tracks. Watching the match, Toma comments that Chika just made an interesting move. Kashio activates a normal whirlwind Kogetsu to clear the area of wire traps. He realizes that he's been fooled and there are no wires.

    His hesitance allowed Chika to get some distance away, so he fires Hound. Osamu jumps in and blocks the shot while Chika fires back with lead Hound. Kashio tries to jump out of the way but is caught in the leg.  Osamu uses thruster to catch up to him, and Kashio fires at him with Hound. Chika uses a double shield to protect Osamu, and he cuts Kashio in two with Raygust. Kitazoe and Toma discuss how her bluff with the invisible wire manipulated Kashio right into Tamakoma's hands.

    The score is now Oji squad: 1, Tamakoma-2:  2, and Ikoma squad: 0.

    Back with Kuga, Mizukami yells, "Asteroid," as he fires at Kuga, but his side effect reveals that the shout is a lie.  It was actually an explosive Meteor. Ikoma slashes his whirlwind Kogetsu, but Kuga dodges it with a grasshopper. He blocks an incoming Ibis shot from Oki, but the shot still destroyed his left arm.  Kuga realizes that if Oki is free to shoot, Oji must be after Osamu and Chika.

    Usami warns them to stay alert since Oji has disappeared from radar. At that moment, he appears and attacks Osamu.  They try to run away while Oji fires Hound at them. Toma says that Tamakoma's fate will depend on whether Osamu can make a stand against Oji and Chika can get away from the attack. Their strategy heavily depends on Chika being able to snipe from areas protected by wires. Without her, their strategy will fall flat, since opponents can just destroy the wired area with Meteors.

    Since Oji is using one hand to fire Hound at Chika and his left hand to wield Kogetsu, Osamu believes he has a chance to beat him. Oji guesses what he's thinking and tells Osamu that he's too strong to beat him.  He attacks and cuts off Osamu's right arm. Osamu fights back, using thruster to get in front of him, deploying spider to block him, and firing Asteroid. None of this works and Oji closes in on Osamu, grabs him by the neck, and severs his relay system with Scorpion. Osamu bails out.

    Now, Oji focuses his attention on Chika. As he gets closer, Chika turns around. She is still using a shield, but she shows a normal Hound instead of lead Hound. This shocks everyone in the audience, Usami and Osamu from the control room, and Oji. He hesitates and tells himself that it's just a bluff.

    Chika releases the Hound at him, and his entire field of vision is filled with bullets. At the last possible moment, they curve and blast the ground in front of him away. In the destruction, Chika gets away from him and into the wire zone.

    Already inside the wire zone, Kuga faces Ikoma and Mizukami. They survey the surrounding area and remark that "four-eyes worked really hard." From a building behind Kuga, Chika fires an Ibis at them, throwing them both in the air. Oki fires an Ibis at Chika, but she easily blocks it with a focused shield. Oki tells them that he'll have to wait until she shoots to fire at her again.

    In the commentators' booth, Kunichika, Toma, and Kitazoe discuss what is likely to happen next. Since Ikoma Squad hasn't earned any points yet, they will need to go after Tamakoma. Currently, the points sit at 0-2-2. The final phase of round 6 begins.

    Using the wires, Kuga attacks Ikoma, who says that those moves won't work, since he's seen them before in Kuga's fighting logs. He turns out to be wrong, as Kuga moves much faster than what he'd witnessed before.  He backs away from Kuga, and with Mizukami, begins destroying the wires. The distance allows them to stay outside of Kuga's range. They don't go all out, though. They are attempting to create a diversion for Chika, allowing Oki to snipe her. Usami warns her to hide after every shot she takes since she is being hunted by both Oji and Oki.

    Ikoma tells Mizukami that he doesn't like the slow pace of their fighting and asks if it's something they can continue doing. While they discuss this, Kuga uses grasshopper to shoot a cinderblock at Mizukami and it slams him in the face. Chika then shoots him in the stomach with a lead bullet. He's still figuring out what's going on when Oji swoops in and beheads him, stealing the kill from Kuga.

