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    You tried your best. You had a plan. You probably practiced hard every day. But too freakin' bad. I'm a... Black Trigger!!

    Enedora to Kazama Squad.[1],

    Enedora (エネドラ, Enedora ?) was a Neighbor from Aftokrator and former user of the Black Trigger Borboros. After his death, his memories and personality were duplicated inside a Rad.

    Appearance[edit source]

    Enedora was a tall neighbor with long ebony hair cut in straight (diagonal) bangs over his forehead. He had red eyes, with his right eye having a black sclera due to the influence of his horns. Like most other Aftokrator Neighbors, he has two horns on his head, similar to an oryx's horns.

    As a Rad, he looks like a regular Rad, but black and with his typical horns. The Rad's tail is modified to work as a plug, which is used to charge him with trion through a socket. When deactivated (out of trion), his legs and horns are concealed inside his body, and his eye closed.

    Personality[edit source]

    He displayed great arrogance and confidence in himself, often referring to humans as monkeys. He also seemed to be battle hungry; perhaps even a sadist. Despite his rash demeanor; however, he was actually a cunning individual, quickly pinpointing the reason why his attacks had no effect on Suwa when trapped in the training room.[7] Mira commented on his brash, free-willed personality being an effect of his horns taking root in his brain.[8]

    Relationships[edit source]

    Quotes[edit source]

    • (To Hyrein) "Aren't ya too afraid of 'em Miden's monkeys? Captain." [2]
    • (To Kazama Squad) "You did your best. You had a plan. Probably you practiced everyday. But it's a shame. I am... A Black Trigger!!" [9]
    • (To Mira) "Go to hell!! Borboros is mine..." [10]

    Trivia[edit source]

    • Enedora (ενέδρα, Enédra ?) is the Greek word for "ambush".
    • According to Volume 7,[5][6] Enedora likes:
      • Trampling small fries
      • Taking arbitrary actions
      • Apples
    • According to The Author, his image of design is a Hannya.[11]

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