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    Xeno and Lilith (ゼノとリリス Zeno to Ririsu ?) is Episode 57 of the World Trigger Anime.

    Short Summary[edit source]

    Xeno reveals his story on how he met Lilith and why they escaped from Ergates. Meanwhile, Giev and Charon try to make a deal with Osamu by asking him to hand over Lilith to them.

    Long Summary[edit source]

    Charon and Giev take Osamu and leave, and Lilith faints after detransforming.

    In the past, Xeno is seen working in a school. The other students are seen teasing him for not liking people, and Xeno continues putting walls up between him and the others. Some of the students talk about a Dr. Lamia. Xeno, out of spite and curiosity, breaks into his lab to find Lilith encased in a crystal. The two have a short conversation before Xeno has to flee, but he returns the next night. It seems that Dr. Lamia made her over two earth years before, and that she hasn't left the room since her creation. Unbeknownst to them, their interactions are being watched by Dr. Lamia herself.

    Xeno tries to take Lilith to see the sunrise, but Lilith does not have a lot of trion and Xeno decides to return Lilith back to the lab. It is soon decided that Lilith will be used for battle, and that her memories will be wiped. Xeno breaks in before that can happen, and escapes with Lilith. The two are immediately attacked by trion soldiers, but Lilith transforms and defeats them.

    Back in the present, it is shown that Xeno is telling this story to Chika and Yūma watch a sleeping Lilith. Chika realizes what the interaction the two had during the thunderstorm must have been.

    Osamu wakes up and Charon strikes up a deal with him. If they get Lilith, no harm will come to the inhabitants of Earth. Osamu voices his opposition, but Charon just tells him to keep considering it.

    Tamakoma First is on their way to the facility as Usami tries to find Osamu. However, Usami can not find a usable signal to pick up. Osamu tries to get his trigger from Giev, but fails. Xeno sends his Guries to look for Osamu.

    Back in the past, Lilith sees her first sunset. Lilith worries that Xeno dislikes her for her battle form, but Xeno doesn't care. She gifts him a flower.

    In the present, Lilith finally wakes up. Tamakoma First is confronted by trion soldiers as they arrive in Shizuka City, and the three of them prepare to fight. Chika replenishes Lilith’s trion supply, and Lilith says that she loses control of herself if her trion supply runs out.

    Kizaki informs Usami that it will take them much longer than anticipated before they make it to their facility. Charon commentates on their battle against the trion soldiers, and Osamu finds an opening and is able to activate his trigger for a second. Usami is able to find his location.

    Characters in order of appearance[edit source]

    Triggers in order of appearance[edit source]

    Debatable Canon[edit source]

    • The setting showed in the beginning may or may not house the school.
    • Their academic ranking system/scaling might use differently colored and designed uniforms to symbolize status.
    • student says Xeno is the best out of the research students, implying there are different departments; so this could be a higher-education college or university. However with the way the students act, it is more like an intermediate high school, so their school system would be faster-paced than Mikado City's.

    Navigation[edit source]

    Fugitive Arc
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