    Ikoma slashes at him with the whirlwind Kogetsu. He dodges, but his foot gets cut off. Chika fires Ibis, destroying the buildings around him, then immediately shoots another lead bullet. It narrowly misses Oji, and gets blocked by Ikoma's Kogetsu. Oki begins firing at Chika with Lightning, keeping her pinned down.

    With Chika contained, Oji realizes that Ikoma is now free to begin cutting down buildings, which he immediately does with another whirlwind slash. Both Oji and Kuga are caught in the debris of collapsing buildings and wires as they continue to fight.

    Kuga quickly uses grasshopper to launch a piece of debris with a wire in it. This trips Oji up, and as he falls backward Kuga says that they've gained their third point. He then stabs Oji with two Scorpions. As Oji bails out, Kuga receives several shots to his leg from bullets Oji had planted before being tripped by the wire. He loses a lot of trion from the damage, but Ikoma comes to face him.

    Following orders from Osamu, Chika stands up directly from her hiding spot on a rooftop to face Oki. He begins to shoot at her, while she fires a lead bullet at him. She hits him in the chest, while his lightning shot takes out her left leg.

    Kuga uses grasshopper to escape Ikoma and go after Oki. He slashes Oki with a scorpion. While Oki bails out, Ikoma slashes at Kuga with his whirlwind. Kuga tries to dodge with a grasshopper, but Ikoma fired at where he knew Kuga would be and cuts him in half. He bails out.

    Chika bails out voluntarily, leaving Ikoma alone on the stage, staring into the camera. The battle is over with the final score, Tamakoma-2: 4, Ikoma Squad: 3, Oji Squad: 3.

    Round 7: Tamakoma Second vs. Kageura Squad vs. Azuma Squad vs. Suzunari First[edit source]

    Main article: Round 7

    Before the match, various members of other squads point out Hyuse's sudden addition to Tamakoma Second, notably Koarai who fought with him during solo rank-wars and Kageura who now realizes why Yūma was so cocky at the dinner.

    Yuitsuka, Inukai, and Arashiyama are commentating for this match. Being the lowest ranked team, Suzunari First is given the opportunity to choose a map. The map they choose is Cityscape D, which catches the participating squads off guard. The map is small, but contains many tall building (most notably, a shopping mall in the center) and broad streets, with a likelihood of indoor battles. As there are many floors in the buildings, it takes more effort to find others using Radar and is virtually impossible to track down Bagworm users and is seen as a bad map by many.

    The combatants are teleported in, revealing that the map has been set to night time. Chika, Murakami, and Kitazoe are teleported inside the mall on different floors, while the others end up scattered around it. Those not in the mall make their way to the structure, while Chika takes the opposite approach and leaves as according to plan. While Kitazoe awaits Kageura, he is pursued and attacked by Murakami who has followed him up through the mall. Kageura Squad and Suzunari First (minus the snipers) engage in a shoot-out. The attacker also reveals a black Kogetsu, which surprises the commentators. Kageura and Kuruma act on the offensive towards each other while Kitazoe and Murakami supports and defends their respective captains. When Suzunari First seems to be in a pinch, Kuruma pulls out a second assault rifle and their new strategy is shown. Murakami acts as a shield while Kuruma shoots, preventing any attacks from getting through while keeping their opponents on guard.

    Meanwhile on the first floor, Okudera and Osamu nearly miss each other and start fighting each other. Koarai joins the fight, and the two pursue Osamu to the fifth floor. This happens to be where Ema is planted, and he shoots at Koarai and Osamu. Osamu slams Koarai to the side, determined to not give Kageura Squad any points. Osamu then changes his target and starts chasing Ema.

    Then the lights go out, courtesy of Taichi. Ema blows Osamu's right arm off due to the glow of his Raygust giving his position away. At the same time, the upstairs brawl has moved into a restaurant. Although Kageura Squad is caught by surprise, Kageura feels Murakami charging at him and manages to dodge many killing strikes. All the Suzunari First members have night vision on now, and Murakami's Kogetsu is practically invisible in the dark. Nire quickly gets her squad night vision as well, but this is all a part of Suzunari First's plan. The lights turn back on, blinding Kageura and Murakami is able to give him a large wound. Ema tries to shoot at the fuse box that controls the lights, giving away Taichi's position due to his Escudo. Kitazoe destroys the lights in the restaurant, rendering the strategy useless in that part of the mall.

