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    Tamakoma Second vs. Ninomiya Squad vs. Ikoma Squad vs. Yuba Squad

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    Tamakoma Second vs. Ninomiya Squad vs. Ikoma Squad vs. Yuba Squad is a four way Rank War that took place during Round 8, between Tamakoma Second, Ninomiya Squad, Ikoma Squad and Yuba Squad.

    Background[edit source]

    Tamakoma-2 trains to beat Ninomiya's full guard by asking for assistance from Karasuma, Kazuma, Obishima and Yuba other than that Chika is ready to use normal bullets in combat.

    Summary[edit source]

    This four-way battle begins with Tamakoma Second's Chika and Yuma moving together but Ninomiya quickly locates and bombards them with his powerful Salamander. Thankfully the two are quick to avoid damage and move away from his attack as Ninomiya has Tsuji pursue Yuma with him. Chika fires back with a powerful Hound, but the two evade taking hits and slow their chase. The high-level attacks being fired off alert the other teams to Chika's presence so Yuba Squad prepares to obtain some points in a frenzy between members of Ikoma Squad , Inukai, and Hyuse. Hyuse attempts to avoid the onslaught by activating his Bagworm and moves south to escape from Radar but is spotted by Oki and alerts his team to Hyuse's movements. Ikoma is the first to reach Hyuse and actives his Kogetsu: Whirlwind technique in an attempt to slice Hyuse, but he evades into the air leaving him open to Oki's power Ibis shot. Hyuse anticipates the Ibis and forms two strong shields to protect him a fatal hit as he lands on the roof where Yuba himself engages him with quick draw fire from his revolvers. Hyuse retaliates with his own attack and makes a break to the open street with Yuba staying right on top of his movements. As Hyuse pulls up his Escudo, Obishima strikes from his left, but thanks to Usami's quick response, Hyuse is able to deflect the attack as the two Yuba Squad members and Ikoma have their eyes on Hyuse. The rest of Tamakoma Second is able to finally meet up, but Tonooka from Yuba Squad has his eyes on all three of them.

    Osamu gives the order to Yuma and Chika to provide Hyuse with support from a nearby apartment complex so that Hyuse can make an escape. Mikumo hopes his previous wire placements will allow him to buy his teammates sometime before Ninomiya and Tsuji and are to reach them. Back to the brawl, attention is kept on Hyuse as more members of the opposing teams close in on him with Yuba able to take Hyuse's left arm with powerful shots. Kai tries to take advantage of the confusion to strike at Obishima from above, but Yuba strikes quickly to prevent the attack, forcing Kai to defend but is still able to meet up with Ikoma. Mizukami and Inukai take to the rooftops from a distance to assist in taking down Hyuse. The teams become wary of sniping from Chika and attacks from Ninomiya making Osamu's plan hard to enact. Hyuse suggests a Meteor drop on top of him hoping to take out everyone around him. The team goes with his plan and Chika and Yuma move behind a water tank to prepare the shot, unexpectedly making Tonooke lose his line of sight of the two. The pressure continues to fall on Hyuse as his leg is hit by Inukai and Chika prepares an enormous Meteor shot to drop where Yuma to looking at. Tonooka however carefully lines up his shot and is able to hit the top of the Meteor shot which peeked out barely above the water tank, causing a premature detonation directly on Yuma and Chika and a massive explosion alerting everyone. Chika however is able to form a fixed shield around both her and Yuma saving them, but leaving Hyuse in a dangerous situation.

    With Hyuse in the center of an intense brawl between multiple enemy teams, he attempts to make a quick escape with a scattershot, but Mizukami and Inukai keep their marks on him and continue their assault on Hyuse who has to remain on defense to avoid defeat. The rest of Ikoma Squad as well as Yuba and Obishima all converge to take down Hyuse. Ikoma attempts a Kogetsu: Whirlwind only to be thrown high into the air thanks to an Escudo formed under Ikoma, launching him into the air. He doesn't give up however and manage to perform a mid-air strike to take Hyuse's other foot. A massive trion leak befalls Hyuse as the other teams move to take him down.

