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    Tamakoma Second vs. Kageura Squad vs. Azuma Squad vs. Suzunari First

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    Tamakoma Second vs. Kageura Squad vs. Azuma Squad vs. Suzunari First is a four way Rank War that took place during Round 7, between Tamakoma Second, Kageura Squad, Azuma Squad and Suzunari First.

    Background[edit source]

    Tōma claims that Chika can, in fact, shoot people. Afterwards Osamu talks about how Suzunari First has gotten stronger and might of figured out a counter to the wire strategy.[1]

    Osamu then asks Usami on if he should add a new trigger to which she says there is not much point as his trigger is maxed out thanks to his low trion, Yūma could pick one up but he feels like a new trigger would make him screw up and Tamakoma Second now has Hyuse.

    Later that day Osamu is shown to be uneasy, but isn't sure what the cause is. All the Squads for this Round are shown to be preparing until March 1st the day the round begins.

    Before the Round starts Tamakoma is talking to Hyuse and asking if he is nervous due to being his debut match, however he shrugs it off and claims that they will win, Jin then asks Osamu what's up to which he confesses to his nervousness to which Jin tells him to not waiver

    Summary[edit source]

    Before the match, various members of other squads point out Hyuse's sudden addition to Tamakoma Second, notably Koarai who fought with him during solo rank-wars and Kageura who now realizes why Yūma was so cocky at the dinner.

    Yuitsuka, Inukai, and Arashiyama are commentating for this match.[2] Being the lowest ranked team, Suzunari First is given the opportunity to choose a map. The map they choose is Cityscape D, which catches the participating squads off guard. The map is small, but contains many tall building (most notably, a shopping mall in the center) and broad streets, with a likelihood of indoor battles. As there are many floors in the buildings, it takes more effort to find others using Radar and is virtually impossible to track down Bagworm users and is seen as a bad map by many.

    The combatants are teleported in, revealing that the map has been set to night time. Chika, Murakami, and Kitazoe are teleported inside the mall on different floors, while the others end up scattered around it.[3] Those not in the mall make their way to the structure, while Chika takes the opposite approach and leaves as according to plan. While Kitazoe awaits Kageura, he is pursued and attacked by Murakami who has followed him up through the mall. Kageura Squad and Suzunari First (minus the snipers) engage in a shoot out. The attacker also reveals a black Kogetsu, which surprises the commentators.[4] Kageura and Kuruma act on the offensive towards each other while Kitazoe and Murakami supports and defends their respective captains. When Suzunari First seems to be in a pinch, Kuruma pulls out a second assault rifle and their new strategy is shown. Murakami acts as a shield while Kuruma shoots, preventing any attacks from getting through while keeping their opponents on guard.

    Meanwhile on the first floor, Okudera and Osamu nearly miss each other and start fighting each other. Koarai joins the fight, and the two pursue Osamu to the fifth floor. This happens to be where Ema is planted, and he shoots at Koarai and Osamu. Osamu slams Koarai to the side, determined to not give Kageura Squad any points. Osamu then changes his target and starts chasing Ema.

    Then the lights go out, courtesy of Taichi. Ema blows Osamu's right arm off due to the glow of his Raygust giving his position away. At the same time, the upstairs brawl has moved into a restaurant. Although Kageura Squad is caught by surprise, Kageura feels Murakami charging at him and manages to dodge many killing strikes.[5] All the Suzunari First members have night vision on now, and Murakami's Kogetsu is practically invisible in the dark. Nire quickly gets her squad night vision as well, but this is all a part of Suzunari First's plan. The lights turn back on, blinding Kageura and Murakami is able to give him a large wound. Ema tries to shoot at the fuse box that controls the lights, giving away Taichi's position due to his Escudo. Kitazoe destroys the lights in the restaurant, rendering the strategy useless in that part of the mall.

    Azuma is briefly seen with his Dummy Beacons. Osamu has taken shelter in a corner, and Yūma and Hyuse have made it to the mall. They track Taichi down and Hyuse traps him in a familiar manner with two Escudos before taking first blood. The two move to the top floor and join Kageura Squad and Suzunari First, and seal off Kitazoe from Kageura.[6] The two take Kageura on, and get the upper hand with Hyuse's delayed shots. Kitazoe briefly joins the squabble before Hyuse seals him off and Yuma takes his head off with a Scorpion.[7] The gunner tries to take Yūma down with him, but his moves are read and Yūma returns to battling Kageura. The Captain rolls into a hole and bails out, but the point does not go to Tamakoma Second; it is credited as Murakami's kill.

    Kuruma and Murakami use their strategy against Yūma and Hyuse. Osamu questions Hyuse as to why he isn't using Viper, to which he says he doesn't want to use it now. Hyuse puts up lots of Escudos, but Murakami renders them useless with a Senkū Kogetsu. After a couple more rounds of this, Hyuse charges and takes Murakami head on.[8] He makes an Escudo pop out of Murakami's back, sending Kuruma flying and putting Tamakoma Second in the ideal 2v1 situation. Kuruma, now unguarded, is hit by Osamu's Asteroid. Murakami holds him back by activating Thruster and throwing his Raygust before going to receive Hyuse and Yūma's pincher attack with only his Kogetsu. He succeeds in taking Yūma's arm off, but then the airborne agent kicks the Escudo protruding from his back and Hyuse stabs his chest. Murakami bails out, and Hyuse charges at Kuruma but he is shot by Ema and bails out as well. Ema shoots Osamu through the floor as well, but then is found by Koarai and Okudera who chase him off the edge of the floor. Ema free falls into the atrium, seemingly escaping the two Azuma Squad agents, then gets shot by Azuma who had been lying in wait.

    The battle is down to two teams, Azuma Squad and Tamakoma Second. Osamu bails out, giving Kageura Squad a second point.[9] Azuma Squad starts moving, and Azuma's Dummy Beacons are activated. This ends up showing a bunch of unnecessary signatures on the radar, so Osamu has Chika blast the mall with Meteor. It takes out a good portion of the signals but Chika also ends up killing Okudera, which was not Osamu's intention. Koarai and Okudera agree for a retreat, and Azuma takes some of the Dummy Beacons and sends them towards Chika. Hyuse and Osamu debate whether it is a bluff or not, and eventually Yuma decides to go to Chika while Hyuse pursues the remaining opponents. Hyuse seals the mall with Escudo and chases Koarai.[10] Azuma rigs a diversion by hanging his Bagworm from a Lightning off the floor above.[11] When Hyuse runs by, he switches to Ibis which causes the Bagworm to fall. Hyuse sends half of his shots at the Bagworm before Azuma blows him apart. Before he bails out, Hyuse manages to send the remaining shots at the captain and hit his foot. Koarai escapes the mall and Hyuse has Chika blast it with Meteor again, so Azuma and Koarai voluntarily bail out. The match ends 6-2-2-1 in Tamakoma Second's victory.

    Aftermath[edit source]

    • Tamakoma scores 6 points, Azuma and Kageura squad both earn 2 while Suzunari earns 1.
      • Tamakoma now ties with Kageura squad but due to the rules Tamakoma is 3rd place while Kageura is 2nd still, however Suzunari's place doesn't change while Azuma squad moved up to 5th.

    Trivia[edit source]

    • This is the only match of the B-Rank Wars Arc where Tamakoma Second only fights Squads they already faced in previous Rank Wars.

    References[edit source]

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