    Azuma is briefly seen with his Dummy Beacons. Osamu has taken shelter in a corner, and Yūma and Hyuse have made it to the mall. They track Taichi down and Hyuse traps him in a familiar manner with two Escudos before taking first blood. The two move to the top floor and join Kageura Squad and Suzunari First, and seal off Kitazoe from Kageura. The two take Kageura on, and get the upper hand with Hyuse's delayed shots. Kitazoe briefly joins the squabble before Hyuse seals him off and Yūma takes his head off with a Scorpion. The gunner tries to take Yūma down with him, but his moves are read and Yūma returns to battling Kageura. The Captain rolls into a hole and bails out, but the point does not go to Tamakoma Second; it is credited as Murakami's kill.

    Kuruma and Murakami use their strategy against Yūma and Hyuse. Osamu questions Hyuse as to why he isn't using Viper, to which he says he doesn't want to use it now. Hyuse puts up lots of Escudos, but Murakami renders them useless with a Senkū Kogetsu. After a couple more rounds of this, Hyuse charges and takes Murakami head on. He makes an Escudo pop out of Murakami's back, sending Kuruma flying and putting Tamakoma Second in the ideal 2v1 situation. Kuruma, now unguarded, is hit by Osamu's Asteroid. Murakami holds him back by activating Thruster and throwing his Raygust before going to receive Hyuse and Yūma's pincer attack with only his Kogetsu. He succeeds in taking Yūma's arm off, but then the airborne agent kicks the Escudo protruding from his back and Hyuse stabs his chest. Murakami bails out, and Hyuse charges at Kuruma but he is shot by Ema and bails out as well. Ema shoots Osamu through the floor as well, but then is found by Koarai and Okudera who chase him off the edge of the floor. Ema free falls into the atrium, seemingly escaping the two Azuma Squad agents, then gets shot by Azuma who had been lying in wait.

    The battle is down to two teams, Azuma Squad and Tamakoma Second. Osamu bails out, giving Kageura Squad a second point. Azuma Squad starts moving, and Azuma's Dummy Beacons are activated. This ends up showing a bunch of unnecessary signatures on the radar, so Osamu has Chika blast the mall with Meteor. It takes out a good portion of the signals but Chika also ends up killing Okudera, which was not Osamu's intention. Koarai and Okudera agree for a retreat, and Azuma takes some of the Dummy Beacons and sends them towards Chika. Hyuse and Osamu debate whether it is a bluff or not, and eventually Yūma decides to go to Chika while Hyuse pursues the remaining opponents. Hyuse seals the mall with Escudo and chases Koarai. Azuma rigs a diversion by hanging his Bagworm from a Lightning off the floor above. When Hyuse runs by, he switches to Ibis which causes the Bagworm to fall. Hyuse sends half of his shots at the Bagworm before Azuma blows him apart. Before he bails out, Hyuse manages to send the remaining shots at the captain and hit his foot. Koarai escapes the mall and Hyuse has Chika blast it with Meteor again, so Azuma and Koarai voluntarily bail out. The match ends 6-2-2-1 in Tamakoma Second's victory.

    Round 8: Tamakoma Second vs. Ninomiya Squad vs. Ikoma Squad vs. Yuba Squad[edit source]

    Main article: Round 8

    This four-way battle begins with Tamakoma Second's Chika and Yūma moving together but Ninomiya quickly locates and bombards them with his powerful Salamander. Thankfully the two are quick to avoid damage and move away from his attack as Ninomiya has Tsuji pursue Yūma with him. Chika fires back with a powerful Hound, but the two evade taking hits and slow their chase. The high-level attacks being fired off alert the other teams to Chika's presence so Yuba Squad prepares to obtain some points in a frenzy between members of Ikoma Squad, Inukai, and Hyuse. Hyuse attempts to avoid the onslaught by activating his Bagworm and moves south to escape from Radar but is spotted by Oki and alerts his team to Hyuse's movements. Ikoma is the first to reach Hyuse and actives his Senkū Kogetsu technique in an attempt to slice Hyuse, but he evades into the air leaving him open to Oki's powerful Ibis shot. Hyuse anticipates the Ibis and forms two strong shields to protect him from a fatal hit as he lands on the roof where Yuba himself engages him with quick draw fire from his revolvers. Hyuse retaliates with his own attack and makes a break to the open street with Yuba staying right on top of his movements. As Hyuse pulls up his Escudo, Obishima strikes from his left, but thanks to Usami's quick response, Hyuse is able to deflect the attack as the two Yuba Squad members and Ikoma have their eyes on Hyuse. The rest of Tamakoma Second is able to finally meet up, but Tonooka from Yuba Squad has his eyes on all three of them.

