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    Sometimes it is necessary to create new pages on the wiki. This is especially true for when new media releases, such as a chapter, volume, episode, stageplay, etc. Here is some guidance on what must be done when new releases happen.

    New Chapter[edit source]

    When a new chapter comes out, a page has to be created for it. But that's not all—quite a few pages and templates have to be edited in addition to reflect the new chapter. Here is a to-do list.

    Create the chapter page[edit source]

    To create a page, click on the Add New Page icon beside the number of articles at the top of any wiki page.

    The title should be the official Viz translation of the chapter title. If the chapter title is the same as someone's name, or an existing concept that might cause confusion, or just another existing page, you must add a space and (chapter) after the title. Some examples include Mirai Hatohara (chapter) or The Away Mission Test (chapter).

    Follow the instructions on the Chapter Page Template for the page content.

    Update Pages[edit source]

    The chapter must be added to the Manga page and Story Arcs page. You can link to the new chapter after all the others, in the same format.

    Update Templates[edit source]

    The following templates must be updated to reflect the new chapter. Edit the source and add the chapter title and number in the same format as the chapters listed before it.

    Create Redirect[edit source]

    Create a page titled Chapter # where # is the chapter number. In the page, insert:

    #REDIRECT [[Chapter Page Title]]]

    where Chapter Page Title is, as expected, whatever you titled the chapter page. Then save the page to create it.

    Thanks for helping out!

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