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    The Sunset of Miden (玄界(ミデン)(ユウ)() Miden no Yūhi ?) is Episode 52 of the World Trigger Anime.

    Short Summary[edit source]

    On Chika's request, Osamu asks for Usami's help to cheer Lilith up.

    Long Summary[edit source]

    Charon and Giev discuss the two Ergates Neighbors and their new allies. Charon suggests a retreat, but Giev is against it. It seems that they were told not to cause harm to Lilith in their capture.

    In the haunted house, Lilith and Chika read a catalog together. Lilith expresses her desire to go shopping. Osamu and Yūma arrive with food, and Lilith continues to bond with Tamakoma Second over sandwiches. Chika asks Osamu and Yuma if they can get Lilith something nice, because she is feeling down despite the cheerful front she puts up. Xeno is against the idea because he has yet to put up stealth in the mall area. Lilith tells them that she is doing alright.

    Osamu goes to Usami for help. Meanwhile, Midorikawa and Kitora continue watching the operation. The gang leave the haunted house together, and Lilith is brought to a shopping mall where she browses many stores. Usami and somehow, Midorikawa and Kitora are wrapped up in their schemes. In reality, this is a set up in a training room that Usami put together. It ends up falling apart, leaving Lilith disappointed. Kitora scolds Osamu for his actions before recommending a lookout spot that many girls seem to like. They hike up to the spot, but it seems that Xeno was too late in setting up Area Stealth and Chika’s side effect is triggered by Giev and Charon.

    They escape into an abandoned warehouse and fight against Giev’s trion soldiers. They tell Lilith to run as they fight back, but all of them are cornered. Midorikawa and Kitora end up breaking them out of their impending defeat.

    Kitora’s recommendation ends up amazing Lilith.

    A thunderstorm rolls in, and Chika goes to check on the two Ergates Neighbors and she walks into an unexpected scene.

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    Fugitive Arc
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