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    This is a list of Extras from the Manga series - World Trigger

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    Continuous[edit source]

    Character Profiles[edit source]

    Volume 1 - Chapter 7[edit source]

    Volume 2 - Chapter 16[edit source]

    Volume 3 - Chapter 25[edit source]

    Volume 4 - Chapter 34[edit source]

    Volume 5 - Chapter 43[edit source]

    Squad Profile[edit source]

    Volume 1[edit source]

    Arashiyama Squad - Chapter 6[edit source]

    Volume 2[edit source]

    Miwa Squad - Chapter 14[edit source]

    Volume 3[edit source]

    Tamakoma First - Chapter 23[edit source]
    Away Team - Chapter 23[edit source]

    Volume 4[edit source]

    Kazama Squad - Chapter 27[edit source]
    Tachikawa Squad - Chapter 29[edit source]

    Volume 10[edit source]

    Kako Squad - Chapter 81[edit source]

    Character Portfolio[edit source]

    Volume 1[edit source]

    Osamu Mikumo - Chapter 1[edit source]

    The Portfolio includes his biography, along with the preliminary sketches used for the serialization meeting and The Author's Comments.

    Yūma Kuga - Chapter 2[edit source]

    The Portfolio includes his biography (minus birthday and bloodtype), along with the preliminary sketches used for the serialization meeting and The Author's Comments.

    Volume 2[edit source]

    Ai Kitora - Chapter 8[edit source]
    HQ Top Brass - Chapter 10[edit source]
    Yūichi Jin - Chapter 11[edit source]
    Chika Amatori - Chapter 12[edit source]

    Volume 3[edit source]

    Yōtarō Rindō - Chapter 19[edit source]

    Volume 10[edit source]

    Border's Top Brass part 1 - Chapter 84[edit source]
    Border's Top Brass part 2 - Chapter 86[edit source]

    Trigger Profiles[edit source]

    Volume 4[edit source]

    Attacker Triggers - Chapter 26[edit source]
    Gunner Triggers - Chapter 30[edit source]
    Sniper Triggers - Chapter 33[edit source]

    The Way They Were[edit source]

    Volume 3[edit source]

    Ai Kitora, Jun Arashiyama, and Mitsuru Tokieda - Chapter 17[edit source]
    Shūji Miwa, Tōru Narasaka, and Kei Tachikawa - Chapter 18[edit source]

    The Lives of Bit Players[edit source]

    Volume 1[edit source]

    3 Idiots, Mizunuma, and Moribayashi - Chapter 3[edit source]
    Ichinose, Futatsugi, Miyoshi, Yotsuya, Saho Arashiyama, and Fuku Arashiyama - Chapter 4[edit source]

    Volume 3[edit source]

    Izukacha, Vittano, and Raymond - Chapter 20[edit source]

    Volume 10[edit source]

    Nozomi Kako, Ken Satori, Futaba Kuroe - Chapter 85[edit source]

    Trion Soldier Profile[edit source]

    Volume 1[edit source]

    Bamster, and Marmod - Chapter 5[edit source]
    Ilgar, Rad, and Bander - Chapter 13[edit source]

    Rejected Storyboard[edit source]

    Volume 3[edit source]

    Part 1 - Chapter 22[edit source]

    Volume 4[edit source]

    Part 2 - Chapter 28[edit source]

    Volume 6[edit source]

    Part 3 - Chapter 50[edit source]

    Volume 10[edit source]

    Part 4 - Chapter 88[edit source]

    Bangaihens and 4-Komas[edit source]

    Volume 3[edit source]

    Summer theme - Chapter 20[edit source]

    Volume 4[edit source]

    Making Emblems/Good Luck Capt. Miwa - Chapter 31[edit source]
    Jump Heroine - Chapter 32[edit source]
    Culture Exchange - Chapter 38[edit source]

    One-offs[edit source]

    Yūma's seals - Chapter 15[edit source]

    12 Zodiacs - Chapter 35[edit source]

    NICONICO Still Image MAD contest - Chapter 36[edit source]

    Bonchi Fried Crackers x World Trigger Collab - Chapter 42[edit source]

    Kabuki Yūma - Chapter 83[edit source]

    Chapter 89+[edit source]

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