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    Resolution (覚悟 Kakugo ?) is Episode 99 of the World Trigger Anime.

    Short Summary[edit source]

    With no other opponents left, Tamakoma Second prepares for direct confrontation with Ninomiya Squad. When the latter feints an ambush, Osamu and Chika turn the tides; Round 8 ends with Tamakoma Second's victory.

    Long Summary[edit source]

    Following Yuba's bail out, Ninomiya Squad comes down from the pile of rubble. Ōji explains the play that took him out, and Kurauchi praises Ninomiya's skill. Ninomiya blows up a number of buildings and awaits Tamakoma Second in the open space. Chika moves to get a good sniping point and Osamu and Yūma proceed with their plan. Karasuma reveals the plan that Tamakoma Second set up, and Izumi comments that they all involve Hyuse. Karasuma thinks that Osamu will probably take on Hyuse's role in their set-ups.

    Kurauchi explains the functions and logistics of Hound and Hornet. Kurauchi and Ōji run through Oki's defeat, with Ōji noting that Ninomiya was especially scary this round as he used it to drive Oki towards Tsuji. Kurauchi also explains how Shield orientation is typically deployed, and both Ōji and Izumi realize that Chika probably can't shoot after all.

    Ninomiya Squad stands in wait as Chika takes her sniping position. Osamu and Yūma get into position and initiate their attack plan. Yūma starts by throwing a Scorpion blade — Ninomiya returns with blasts of Meteor. Inukai takes on Osamu, while Kurauchi explains that Osamu is attacking the former to prevent Ninomiya from going into Full Attack. The two Ōji Squad members explain that with Chika's position still unknown, Tsuji and Inukai have to keep their guards up for her. Ninomiya goes into Full Attack and Yūma loses a hand.

    Ninomiya says that if Chika can't shoot, the match is over. Yūma replies that Osamu will be the one to bring him down, to which Ninomiya affirms that Osamu isn't a perceived threat. Yūma's Side Effect is triggered; this was a lie. Chika shoots a Lead Bullet into Inukai's arm and Ninomiya retaliates by sending Meteor at her. He sends Inukai and Tsuji to take down Chika — however, Tsuji turns back around to take out Osamu. In the audience, Yoneya sighs, saying that Chika could have taken one of them down if she had only used a normal shot from Lightning or Ibis. Yoneya wonders if Chika can't shoot, but Miwa blames Osamu for not having the resolve to make her shoot.

    Osamu warns Chika to defend herself with Lead Bullet. Ninomiya goes Full Attack again, and Osamu gets ready to shoot. Tsuji is about to strike Osamu down when Chika shoots her Ibis. Tsuji explodes, noting that it wasn't Lead Bullet before bailing out. Osamu shoots at Ninomiya, but he dodges. Ōji pities Osamu and his lack of Shooter experience, but Karasuma and Osamu know: this is Tamakoma Second's win.

    Osamu's bullets come back to hit Ninomiya; they aren't Asteroid, they are Hound. Despite his victim's efforts, Yūma stabs a Scorpion through Ninomiya's chest, and the latter bails out. Inukai has reached Chika and praises her for her kill before killing her. Inukai asks if he should continue fighting, to which Ninomiya gives him orders to retreat.

    Osamu wonders what happened to Tsuji, not realizing that he had been taken down by Chika. Yūma proudly informs him that Chika was the one who killed him. Hyuse fist bumps his squad and tells Osamu that his back-up worked well. Yūma gives Chika a thumbs up and Osamu nods approvingly at her. The season closes with Chika's smiling face.

    Characters in Order of Appearance[edit source]

    Characters in italics are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

    Triggers in Order of Appearance[edit source]

    Triggers in italics are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

    Side Effects[edit source]

    Adapted Chapters[edit source]

    Anime and Manga Differences[edit source]

    • When Kurauchi talks about Hound, the anime added a flashback of Yuba
    • An extra scene was added where the people watching it at the Tamakoma Branch base were celebrating
    • An extra scene was added where Chika smiles at the end

    Trivia[edit source]

    • The episode was delayed by a week due to the airing of tsunami broadcasting reports. (See also: Episode 79)

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