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    Don't keep me waiting, Meeden monkeys. I told you I will tell you everything.

    Enedorad to Yūma, Osamu and Kinuta.[1],

    Enedorad (エネドラッド, Enedoraddo ?) was created after the Trion Receptors of deceased Black Trigger user Enedora were implanted into a Rad, creating a copy of the Neighbor with the same memories and personality as the original.[5]

    Appearance[edit source]

    Enedorad looks like a regular Rad, but black and with Enedora's horns. The Rad's tail is modified to work as a plug, which is used to charge him with trion through a socket. When deactivated, his legs and horns are concealed inside his body, and his eye closed.

    Personality[edit source]

    Enedorad retains Enedora's wild and arrogant personality.[5] However, after being betrayed by Hyrein, he became extremely cooperative with Border, to the point Kinuta suspected he was attempting to dupe them.[6] His primary objective is revenge against his home country,[7] although he also has a hidden agenda.[3] He seems to like watching movies.[8]

    Relationships[edit source]

    Raizō Terashima[edit source]

    They seem to be friends as they kept watch movies together and even accepted Raizō's request after a "bribe".

    Quotes[edit source]

    • (To Yūma, Osamu and Kinuta) "Don't keep me waiting, Meeden monkeys. I told you I will tell you everything."[1]
    • (To Kinuta) "Well, that is because the God of Aftokrator is going to die soon."[9]
    • (To Yūma, Osamu and Kinuta) "I'm not like Hyuse. I'll tell what you want to know. If you want your kidnapped small fry back, I can even guide you to Aftokrator."[10]
    • (To Kikuchihara) "I'll kill you, you dour shrimp!"[7]
    • (To Kinuta) "My goal is to kill the guys who betrayed and murdered me. I'd work with a civilization of monkeys to accomplish that."[7]
    • (To Osamu and Yūma) "I'm getting tired. Go away."[11]
    • (To Yūma, Osamu and Kinuta) "Working the outskirts is for small fry. Ergo, not my job."[8]
    • (To Yūma) "What did you call me, albino shrimp?!"[2]
    • (To Yūma, Osamu and Kinuta) "The plan was to sacrifice the lord of Ellin house, directly under Hyrein. Hyuse's master."[12]

    Trivia[edit source]

    • The name "Enedorad" was created by Yūma, much to the addressee's distaste.[2][13]
    • His feelings on being turned into Enedorad have been summarized by the author as "Oh? One more chance?"[14]
    • Enedorad accepted to share information only if Border's engineers made his Rad Body Black.[15]

    References[edit source]

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