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    And Towards Tomorrow (そして ()(シタ)Soshite Ashita e ?) is Episode 48 of the World Trigger Anime.

    Short Summary[edit source]

    Osamu, after realizing he is still not enough, decides to train to become better at fighting. After a practice match with Kitora, other Border agents step in to fight him as well, but is unable to win any match. However, his teammates assure him of his worth.

    Long Summary[edit source]

    A large trion soldier appears and pursues Osamu. Jin appears and quickly kills it before turning to Osamu. This is only a dream, as Osamu wakes up. He ponders his progress as a Border agent and laments that he hasn't been able to score at all without help. His mom reminds him that should he be suffering, he has somewhere to go back to. Later, he asks Chika if she is tired of fighting, and she turns the question back at him.

    Yōtarō attempts to lead a squad meeting before Usami removes him from power. Konami and Usami explain the overall abilities of the top B-Rank squads and Tamakoma discusses the motives of going on the Away Mission. Konami and Kizaki voice their confidence in Chika and Yūma being able to make the expedition team, but it seems that none of them are really confident that Osamu will make the cut, and he leaves.

    Osamu encounters a trion soldier and goes to fight it, but Kitora beats him to it and defeats it. She scolds Osamu for walking in on set. Meanwhile, Chika and Yūma talk about Osamu. Back at the filming site, Osamu talks to Kitora about ways they can do better in rank wars. Kitora suggests that they stop relying so much on Yūma. Other than that, she proves to be unhelpful and Osamu goes to leave but Tokieda tag-teams Kitora and tells him to stop thinking so much. Kitora follows up by suggesting he do some actual practice, and Osamu (with the help of Tokieda) convinces Kitora to do some mock fighting with him. Chika and Yūma continue talking about what Chika's brother. Chika tells him that she will pay him and Osamu back someday for helping her look for her brother, but Yūma turns her down, saying that the two are doing it of their own will.

    Osamu is immediately struck down in his mock fight against Kitora, and asks for another round. After at least 35 rounds of losses, Kitora leaves saying she doesn't want to deal with his own self torture. Midorikawa takes her place and once Osamu loses for the 50th time against the two agents, Yoneya moves in to take Osamu on. He fights Arafune, Utagawa, Kumagai, Kuroe, and Sasamori, losing to all of them.

    Later that night, Chika worries over Osamu who, after all of his mock battling, is now on defense duty with Yūma. Usami tells her not to worry for him, and the two decide to make breakfast for them. On duty, Osamu finds a child who snuck into the Forbidden Zone. He recognizes Osamu and happily says he wants to join Border to be like him. Two Marmods appear, and Osamu manages to defeat them but the victory is short lived because a Bamster appears, and Osamu runs out of trion. Yūma jumps in and kills it. They leave the kid with members of Yoshizato Squad, and Osamu dejectedly says he isn't up to par with Jin. Yūma reminds him that Osamu is Osamu, and not Jin.

    The two return to Tamakoma, where they are greeted by first Chika, then the rest of the branch.

    Characters in order of appearance[edit source]

    Characters in italics are seen only briefly, and have yet to make a proper appearance.

    Triggers in order of appearance[edit source]

    Translation note[edit source]

    • When Yōtarō tries to write "Go for A-rank", he mispells Rank ((きゅう), Kyū ?) as Kiu (きう ?) which Crunchyroll translates it as, "A-Wrank" to keep the grammar mistake in English.

    Errors[edit source]

    • When Osamu is having his dream, Jin uses Scorpion instead of Fūjin.

    Navigation[edit source]

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