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    New Technique (新技 Shin Waza ?) is Episode 78 of the World Trigger Anime.

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    Short Summary[edit source]


    Long Summary[edit source]

    Tokieda, Izumi, and Taketomi give some pre-match commentary, where they discuss Katori Squad and Kakizaki Squad's standing throughout the season. When Taketomi notes that Kakizaki Squad has a cautious fighting style, Tokieda says that it isn't so bad to be cautious and praises Kakizaki Squad for not having anyone bail out during the Second Large-Scale Invasion. It is revealed that Kakizaki is a former member of Arashiyama Squad, and Tokieda still holds great respect towards him. They move on to discuss Tamakoma Second and wonder if they can get back to the high tier. Jin, Hyuse, and Yōtarō arrive to watch the match.

    A few minutes before, we see Tamakoma Second set up a strategy for this match. They break down the team build up and general strategy of their opponents. They think that Kakizaki Squad will choose a tighter map, and Yūma says this is perfect for Osamu's new strategy. Meanwhile, in Kakizaki Squad's squad room, Kakizaki chooses to go with the Industrial Area to counter Chika's sniping, just as Tamakoma Second predicted. He tells Teruya and Tomoe to stick together no matter what.

    Miura notes that Tamakoma Second is unsettling due to their lack of data. Wakamura points out that Tamakoma Second must be really serious if they're aiming for the Away Mission, to which Katori responds that having a missing family member doesn't make one an A-Rank. The meeting falls to chaos as Wakamura and Katori start arguing. Wakamura calls out Katori's tendency to restart every time she hits a wall, which she counters with telling him that she doesn't want to be lectured by someone who is a lower ranked Gunner than when she was just a Gunner. Understandably, Wakamura snaps at her, saying that his best is where he is but Katori has more potential and should be more serious about training. Somei finally butts in, telling them that the match is starting.

    The three squads are teleported into the map. Tamakoma Second moves to regroup. Katori finds Yūma by himself and attacks him. Miura and Wakamura rush to back her up, but Taketomi commentates that the two ended up in unfavorable starting points. Teruya asks Kakizaki if she can ambush one of them, but Kakizaki is against it and tells her to wait until they can regroup. Chika has secured a sniping spot, and Yūma leads Katori over to where Osamu is waiting. The two make a concentrated attack on her, and Katori decides to take Osamu out first. However, she gets caught in his spider web. Chika shoots at her, but Miura sacrifices his arm to block it from hitting his captain. Katori Squad tries to retreat, but Yūma continues pursuing them. Tomoe gets a visual on the situation, and Kakizaki decides to target Katori Squad first. The two squads end up in a shoot out, and during it Tomoe is able to ambush Miura but doesn't manage to kill him.

    Katori Squad moves out into the open, and Osamu and Yūma follow behind Kakizaki Squad. Kakizaki Squad ducks into an alleyway, and Wakamura scolds Katori for acting on her own again. Kakizaki Squad and Katori Squad move to engage again, and Chika aims her Ibis.

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