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    Official Border Enlistment Day (January 8th)

    The Official Border Enlistment Day (ボーダー (たい)(いん) (せい)(しき) (にゅう)(たい) (), Bōdā Taiin Seishiki Nyūtai Bi ?) on January 8th is the Day Yūma Kuga and Chika Amatori officially become Trainees.

    Background[edit source]

    Yūma and Chika enlist in Border and train for promotion to B-rank.

    Summary[edit source]

    Yūma, Chika, and Osamu attend the Border Enlistment together, which is held on January 8th every year. Yūma is sent to fight in mock battles, easily defeating most of his opponents. Chika is sent for training with other C-rank snipers. When her turn comes to shoot the target dummies, she blasts a hole in the wall of HQ with an Ibis. Later, Kazama challenges Osamu to a mock battle. The battle ends 0-24 with one tie, resulting in Kazama's victory.

    Yūma does 2nd group session for the week, which nets him a total of 100 points. The executives discuss his aptitude, on top of Chika blasting a hole in the wall just the other day. Shun Midorikawa challenges Osamu Mikumo. The battle ends with 0-10 in Midorikawa's victory. Yūma then challenges Midorikawa with the condition that if he wins, Midorikawa has to respect Osamu; but if Yūma loses, he gives up all his points. Yūma tricks Midorikawa by losing the first 2 rounds, only to win the last 8 — leading to a score of 8-2, with Yūma's victory.

    Jin arrives, telling Yūma and Osamu that the higher-ups want to meet with them. Kido tells Yūma that there will be an invasion and they need info. Replica has the info, but expects Kido to promise that he will keep Yūma safe; he agrees, as long as Yūma doesn't break the rules. Replica reveals that there are 4 planet-nations that could attack: Liberi, the maritime nation; Leoforio, the cavalry nation; Chion, the snow nation; and Aftokrator, the military nation. Out of these 4, Yūma commented that Chion or Aftokrator are the ones most likely to attack thanks to the deployment of Ilgars. He adds that Chion has 6 Black triggers while Aftokrator has 13, but this was only when Yūma visited. Furthermore, they usually bring few personnel.

    Aftermath[edit source]

    Border prepares for the upcoming invasion.

    Navigation[edit source]

    Border Enlistment Arc
    Chapters 33343536373839404142
    Volumes 45
    Episodes 1718192021
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