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    Konami's guiding concept is "firepower". By creating a connected Trigger, the power in one strike dramatically increases. It's for short-term battles, ignoring Trion efficiency.

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    Connector (接続器(コネクター), Konekutā ?) is a prototype Optional Trigger[3] exclusive to Tamakoma Branch. It is Kirie Konami's personal Trigger.[2]

    Appearance[edit source]

    When Connector is activated, the tip of the handle of each Sōgetsu disappears, and from both emerges a green and white, flat parallelepiped. When the two touch, a green light is emitted from the point of contact and the weapons begin to merge and quickly transform into a large Axe.

    Overview[edit source]

    Like the other Tamakoma-exclusive Triggers, Connector was developed from technology Takumi Rindō brought back from the Neighborhood.[1] It is currently considered a prototype not approved by Border's HQ.[1]

    Abilities[edit source]

    Connector is an Optional Trigger exclusive to Sōgetsu,[2] two of which it can combine into an enormous axe.[4] The power of the connected Trigger is considerably higher than that of its individual components:[1] where Sōgetsu was only able to nick the armor on a Rabbit's head,[5] the axe effortlessly cleaved through it.[6] In return for its remarkable offensive capabilities, Connector consumes a large amount of trion, which renders it unsuited to prolonged battles[1] however, it can be deactivated at will.[7]

    As an Exclusive Optional Trigger, Connector can and must be activated when Sōgetsu is already in use, more specifically when one is active through the Main and one through the Sub[5] instead of both triggers being on one side. Due to this it is currently unconfirmed whether it is possible to activate additional Triggers while the axe is in use.

    Where Triggers issued by Border's HQ are manufactured for mass use and emphasize dependability,[8] Connector was created with the specific aim of suiting Konami's fighting style, sacrificing trion efficiency for the sake of firepower.[1] Due to the differing regulations, the user of Connector is not allowed to participate to rank wars.[9]

    Users[edit source]

    The only user of this Trigger is Kirie Konami.[2]

    References[edit source]

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