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    The Upper Ranks (上位 Jyōi ?) is Episode 83 of the World Trigger Anime.

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    Long Summary[edit source]

    For their next rank war, Ouji decides to go with Cityscape A. When he announces this to his squad, Kashio wonders why he was picking such a plain map when they wanted to counter Osamu's wire strategy. Ouji explains that Tamakoma Second likes to use two strategies: wide maps give way for Chika's Lead Bullet and narrower maps allow Osamu to use his wires easier. Instead of picking a map that would lead to abuse of both strategies, he picked a map that would help cut their own squad's losses. Ouji tells his squadmates to prioritize attacking over regrouping, and that Osamu is their main target. His reasoning is that Osamu is the most annoying if they let him wander free. Their plan is to take him out early and prevent the wire strategy from happening.

    Meanwhile, Osamu tells his squad that due to the events of the last battle, he was a likely target. Osamu says that he will start setting up the wires while equipping Bagworm, and tells Chika to get a good sniping position and Yūma to support her. At the same time, Ikoma tells his squad about a new tuna cutlet bowl available in the mess hall.

    Panning back to the Ouji Squad room, the three combatants devise strategies for if Osamu and Yūma end up using Bagworm. Simultaneously, Tamakoma Second discusses what to do when Osamu inevitably ends up being targeted. The three squads end their meetings, and we are shown that there are approximately 9 minutes 43 seconds until transmission.

    Hyuse attends the Induction Ceremony. While it happens, Netsuki and Kinuta discuss the fact that they have let yet another Neighbor enlist in Border. Karasawa tells them that the meeting they had with Tamakoma Second was never about Hyuse, but about Chika, as Kido wanted Chika to make the ship bigger and allowing Hyuse to join just made it easier for that to happen. When the question is brought up about Hyuse possibly betraying Border in Aftokrator, Karasawa just says that they will use Hyuse as a guide and then dispose of him before they arrive.

    Finally, it's time to start the daytime Round 6 upper tier match. Kunichika, Tōma, and Kitazoe are commentating. Agents are transported to the map, and Osamu starts his wire strategy. Ouji Squad moves ahead with their plan, noting that Osamu is using Bagworm. Oki gets into sniping position and is immediately discovered by Kashio, who only confirms his identity before fleeing and informing his teammates that Osamu is somewhere in the eastern side of the map. At that point, Kunichika states that Ikoma Squad is moving as they normally do.

    Yūma tries to trick Ouji Squad into getting into Chika's line of fire, but Ouji figures out their trap and ignores Yūma and continues their search for Osamu. Kashio and Minamisawa equip their Bagworms and find Osamu's wires, and they move in to engage. Osamu sends up Asteroid as a flare and uses it as a feint and escapes the scene, leaving Kashio and Minamisawa to meet each other in the middle of the wire trap. Osamu flees to the west as the two agents fight each other.

    Mizukami tells Minamisawa to retreat as the other members of Ouji Squad are getting close to him, however Minamisawa says he will take Kashio out before they arrive. Kurauchi uses Salamander which sends up a cloud of smoke. Kashio attacks him and uses Minamisawa's limited visibility to his advantage, and the Ikoma Squad agent bails out after being hit by Kashio's Hound. Hosoi scolds Minamisawa for his recklessness. Ikoma laments that with Minamisawa out, the only thing they have left is Oki who is popular with the ladies. Oki denies the statement. Ouji Squad move to chase Osamu, but are intercepted by Yūma, and Kashio loses an arm while Kurauchi's leg is hit with Lead Bullet.

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    Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

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