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    Fugitives from Another World (()()(カイ)からの(トウ)(ボウ)(シャ) Isekai Kara no Tōbōsha ?) is Episode 49 of the World Trigger Anime.

    Short Summary[edit source]

    Unknown Trion soldiers show up at Border HQ. Jin and Tachikawa take them on.

    Osamu and the others go for training in Shizuka City. Later, a mysterious boy appears and attacks them with trion soldiers.

    Long Summary[edit source]

    A new type of trion soldier appears, and Jin, Tachikawa, and Izumi (although it is mostly the former two) work to exterminate them. From afar, an unknown man watches and laments that each soldier only needed one strike to go down. His companion trion soldier alerts him that "the two of them" were escaping "that way". This man is revealed to be Giev.

    Cut to the members of Tamakoma Second running by a river, with Osamu noticeably lagging behind the others. In a flashback, Rindō reveals that Border has a training camp in Shizuka City. The members of Tamakoma First speak highly of the camp. In present, Osamu and Yūma discuss Osamu's lack of stamina. Jin says that he will be returning to Mikado, and tells them they will have problems that week before wishing them good luck.

    That evening, an unknown woman is running when she is attacked by yet another new type of trion soldier. A hooded male watches on as it takes her trion, and he complains about the lack of trion in humans. Tamakoma Second is returning from a shopping excursion when they find the woman, and check to see if she is okay. The trion soldier appears again, and Osamu engages it. The hooded male watches in interest, concluding that they must have more trion than the other humans. He activates his trigger and summons another trion soldier.

    Osamu, who has moved into a clearing, takes down the first trion soldier but then is confronted by the second. Chika shoots at it, and the male notes that she must have a lot of trion. The two now have to deal with an invisible trion soldier. Osamu is knocked to the ground by the trion soldier, which has now made itself visible, and poises to attack. At that moment, Yūma comes in and saves Osamu. It turns invisible again, and Osamu realizes that its stealth mechanism must function like Chameleon. Osamu and Yūma nearly take it down, but then the unknown male blocks Yūma's strike.

    The trion soldier turns into a capsule. Chika, noticing that he is injured, wants to help him but then the male sends yet another trion soldier to cling onto her neck. When Yūma points his Scorpion blade at his neck, he threatens to kill Chika. Suddenly, a female with green hair comes out of the alley, revealing his name to be Xeno. Xeno responds by saying her name in surprise.

    From a distance, Giev and his companion watches over Shizuka City. The episode closes with the white trion soldier saying "Found them!"

    Debatable Canon[edit source]

    Sawamura talks about a reference list in this episode however speaks no mention of it during the Second Large-Scale Invasion.

    Jin said Tachikawa squad was on defense duty that day however Yuiga is no where to be seen due to being a manga only character at the time but it raises the question of whether or not he does defense duty due being whiny and weak.

    Border having a training camp.

    Shizuka City existing.

    Being that Osamu has trained with Tamakoma for about 3 months now, He should have no issue with running.

    Characters in order of appearance[edit source]

    Characters in order of appearance[edit source]

    Navigation[edit source]

    Fugitive Arc
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