    Yuba Squad continues their assault on Hyuse only for him to counter with an unusual Escudo, forcing two cars to fly at Yuba and Obishima, with Yuba avoiding the hit and Obishima's body being thrown to the side to prevent their plan from working. Inukai fires at Hyuse to keep his defenses up while Kai uses his Grasshopper to quickly move to Hyuse's left side, opening him up to Ikoma's Kogetsu: Whirlwind. Hyuse quickly backfires at the defenseless Ikoma only for a Full Guard to appear to protect him from Hyuse's bullets. The bullet suddenly changes the paths and spread around Ikoma's guard to strike him from his sides as Hyuse unveils his Viper forcing Ikoma to Bail Out and giving one point to Tamakoma Second. Kai uses this opportunity for a leaping strike against Hyuse, but Hyuse predicted this as several Viper bullets fly back towards Kai who is surprised by Hyuse's skill. Kai receives two shields from his teammate Mizukami who was carefully watching, preventing the bullets from hitting him leaving Hyuse wide open for a frontal strike by Kai who causes Hyuse to Bail Out and obtains a point for Ikoma Squad.

    With Hyuse out of the fight the battle turns hectic as Obishima closes the distance against Kai and fires bullets towards his backside and strikes with her Kogetsu which he blocks with his own Kogetsu and Shield. Noticing this, Mizukami assumes Yuba would reach him on the rooftops, but Inukai also approaches him from the ground and the two fire at the lone Shooter who goes down to Yuba's powerful bullets, receiving a point for Yuba Squad, making Tamakoma Second, Ikoma Squad, and Yuba Squad all tied with one point. With Hyuse out, Chika freezes up as she puts blame on herself for not being able to help him, but Hyuse reassures her and asks her to protect the rest of the team in his stead.

    At the scrimmage, Kai is assaulted by Obishima and Yuba's bullets and loses an arm for it. Yuba would accept getting a point for taking down Kai, but is concerned with letting Inukai regroup with the rest of Ninomiya Squad. Obishima confidently says that she would handle Kai so the Yuba and go after Inukai. Tamakoma Second decides to split up and go after Obishima leaving Chika alone on the rooftop with Tonooka still having his sights on her. Yuba chases Inukai down a street and closes the distance to fire his powerful bullets towards Inukai's left hand and weapon, destroying both leaving Inukai little option but to retreat. With Chika now alone and preparing to fire a powerful Hound attack, Tonooka fires another shot towards her, but Chika predicts the direction of the shot and guards with a powerful Shield and retaliates with her immense Hound attack. Tonooka evades the destructive Hound and leaps off the building only to be sniped by Oki in midair. Kai attempts to lead Obishima towards Oki for some assistance, but Oki sees a Hound attack coming towards him and uses his Grasshopper to evade only for the bullets to seek him out still, concluding to him that these are not simple Hound bullets, but composite bullets created most likely by Ninomiya. He avoids being taken out by the bullets, but falls into Tsuji's Kogetsu strike from behind.

    Yuma now has found Obishima and Kai and a three-way battle is about to begin. Kai, being at a disadvantage remind Obishima that Osamu must also be around is Yuma is here hoping they'll team up against Yuma, but Obishima surprises Kai with a quick bullet attack towards his side, taking him and Ikoma Squad out of the battle and leaving Yuma vs Obishima in a one on one fight.

    Yuba continues his pursuit of Inukai only for Tsuji to appear to Yuba's side with a quick surprise attack. Yuba evades the strike and kicks Tsuji away to continue his assault on both of them. The two teammates are able to buy enough time for Ninomiya to arrive leaving Yuba against their entire team. Obishima now makes an attempt to try and regroup with Yuba, but is tripped up by Osamu's wires in the area. Yuma uses the wires to his advantage making him a difficult target to hit. Obishima divides her bullets and sends them out in multiple directions, hoping to force Yuma to make a large shield which she could take advantage of with a strong strike to his front. Yuma retaliates with a projectile Scorpion and has its aim for her head which she deflects with her Kogetsu. With the projectile still airborne, Yuma forms multiple Grasshopper pads around her, causing a pinball effect around her with the blade, making it difficult for her to avoid taking a hit. Yuma then uses this moment to dash behind Obishima and stab his blade into her back with his Scorpion, ensuring her that she would become stronger before she is forced to Bail Out, leaving Yuba alone on his team.

