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    Captured Osamu ((トラ)われ の (オサム) Toraware no Osamu ?) is Episode 58 of the World Trigger Anime.

    Short Summary[edit source]

    After they found out Osamu's location, Yūma, Chika and Xeno rushes to his aid. However, Yūma got separated from the others and forced to face Giev and Charon on his own.

    Long Summary[edit source]

    Osamu is thrown into a cave and trapped by a trion soldier. Charon freaks out over the trigger activating, saying that they may have found their location, but Giev is content with it and plans on catching all the rescuers in one swoop.

    Xeno, Chika, and Yūma leave to go save Osamu. Xeno makes the executive decision to leave Lilith behind for her safety, and she looks on with a downcast face as they leave. At the same time, Tamakoma First continue taking out trion soldiers but it doesn't look like they'll stop anytime soon.

    Chika, Xeno, and Yūma arrive at the rock quarry that Osamu is being held in. After agreeing to stick together, the three of them initiate stealth mode. Inside, Charon and Giev figure that it's about time the rescuers made it, and in the case Lilith isn't with them they'll just find her later. As the operation is going on, Lilith worries for Xeno but Usami reassures her that they will be fine, and leaves to get her a snack. Back in the quarry, Yūma is separated from the others when they trigger a trap. Osamu hears it go off, realizing that they must be here to save him. Simultaneously, Usami returns to find that Lilith has run away.

    Yūma is the first one to find Giev and Charon, and is immediately take into what seems to be an alternate space after being surrounded by fog emitted by a trion solder summoned by Giev. He encounters a Bamster, and takes it on after voicing his confusion about Giev using trion soldiers from other countries. He defeats it before encountering a group of Marmods next. Though he defeats them too, he notices that they seem to know his moves.

    Xeno and Chika wander the quarry, and Osamu continues trying to push against the trion soldier blocking his sole exit. Yūma defeats some Banders before Rabbits appear before him. Osamu manages to get out and finds the cave in from the trap, but the trion soldier guarding him has followed him and attacks. He is saved by one of Xeno's trion soldiers, and is able to meet up with Xeno and Chika.

    Yūma defeats the Rabbits. A new one appears, this one being the one that Replica controlled during the Aftokrator Invasion. Alongside it appears a fake Replica. This enrages Yūma, and he takes the two out in one slash. He activates his Black Trigger and breaks out of the space he was trapped in before once again coming face to face with Giev.

    Tamakoma First has finished up, and Usami can not get in contact with anyone who went to the quarry. Giev activates his own Black Trigger.

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    Fugitive Arc
    Episodes 495051525354555657585960616263
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