    Osamu gives the order to Yūma and Chika to provide Hyuse with support from a nearby apartment complex so that Hyuse can make an escape. Osamu hopes his previous wire placements will allow him to buy his teammates sometime before Ninomiya and Tsuji and are to reach them. Back in the melee, attention is kept on Hyuse as more members of the opposing teams close in on him with Yuba able to take Hyuse's left arm with powerful shots. Minamisawa tries to take advantage of the confusion to strike at Obishima from above, but Yuba strikes quickly to prevent the attack, forcing Kai to defend but is still able to meet up with Ikoma. Mizukami and Inukai take to the rooftops from a distance to assist in taking down Hyuse. The teams become wary of sniping from Chika and attacks from Ninomiya making Osamu's plan hard to enact. Hyuse suggests a Meteor drop on top of him hoping to take out everyone around him. The team goes with his plan and Chika and Yūma move behind a water tank to prepare the shot, unexpectedly making Tonooka lose his line of sight of the two. The pressure continues to fall on Hyuse as his leg is hit by Inukai and Chika prepares an enormous Meteor shot to drop where Yūma to looking at. Tonooka however carefully lines up his shot and is able to hit the top of the Meteor shot which peeked out barely above the water tank, causing a premature detonation directly on Yūma and Chika and a massive explosion alerting everyone. Chika however is able to form a fixed shield around both her and Yūma saving them, but leaving Hyuse in a dangerous situation.

    With Hyuse in the center of an intense brawl between multiple enemy teams, he attempts to make a quick escape with a scattershot, but Mizukami and Inukai keep their marks on him and continue their assault on Hyuse who has to remain on defense to avoid defeat. The rest of Ikoma Squad as well as Yuba and Obishima all converge to take down Hyuse. Ikoma attempts a Kogetsu: Whirlwind only to be thrown high into the air thanks to an Escudo formed under Ikoma, launching him into the air. He doesn't give up however and manage to perform a mid-air strike to take Hyuse's other foot. A massive trion leak befalls Hyuse as the other teams move to take him down.

    Yuba Squad continues their assault on Hyuse only for him to counter with an unusual Escudo, forcing two cars to fly at Yuba and Obishima, with Yuba avoiding the hit and Obishima's body being thrown to the side to prevent their plan from working. Inukai fires at Hyuse to keep his defenses up while Kai uses his Grasshopper to quickly move to Hyuse's left side, opening him up to Ikoma's Kogetsu: Whirlwind. Hyuse quickly backfires at the defenseless Ikoma only for a Full Guard to appear to protect him from Hyuse's bullets. The bullet suddenly changes the paths and spread around Ikoma's guard to strike him from his sides as Hyuse unveils his Viper forcing Ikoma to Bail Out and giving one point to Tamakoma Second. Kai uses this opportunity for a leaping strike against Hyuse, but Hyuse predicted this as several Viper bullets fly back towards Kai who is surprised by Hyuse's skill. Kai receives two shields from his teammate Mizukami who was carefully watching, preventing the bullets from hitting him leaving Hyuse wide open for a frontal strike by Kai who causes Hyuse to Bail Out and obtains a point for Ikoma Squad.

