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    Giev's Thrust (ギーヴの(コウ)(セイ) Gīvu no Kōsei ?) is Episode 54 of the World Trigger Anime.

    Short Summary[edit source]

    While Osamu argues with Xeno regarding his method, Giev and Charon approach Shizuka City with a Giant Trion Soldier.

    Long Summary[edit source]

    Giev has successfully collected enough trion to carry out his objective. He approaches a cruise ship and starts his plan.

    Osamu trains by fighting against Yashamaru Gold. He loses the simulation. Xeno, to their surprise, knows about Marmods and the differences that Usami made to create Yashamaru Gold. Xeno nitpicks Osamu’s tactics, and Yūma challenges him to fight Yashamaru Gold. Xeno defeats it easily.

    Chika and Lilith watch the sunset together, and talk about Ergates. Lilith asks Chika to teach her how to swim, and she agrees. When they take it up with the others, Usami suggests that they have a campfire instead because it is still cold out. As they sit around the fire, Xeno questions why Osamu is so trusting of people. Osamu replies that he just does what he thinks is right. When Xeno calls him naïve, Osamu gets mad, and Usami laments about her plan to help them bond not working.

    Kitora is on watch again. Chika brings her dinner, and Kitora laments on her subpar stealth skills before Chika’s side effect is triggered. Kitora reports to Headquarters about the incoming threat, which turns out to be Giev putting his plan into motion.

    Xeno explains that Giev is trying to blow up the city because he wants to destroy Xeno’s ship, as well as draw out the Border agents. They have less than an hour to stop Giev. The fighters get ready to intercept Giev, and Xeno calls Osamu out on his inability to be upfront about his desire to protect Chika. As they approach the ship, a mine goes off and they lose their transport. Xeno and Osamu are trapped in a giant cube, and Yūma and Kitora work together to regain upper ground. Osamu and Xeno attack the cube, but they can’t break out. A projection of Charon appears, and he explains that it is dangerous to attack the cube. Charon reveals that they are using trion from the passengers on the boat to form the cube.

    Kitora and Yūma are attacked, and Kitora is nearly taken into her own cube but is saved by Arashiyama, who has made his entrance via helicopter.

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    Fugitive Arc
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