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    Two Black Triggers ((フタ)つ の ブラック トリガー Futatsu no Burakku Torigā ?) is Episode 59 of the World Trigger Anime.

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    Short Summary[edit source]

    Long Summary[edit source]

    Giev and Lamia discuss getting Lilith back. She tells him that Xeno took her and ran, and that seems to trigger something in the blonde. Lamia tells him to bring Lilith back, no matter the cost because Ergates' technology can not be leaked.

    In the present, Yūma praises Giev for hiding his Black Trigger for so long. He summons Scares, and they adjust to Yūma's fighting style. Charon figures out Yūma's weakness and Giev commands his trion soldiers to continue attacking in different ways.

    Xeno, Chika, and Osamu go looking for Osamu's trigger. Despite his trion body being destroyed recently, he is able to change into his combat form. However, he can not manifest any weapons, leaving Xeno to act as their offensive force. They return into the quarry and encounter a shape-shifting trion soldier, which Xeno counters with his own. Yūma continues fighting the Scares, and Charon notes that Xeno has met the trion soldier. Now, Lilith has gotten into the quarry as well. Xeno reveals that Lilith is a trion soldier, but Osamu isn't fazed in the slightest. He tells Xeno about Replica, and lets him know that humans and trion soldiers can be friends. As they look for the exit, they encounter more of the shape-shifters. Chika uses Ibis to defeat them, but she and Osamu are buried under rubble resulting from the blast. Charon gleefully says that they must all be dead, but Xeno appears. The two swap out, and Yūma leaves to look for the members of his squad.

    Osamu and Chika's situation is looking dire, with the former injured and unable to hold out his trion body for very much longer and the latter unconscious. Konami manages to finally get in touch with Yūma and lets him know that Tamakoma First is on their way. Meanwhile, Xeno looks about defeated when Lilith appears and takes out the Scares before being overpowered by Giev.

    Tamakoma First rescues their kōhai, and they escape the quarry. Lilith is unconscious again, having used up a too much trion. Giev and Charon hide out in the cave, the latter lamenting that the former may not be able to hold up for much longer.

    Characters in order of appearance[edit source]

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    Triggers in order of appearance[edit source]

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    Fugitive Arc
    Episodes 495051525354555657585960616263
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