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    The Fugitive Arc (逃亡者編, Tōbōsha Hen ?), originally announced with the tentative title Fugitives from Another World (異世界からの逃亡者, Isekai Kara no Tōbōsha ?), is an anime-only arc of World Trigger. It introduced a set of anime-exclusive new characters and an original story. [1] It was first announced as a spin-off series. [2], but was later adapted into an anime-only storyline for the main series. This arc was shown in between the B-Rank Wars Arc and covers episodes 49-63. The arc takes place over the course of a week, meaning the rank wars' dates were delayed a week in the anime's canon.[3] With the release of the Second Season it was shown that the dates have been reverted to being the same as the Manga

    Summary[edit source]

    Tamakoma Second attends the training camp in Shizuka City. They met Xeno, a genius Trion Soldier engineer, along with his companion Lilith, who were running away from their planet - Ergates. Giev and Charon were chasing after them in order to retrieve Lilith to prevent information on Trion Soldier technology from getting leaked. Tamakoma Second cooperated with Xeno and Lilith to stave off Giev and Charon's attacks while waiting for their opportunity to leave Earth.

    Aftermath[edit source]

    Due to being an anime-exclusive arc the only impact is how all dates are pushed back by one week; the second season reverted this change making this arc Retconned.

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    Fugitive Arc
    Episodes 495051525354555657585960616263
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