    With all the opposing team members grouped up, Osamu orders a Meteor attack on top of Yuba and Ninomiya Squad. Ninomiya counters with his Hornet to detonate most of the attack while Yuba focuses on Inukai and Tsuji. Ninomiya changes tactics expecting more explosives to come raining down and has his teammates handle the Meteor while he goes up against Yuba who charges towards Ninomiya. He fires Hound bullets upwards for an assumed two-pronged attack having bullets come from the front and above Yuba. The explosives continue to rain down the area, forcing wider shields on everyone in the area except for Yuba blocks the bullets from Ninimiya and continues closing the distance. With only being 20 meters away, Ninomiya is now in Yuba's range for his shots and he prepares to fire when another wave of Hound bullets suddenly rain down on Yuba from above, stopping his attack. Ninomiya declares his win against Yuba before blasting him from the front and forcing him to Bail Out.

    With three members on each side, Tamakoma Second activates their Bagworms to spread out and takes their positions and Ninomiya Squad stands together ready to take them on in the open. The final clash begins between the two teams as Yuma and Osamu move towards the grouped Ninomiya Squad with Yuma hurling his projectile Scorpion at Ninomiya which is quickly blocked with Shield and countered with Asteroid. He continues his attack using Meteors to blow away the surrounding area to break apart any wire setups with Osamu firing at Ninomiya from behind, but this is blocked by Inukai's shield who now goes on the offensive against Osamu, but does not chase as they are wary of Chika. They turn their attention towards Yuma who receives a Full Attack from Ninomiya, losing his right hand and having multiple areas of trion leakage from his body. Ninomiya proclaims that putting Chika's trion aside that there is nothing Tamakoma Second has that can bring them down. Yuma declares that Osamu will be the one who will take him down causing Ninomiya to say that Osamu is a complete nonfactor to them. Yuma catches Ninomiya in his lie as Osamu and Yuma strike at Ninomiya with Osamu's Raygust and Yuma's projectile Scorpion which are both blocked. Chika also fires a bullet towards Ninomiya which ends up being a lead bullet, ensuring Ninomiya Squad that Chika cannot shoot people and has Inukai and Tsuji go to take out Chika while Ninomiya faces Osamu and Yuma alone.

    Ninomiya begins his attack on Yuma while Osamu watches for his Full Attack for an opportunity to counter. Unknown to Osamu however, Tsuji managed to move towards his backside and prepares to strike down Osamu from above. Chika sees his moment and fires a powerful snipe shot towards the falling Tsuji who attempts to block with a piece of the rooftop and his shield, but the bullet pierces through both and takes him out in one shot. Ninomiya manages to evade Osamu's attack from behind with a quick sidestep as Yuma moves into the air in front of Ninomiya. Osamu proclaims his victory as the bullets he fired towards Ninomoiya suddenly curved and struck him from the side, revealing them as Hound bullets unexpectedly. Yuma uses his Grasshopper to quickly close the distance and evade Ninomiya's final shots as he pierces his chest with his Scorpion causing Ninomiya to Bail Out. Inukai reaches Chika and praises her for her kill before eliminating her before asking the defeated Ninomiya if he should fight out the rest of the match to which Ninomiya tells him to retreat ending the match with Tamakoma Second as the winners of the match.

    Aftermath[edit source]

    • Tamakoma-2 earns 6 points, Ninomiya Squad earns 3 while Ikoma's and Yuba's Squad earns 2 which moves Tamakoma-2 to B-rank #2 at the same time this bumps Ikoma Squad down to B-rank #4

    References[edit source]

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