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    That's gonna be easy! I'm a genius, after all!

    Yōko Katori to Hana Somei, in Yōko Katori.[1]

    Yōko Katori (()(とり) (よう)(), Katori Yōko ?) is a B-rank All-Rounder and the captain of Katori Squad.

    Appearance[edit source]

    Katori is a light-skinned teenager of average height and build. She has green eyes and straight, medium-length magenta hair with middle-parted bangs, black highlights and tips that curl sideways at the height of her shoulders. When she was younger she often wore hoodies,[8][9][1] whereas after the match against Tamakoma Second she could be seen wearing a dark checkered shirt with bracelet sleeves and white trousers.[10]

    Her uniform consists in a tight-fitting bodysuit that reaches halfway through her calves, with short sleeves and a high, rigid neck. The suit is mostly black, with a color scheme making it look as though Katori were wearing on top of it a purple jacket with white lining and short straps on her hips. Three red vertical lines starting at the top of her collar and reaching down to her waist, each tapering off into a point, and six silver ornamental buttons, arranged in two columns of three on her chest, decorate the bodysuit. Two similar buttons can be found on each of her short sleeves, two more on her back, and a final pair on her hips. The uniform is completed by bicep-length purple gloves with a black dot on each knuckle save for the thumb, identically colored calf-length boots with black soles, and one black holster with a purple horizontal line on each hip. The speakers of her communication system, black in color and shaped like a comma with a triangular hole at the center, can be seen through her hair.

    Personality[edit source]

    Liberally calling herself a genius, Katori can easily come across as arrogant, lazy, and extremely self-satisfied with her talent, which allows her to achieve stellar results at anything she tries her hand at with very little effort.[11] However, her enlistment in Border has caused in her a crisis of confidence, which first manifested in her repeatedly changing her class. Though she claimed to have grown bored with each class she switched out of,[12] in reality she perceived an insurmountable wall separating Border's strongest agents from her, which discouraged her from devoting time and energy to honing her skills:[13] if before she never felt the need to work hard to improve herself, her experiences competing against Border's top agents taught her that there was no reason to do so in the first place, as matching them would be impossible, despite having never made an effort.[14] She began to believe that where her talent takes her is the farthest extent that can be reached and any additional effort is meaningless.[15][11][16]

    After dropping to the mid-tier of B-rank and losing to Nasu Squad her frustration caused her to appear apathetic about her Squad's ranking,[15] whereas the defeats deeply demoralized her[15] and filled her with self-loathing,[10] which further fueled her self-defeatist attitude. She developed a tendency to lash out harshly when criticized, playing her superiority against the interlocutor to invalidate their opinion,[13] and responded curtly to statements about how motivation and resolve can help achieve one's goals.[17][18] She took defeat at Tamakoma Second's hands especially hard, so much so that she considered quitting Border altogether,[19] which Yūta Miura understood to be because she actually envied their opponents' perseverance.[20] It is only then that she discloses her displeasure with being unable to apply herself.[21]

    Katori's personality reflects on her performance in Rank Wars. Recent disappointments caused her to lose interest in strategizing[15] and gathering data on her opponents.[22][23] Against Tamakoma Second, her belief in her superior skill caused her to act recklessly, charging at Yūma Kuga on her own against squad advice.[24] Nonetheless, she later proved capable of maintaining a cool head while fighting,[25] as well as using the impression that she had gone berserk to her own advantage.[26] To distract Osamu Mikumo, she did not shy away from employing psychological tactics in which her own disappointments seeped in.[27]

    Quotes[edit source]

    • (On various occasions) "It pisses me off."[28][29][30][10]
    • (To Rokurō Wakamura) "What do you mean we can't afford that? If we lose, that just shows we're not capable, right?"[15]
    • (To Wakamura) "I don't want to be lectured by somebody whose Gunner rank is below mine."[13]
    • (To Wakamura) "There's a wall that separates the elite from the rest. It must be hard for someone who's never become Master Class in anything to understand."[13]
    • (To Wakamura) "What're you so heated up for? So lame..."[31]
    • (To her teammates) "You guys don't have a problem with this, right? As long as I win..."[24]
    • (To Wakamura) "Don't blame me! You're making me not want to do this!"[32]
    • (To Wakamura) "You protect me because you won't be able to win without me, right? Can you stop being so condescending?"[17]
    • (To Osamu Mikumo) "Do you seriously believe in stuff like... 'It's to protect those who are precious to me' or... 'If I try my best, my dream will come true'?"[16]
    • (To her mother) "I don't need to study. I always get good grades. PE, music, art, whatever - I always do better than Hana. I'm a genius, you know."[11]
    • (To Hana Somei) "It's nothing to do with your family business. I'm doing this cuz I wanted to rearrange my room."[33]
    • (To Somei) "If we team up, we'll be unstoppable!"[34]
    • (To Somei) "That's gonna be easy! I'm a genius, after all!"[1]
    • "These guys are acting like freaking heroes!"[30]
    • (To her teammates) "I'm done. I'm so done with Border. The more I lose, the more I hate myself. So I'm quitting!"[35]
    • (To her teammates) "I really suck at studying or being creative..."[21]

    Trivia[edit source]

    • Katori likes video games, senbei (Japanese rice crackers), friends, and winning.[4]
    • Her chest becomes padded when she is in her Trion Body.[5]
    • Kazuaki Ōji's nickname for Katori, "Katorine" (カトリーヌ, Katorīnu ?), is possibly a play on words based on the English name "Katherine" and its variants.[3]
      • The foreign origin of her nickname creates a motif that she shares with Miura and Wakamura.[36]
    • Katori is very concerned about popularity (being the second Border member to care the most about it after Takeru Yuiga),[37] to the point of ripping off the designs of Konami and Nasu Squad's uniforms to increase hers. Her efforts paid off, since she does have admirers.[5]
    • Katori cares the most about looks in a relationship among all Border members introduced prior to the publication of the databook.[38]

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