    With Hyuse out of the fight the battle turns hectic as Obishima closes the distance against Kai and fires bullets towards his backside and strikes with her Kogetsu which he blocks with his own Kogetsu and Shield. Noticing this, Mizukami assumes Yuba would reach him on the rooftops, but Inukai also approaches him from the ground and the two fire at the lone Shooter who goes down to Yuba's powerful bullets, receiving a point for Yuba Squad, making Tamakoma Second, Ikoma Squad, and Yuba Squad all tied with one point. With Hyuse out, Chika freezes up as she puts blame on herself for not being able to help him, but Hyuse reassures her and asks her to protect the rest of the team in his stead.

    At the scrimmage, Kai is assaulted by Obishima and Yuba's bullets and loses an arm for it. Yuba would accept getting a point for taking down Kai, but is concerned with letting Inukai regroup with the rest of Ninomiya Squad. Obishima confidently says that she would handle Kai so the Yuba and go after Inukai. Tamakoma Second decides to split up and go after Obishima leaving Chika alone on the rooftop with Tonooka still having his sights on her. Yuba chases Inukai down a street and closes the distance to fire his powerful bullets towards Inukai's left hand and weapon, destroying both leaving Inukai little option but to retreat. With Chika now alone and preparing to fire a powerful Hound attack, Tonooka fires another shot towards her, but Chika predicts the direction of the shot and guards with a powerful Shield and retaliates with her immense Hound attack. Tonooka evades the destructive Hound and leaps off the building only to be sniped by Oki in midair. Kai attempts to lead Obishima towards Oki for some assistance, but Oki sees a Hound attack coming towards him and uses his Grasshopper to evade only for the bullets to seek him out still, concluding to him that these are not simple Hound bullets, but composite bullets created most likely by Ninomiya. He avoids being taken out by the bullets, but falls into Tsuji's Kogetsu strike from behind.

    Yūma now has found Obishima and Kai and a three-way battle is about to begin. Kai, being at a disadvantage remind Obishima that Osamu must also be around is Yūma is here hoping they'll team up against Yūma, but Obishima surprises Kai with a quick bullet attack towards his side, taking him and Ikoma Squad out of the battle and leaving Yūma vs Obishima in a one on one fight.

    Yuba continues his pursuit of Inukai only for Tsuji to appear to Yuba's side with a quick surprise attack. Yuba evades the strike and kicks Tsuji away to continue his assault on both of them. The two teammates are able to buy enough time for Ninomiya to arrive leaving Yuba against their entire team. Obishima now makes an attempt to try and regroup with Yuba, but is tripped up by Osamu's wires in the area. Yūma uses the wires to his advantage making him a difficult target to hit. Obishima divides her bullets and sends them out in multiple directions, hoping to force Yūma to make a large shield which she could take advantage of with a strong strike to his front. Yūma retaliates with a projectile Scorpion and has its aim for her head which she deflects with her Kogetsu. With the projectile still airborne, Yūma forms multiple Grasshopper pads around her, causing a pinball effect around her with the blade, making it difficult for her to avoid taking a hit. Yūma then uses this moment to dash behind Obishima and stab his blade into her back with his Scorpion, ensuring her that she would become stronger before she is forced to Bail Out, leaving Yuba alone on his team.

    With all the opposing team members grouped up, Osamu orders a Meteor attack on top of Yuba and Ninomiya Squad. Ninomiya counters with his Hornet to detonate most of the attack while Yuba focuses on Inukai and Tsuji. Ninomiya changes tactics expecting more explosives to come raining down and has his teammates handle the Meteor while he goes up against Yuba who charges towards Ninomiya. He fires Hound bullets upwards for an assumed two-pronged attack having bullets come from the front and above Yuba. The explosives continue to rain down the area, forcing wider shields on everyone in the area except for Yuba blocks the bullets from Ninomiya and continues closing the distance. With only being 20 meters away, Ninomiya is now in Yuba's range for his shots and he prepares to fire when another wave of Hound bullets suddenly rain down on Yuba from above, stopping his attack. Ninomiya declares his win against Yuba before blasting him from the front and forcing him to Bail Out.

