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    Romanization[edit source]

    This wiki uses modified Hepburn as its Japanese romanization. Within every article, all characters should be mentioned by their surname (if known), except for the following, Osamu Mikumo, Yūma Kuga, Chika Amatori, Rinji Amatori, Yōtarō Rindō, Fuku Arashiyama, Saho Arashiyama, Izuho Natsume, and Yūgo Kuga. The aforementioned characters, as well as any other characters whose surname is unknown, should be referenced with their given name. For Greek romanization, this wiki uses the modern ALA-LC romanization, which can be found here. The only differences are that:

    • the wiki will not use accenting in its renderings, but otherwise, the rendering will be written as per the romanization.
    • in names, oi will be written as i to avoid ambiguity in pronunciation. However, the oi will be left in the bracketed romanization.

    Adding information/pages[edit source]

    Adding information or pages should only be done when the medium where it is sourced is officially released. This means when it is legally published, in Japan or North America, or in online scanlation format. Any information that contains unofficial information will be viewed as mere speculation and removed.

    Elmo's Guide to Long Summaries[edit source]

    Though the term may sound contradictory, long summaries remain a key part of understanding any plot! Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you tackle another WT chapter brief.

    1. There is no need for specifying when the chapter ends or begins. That is implied when the first sentence starts and the last sentence ends.
    2. Regarding back-and-forth dialogue: Ashihara is especially meticulous about making conversations sound natural and chronological, but summaries don't have to be. Include new developments realized by the characters. Their reactions are usually unnecessary. If there is an extensive argument, cite the reason and the outcome. Do not repeat a character's dialogue word-for-word unless its meaning is very specific or you are intentionally quoting them. As a general rule: if a piece of dialogue can be be filed away to reference for a character's personality section but does not contribute to the overarching plot, it may not be necessary to include.
    3. Regarding action: it tends to move quicker. Do include Bailouts and injuries (or damage taken). When a squad's strategy is mentioned, sometimes it can be summed up with "pincer attack" or "going on the defensive," etc. Regarding color commentary: I don't specify which person is commentating. I just sum up what they say as if it is narration.
    4. Regarding inner monologue: if the character is distressed or frustrated, cite their turmoil. If a character is musing over a predicament, you can mention why they can't decide, but (most importantly!) specify their ultimate decision.
    5. Regarding content adapted: my recommendation is no more than one sentence per page of each chapter; two is pushing it for dialogue-heavy content. I'd opt for 2400 byte count for a 19-23 page chapter, 4800 byte count for a 30+ page chapter.

    Vandalism[edit source]

    Vandalism is the act of intentionally editing the wiki so that inappropriate or irrelevant information is present on a part of the wiki, or removing information in an inappropriate manner (no reason given, excessive, repetitive). It is very serious and will incur a ban warning (where three will get you blocked).

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