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    Border agent Triggers automatically return to base when the agent's Trion Body is destroyed.

    Yūichi Jin about Bail Out, in Chapter 16.[1]

    Bail Out (紧急脱出(ベイル アウト), Beiru Auto Lit. Emergency Escape ?) is a Standard Equipment Trigger[3] used by all A and B-rank Border agents as well as some Galopoula Combatants.

    Appearance[edit source]

    As the user's Trion Body disintegrates, a beam of light emerges from the smoke, leaving a luminous trail behind as it travels towards a pre-set destination, after which it disappears and the user's real body materializes.

    However with Galopoula's version of Bail out, a gate is summoned in place of the body.[4]

    Overview[edit source]

    Bail Out is Border's original technology[5], designed to rescue agents whose trion bodies are destroyed in battle.[1] Not long after the Second Large-Scale Invasion, Galopoula agents began to equip an emergency escape Trigger similar in concept to Bail Out via Gates.[4][6]

    Abilities[edit source]

    Bail Out activates automatically when the user's trion body is destroyed.[7] Ordinarily, their flesh and blood body would immediately reappear in its place; but this Trigger causes it to materialize again at pre-set coordinates after a luminous beam, released upon the destruction of the trion body, reaches those coordinates. Until then, the user's real body remains in a separate dimension, which makes it impervious to attacks.[8] The primary function of Bail Out is to remove an agent who has been defeated from the battle.[1] They may also choose to activate it spontaneously[2], triggering the self-destruction of their trion body.[9]

    Within Border, when the user bails out a message will play depending on how the user bails out.

    When the Trion Body's Durability runs out:
    Combat Body Limit Exceeded ((せん)(とう) (たい) (かつ)(どう) (げん)(かい), Sentō-tai Katsudō Genkai ?)[10]
    When the user's Trion runs out:
    Trion Limit Exceeded (トリオン (ろう)(しゅつ) ()(), Torion Rōshutsu Kata Lit. Excess Trion Leak ?)[11]
    When the user's Trion Supply System gets destroyed:
    Trion Supply System Destroyed (トリオン (きょう)(きゅう) ()(かん) ()(そん), Torion Kyōkyū Kikan Hanson ?)[12]
    When the user's Relay System gets destroyed:
    Relay System Severed (トリオン (でん)(たつ) (けい) (せつ)(だん), Torion Dentatsu Kei Setsudan ?)[13]

    So far no message has been played for voluntary bail outs, however regardless of the reason, the message ends with "Bail Out"

    Most agents are returned to their squad's strategy room at Headquarters after they bail out[14], but members of a branch, or at least those of Tamakoma Branch, return to their branch's facility.[15] However if they Bail Out from inside the base they will go through ducts that are built inside Border's base specifically to allow agents who bail out inside of it to be transported to their squad's strategy room without leaving the building first.[16] Bail Out is guaranteed to work only within Mikado City[17]; agents on an away mission to the Neighborhood will be returned to their ship, provided they bail out within 3 kilometers of it.[18] Due to the scarcity of resources, funding, and manpower, the vast majority of Border's personnel, including trainees, are not equipped with Bail Out[19] — in the case of Operators, their typically low trion amounts are another obstacle.[20] Bail Out, in fact, consumes the most trion out of any Trigger in one's Trigger Set.[21] It does not occupy a Trigger slot, so it can be activated even if Triggers from both the Main and Sub are already in use.[22]

    When in use during Rank Wars, if there are no opponents in a 60 meters radius, a fighter can bail out on their own, without giving any points to the enemy team(s).[23] Conversely, bailing out because of defeat[24] or excessive trion loss[25] awards points to the enemy who dealt the most damage.

    Users[edit source]

    As a Standard Equipment Trigger, Bail Out is included in the Trigger sets of all A and B-rank agents, for a total of approximately 130 users.[26] Neither C-rank trainees[19] nor S-rank agents possess this function, the former due to a lack of resources[19], the latter presumably because Border lacks the technology to modify Black Triggers.[27] However, even trainees can bail out during Rank Wars[28] since they are simulations.[29]

    5 of the 6 Agents from the Galopoula Expedition Force were shown to have their own version of bail out thanks to the "new models", however it is unknown if any other agents from Galopoula has it.

    Trivia[edit source]

    • Galopoula was able to replicate Bail out thanks to information from Aftokrator, which would make it the first known instance of Neighbors copying Border's technology rather than the reverse.[5][6]

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