    With three members on each side, Tamakoma Second activates their Bagworms to spread out and takes their positions and Ninomiya Squad stands together ready to take them on in the open. The final clash begins between the two teams as Yūma and Osamu move towards the grouped Ninomiya Squad with Yūma hurling his projectile Scorpion at Ninomiya which is quickly blocked with Shield and countered with Asteroid. He continues his attack using Meteors to blow away the surrounding area to break apart any wire setups with Osamu firing at Ninomiya from behind, but this is blocked by Inukai's shield who now goes on the offensive against Osamu, but does not chase as they are wary of Chika. They turn their attention towards Yūma who receives a Full Attack from Ninomiya, losing his right hand and having multiple areas of trion leakage from his body. Ninomiya proclaims that putting Chika's trion aside that there is nothing Tamakoma Second has that can bring them down. Yūma declares that Osamu will be the one who will take him down causing Ninomiya to say that Osamu is a complete nonfactor to them. Yūma catches Ninomiya in his lie as Osamu and Yūma strike at Ninomiya with Osamu's Raygust and Yūma's projectile Scorpion which are both blocked. Chika also fires a bullet towards Ninomiya which ends up being a lead bullet, ensuring Ninomiya Squad that Chika cannot shoot people and has Inukai and Tsuji go to take out Chika while Ninomiya faces Osamu and Yūma alone.

    Ninomiya begins his attack on Yūma while Osamu watches for his Full Attack for an opportunity to counter. Unknown to Osamu however, Tsuji managed to move towards his backside and prepares to strike down Osamu from above. Chika sees his moment and fires a powerful snipe shot towards the falling Tsuji who attempts to block with a piece of the rooftop and his shield, but the bullet pierces through both and takes him out in one shot. Ninomiya manages to evade Osamu's attack from behind with a quick sidestep as Yūma moves into the air in front of Ninomiya. Osamu proclaims his victory as the bullets he fired towards Ninomiya suddenly curved and struck him from the side, revealing them as Hound bullets unexpectedly. Yūma uses his Grasshopper to quickly close the distance and evade Ninomiya's final shots as he pierces his chest with his Scorpion causing Ninomiya to Bail Out. Inukai reaches Chika and praises her for her kill before eliminating her before asking the defeated Ninomiya if he should fight out the rest of the match to which Ninomiya tells him to retreat ending the match with Tamakoma Second as the winners of Round 8.

    Nasu Squad vs. Suwa Squad vs. Katori Squad[edit source]

    The map is cityscape C, one with a vertical landscape. The team to get to the top claims the advantage, and currently, Katori Squad held that vantage point. However, with Nasu's Viper, Katori Squad is forced to be on the defensive. Suwa Squad joined the fray, and Kumagai and Sasamori took each other out. After that, Nasu Squad was attacked by the other two Squads, but then Suwa attacked Katori Squad. In the process, Miura was taken out. Hiura sniped at Suwa, forcing him to stay on the defensive. Wakamura ordered Katori to pursue Nasu Squad by attacking them along with Suwa Squad. Nasu fired focused Viper shots; prompting Wakamura to form frontal shields. However, one of the shots struck a Meteor trap behind, causing Wakamura to Bail Out. Frustrated by Wakamura's failure, Katori decided to do things her own way.

    With five combatants remaining, Suwa Squad remained together whereas Nasu Squad split up; Katori was alone. Suwa Squad intended on taking down Katori. Katori unleashed a Spider and then goes for a close-up attack with Scorpion on Suwa. Suwa blocked, but Katori planted more Spider webs to immobilize him and then stabbed him while he was still distracted, forcing him to bail out. Katori then engaged in a firefight with Tsutsumi, losing her left leg in the process. She fled and turned her attention to Nasu, who answered with Viper. Though she evaded the initial firing, the bullets changed trajectory and returned. Nasu prepared to defeat Katori when she found herself suddenly immobilized by Spider. Katori launched herself and slashed Nasu's right shoulder, leading Nasu to Bail Out. However, in the process, Tsutsumi ambushed Katori, forcing her, too, to Bail Out. Nasu's Viper bullets continued to approach him, but he noticed a fixed charge. He used a fixed shield to protect himself from the trap as well as Hiura's firing. Hiura aims for the charge, causing it to detonate. Tsutsumi had focused the shield to his vitals, but Hiura's shot actually hit lower, and he bailed out. With that, the match ended with Nasu Squad's victory.

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