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    Yūma Kuga, in Chapter 16.[1]

    Yūma Kuga vs. Miwa Squad is a fight between Yūma Kuga and Miwa Squad that happened in Yumite District Station on December 14th .[citation needed]

    Prologue[edit source]

    After finding evidence of a foreign Trigger being used on the Bamster that was supposedly brought down by Osamu, Border became suspicious that Osamu was in league with a Neighbor. Miwa Squad was assigned the task of monitoring Osamu's actions, and ambushed him at the Yumite District Station.[citation needed]

    Battle[edit source]

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    Aftermath[edit source]

    Yūma is able to pin down Miwa and Yōsuke, causing them to be unable to fight; additionally Kodera and Narasaka are both talked out of fighting leading to Yūma's victory.[citation needed] After the fact, Miwa voluntarily bails out in anger, afterwards Yūma and Yōsuke turn off their triggers, then Yōsuke along with the rest of Miwa Squad leave to make a report so Jin and Osamu goes back to Headquarters to give one as well while Yūma and Chika go to a shrine.[citation needed]

    References[edit source]

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