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    Invisible Assailants (姿(スガタ)なき(シュウ)(ゲキ)(シャ) Sugata Naki Shūgeki-sha ?) is Episode 50 of the World Trigger Anime.

    Short Summary[edit source]

    While Osamu and Yūma tries to negotiate with Xeno for Chika's release, they were attacked by an unknown assailant.

    Long Summary[edit source]

    Konami is making curry. Yōtarō questions her actions, but Konami explains that she is on dinner duty but will not be at Tamakoma, hence why she is making it now. She reveals that they are going to check up on Tamakoma Second at their training camp.

    At an abandoned theme park, Shizuka Land, Xeno summons Guries to help secure the perimeter. Lilith apologizes for Xeno's actions, and Yūma questions Xeno's trigger. Osamu then asks how to take off the trion soldier on Chika's neck, and Xeno reveals that he has no intentions of letting Chika free. Osamu realizes that Xeno is trying to steal peoples' trion. Yūma asks where the two are from, and while Xeno tries to not reveal their home world, Lilith is quick to spill that they are from Ergates. Yūma, surprisingly, has never heard of this country.

    Lilith reveals that the two of them betrayed Ergates and are being pursued because of it. They plan on leaving Earth at the end of the week, when a neighboring planet comes close to Earth in its orbit. Osamu demands that Xeno set Chika free, but he claims that he needs a certain amount of trion to function. Chika agrees to let him use it. Usami calls Osamu, concerned that they are not back yet, but Osamu lies and tells her they were looking for his dropped wallet. The call ends, and Usami dejectedly says that Jin's prediction was correct.

    The five hide out in the woods for a little while longer, until something starts shaking the ground. They start running as beams shoot out of the sky, and Xeno nearly runs into a car. After realizing that the attacks have stopped, they decide to take Xeno and Lilith back to their facility.

    In the morning, they meet up with Usami, Karasuma, and Konami in front of the training facility. Lilith is quick to introduce Xeno and herself, to which Xeno scolds her for being a blabbermouth. Usami introduces herself and the present Tamakoma First members. Konami comments that their names are not native, to which Karasuma tells her that they are Neighbors were imprisoned due to the events of the Aftokrator Invasion, and that Rindō was using them to train the combatants of Tamakoma Second. He then reveals that it is a lie, and Konami gets mad at Osamu. Giev and Charon watch the scene from afar.

    Jin arrives at Branch Headquarters and wonders where Konami and Karasuma are, to which Yōtarō tells him that he pushed them off a cliff. Jin casually concludes that they went to visit Osamu and the others before leaving.

    The eight present at the training camp are eating Konami's curry. Konami questions the two of them and Chika (and unknowingly, herself) work together to spin up a cover story for them. Lilith asks if Konami and Karasuma are a couple and while Konami denies it, Karasuma pretends he didn't hear and repeatedly asks Lilith to repeat the question. Later, Usami tells Osamu that she will tell Konami and Karasuma the truth in secret at a later point in time. Osamu wonders why she knew, but she tells him that Jin told her before he left. Suddenly, the ground starts shaking and Yūma realizes that the things that attacked them earlier are back. Konami and Karasuma go to fight them, and despite Usami's help, are caught off guard by their first attack. Karasuma quickly realizes that they are underground, and asks the group inside not to move. Konami splits the ground open, and Karasuma shoots viper into the ground, and they start picking them off one by one. Xeno moves, and one of the trion soldiers starts coming towards them so Osamu acts as bait to lead it away from the facility. He lures it into the water and kills it. Yūma praises his strategy, and Lilith makes Xeno apologize for the trouble he caused.

    Back at Headquarters, Kido asks if Jin knew that the trion soldiers were coming to Shizuka City, to which Jin replies with an open-ended answer before telling him that some A-Ranks will face trouble. At that moment, a report comes in that more unidentified trion soldiers are attacking Goto City. Kazama Squad, who are on defense duty, are sent to check them out. Jin asks Kido if Tamakoma can take on Shizuka City, to which Kido agrees on the condition that they rotate in available agents to Shizuka City for surveillance.

    Characters in order of appearance[edit source]

    Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

    Triggers in order of appearance[edit source]

    Navigation[edit source]

    Fugitive Arc
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