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    The Ace's Willpower (エース の ()() Ēsu no Iji ?) is Episode 46 of the World Trigger Anime.

    Short Summary[edit source]

    After defeating Kumagai on the west bank, Murakami clashes with Yūma.

    Long Summary[edit source]

    Murakami and Yūma prepare to battle. Meanwhile, Nasu and Kuruma shoot at each other. Osamu uses the opportunity to attack Nasu Squad's ace as well, and the three commentators discuss the potential solutions to a possible pincer attack. Nasu attacks Kuruma with Viper, and Kuruma and Betsuyaku meet up and block her shots before attacking her back. Nasu makes a second concentrated attack on Kuruma and Betsuyaku's shield and breaks through.

    It is revealed that Shiki has come up with counters for the opposing teams' counters to Nasu's Viper. While the two from Suzunari First regroup, Osamu shoots at Nasu. On the opposite side of the bank, Yūma and Murakami continue dueling. Tachikawa notes that while Yūma is using many advanced techniques, they are all half-baked and not enough to go against Murakami and his experience against strong opponents. Jin says that the odds of Yūma winning are 4:1 with Murakami having the advantage, however he bets on Yūma winning.

    Flashback to years prior. Yūma tells Replica that he hasn't been able to sleep, and Replica tells him that with the Black Trigger Yūma no longer needs sleep. Presently, Yūma runs from Murakami and Osamu tells Chika to cover for him. Kuruma and Betsuyaku continue pressuring Nasu but they are being overpowered. They jump down from a building and are immediately targetted by Nasu's bullets, but Betsuyaku realizes that they are not her normal Viper and sacrifices himself. Nasu has brought out composite bullets to the playing field with her usage of Tomahawk. The two captain are now on high alert for Nasu.

    Flashback to Yūma discussing his strategy against Murakami with an imaginary Replica. Yūma catches Murakami off guard with Grasshopper, and with the help of Chika the two fall into the river. Murakami bails out after Yūma destroys his trion system.

    Nasu and Kuruma continue a fierce battle. Hyuse predicts that Nasu Squad will win, and describes a viable strategy for Tamakoma Second which includes overfilling the river to flood the city. Osamu goes through with just that. Kuruma is pushed back into a corner, but it seems that he has gotten a boost of confidence.

    Characters in Order of Appearance[edit source]

    Triggers in Order of Appearance[edit source]

    Adapted Chapters[edit source]

    Anime and Manga Differences[edit source]

    • Similar to Last Episode, There is an Anime-only Nasu Squad Flashback after Tachikawa says Nasu Squad builds their strategies around Nasu herself.
    • When Taichi pushes Kuruma out of the way to save him, in the Anime they are on the ground level while in the Manga they are falling.

    Errors[edit source]

    • When Kuruma is attacked by Nasu's Tomahawk near the end of the episode, the Anime doesn't show his shield.

    Navigation[edit source]

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