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    What Decides the Battle ((ショ)()()める もの Shōbu o Kimeru Mono ?) is Episode 45 of the World Trigger Anime.

    Short Summary[edit source]

    With the team members divided after Chika blew the bridge, Osamu goes after points on the east front. Yūma, meanwhile, battles against both Kumagai and Murakami on the west side.

    Long Summary[edit source]

    Konami argues with Hyuse about his tone. In a rare display of maturity, Yōtarō scolds Konami for being hung up on the past. Hyuse tells the present members of Tamakoma to torture him if they want information from him, but Rindō points out that if they treat him nicely they can use him to trade for other hostages later. Karasuma swoops in with some of his realistic sarcasm, making Konami feel bad for Hyuse.

    Meanwhile, Yūma and Kumagai are going up against each other. This is an especially sketchy battle for the latter, as she is against two squad aces. Kumagai tells Hiura to hold off on her sniping. Flashback to Nasu Squad's meeting where Kumagai and Hiura tease each other before it dissolves into a pillow fight. Back to the fight, the commentators discuss Hiura's vital role to the battle of the rest side. At Kumagai's command, Hiura shoots at Yūma but he dodges and starts heading to her location.

    It is revealed that Hiura will be moving. Kumagai tells the sniper to bail out, but she refuses and continues shooting at Yūma. She is tricked by Yūma's diversion using his arm, and is taken out by him. Tamakoma celebrates her removal from the field of play, and Hyuse comments that this gives Kumagai a great disadvantage. Karasuma uses this as another opportunity to deceive Konami, who takes it out on Hyuse.

    Tachikawa, Jin, and Mikami discuss what Yūma's next course of action could be. Murakami and Kumagai duel. After taking a hit from the former, she shoots at him with Meteor. Nasu can be seen shooting at Kuruma at the same time, and Kumagai says that by envisioning Nasu's fighting style she can fight smoother too. Ultimately, Murakami makes her bail out and disarms her last trap.

    Flashback to Nasu telling Kumagai that she loves her squad very much. In her bail out bed, Kumagai cries out of frustration.

    Yūma approaches Murakami, and the two prepare to clash.

    Characters in Order of Appearance[edit source]

    Triggers in Order of Appearance[edit source]

    Adapted from[edit source]

    Anime and Manga Differences[edit source]

    • The Anime adds multiple Flashbacks of Nasu Squad.
    • the Anime adds a scene where Karasuma jokes saying that Kumagai has an additional trigger called "punch rocket" which launches her arms using trion, which it was supposedly made using aftokrator's technology.
    • the Anime adds a small clip where Yōtarō says fights are all about guts when Tachikawa says the amount of spirit you have doesn't matter.

    Error[edit source]

    • In the anime she introduced herself to the rest of Nasu Squad as if no one knew her, despite Kuma being the one who introduced her.[1]
    1. Daisuke Ashihara: Q: How and when did Akane become Narasaka's disciple? Does Narasaka have any other disciples?
      A: When Akane was invited to join Nasu Squad (when Kumagai brought her along), Nasu asked her cousin Narasaka to make her his disciple. By the way, his other disciple besides Akane is the Four-Eyes with a promising future, Shōhei Kodera.
      Source: Border Briefing File, Page 302, Question 127

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