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    Kikuchihara is considered a skilled Attacker[1], specialized, like the rest of his team, in stealth combat.[2] Kikuchihara, along with the rest of his squad, are able to coordinate together at close-range well enough to produce high numbers even among other A-rank squads.[2] His squad being one of the few deemed capable of defeating a Black Trigger is further proof of his strength.[3] His arrogance has been shown to get the better of him, as seen when underestimating Jin's abilities and being the first to bail out during the Black Trigger retrieval assignment, getting decapitated before being able to react.[4] He has a large amount of Trion, enough to trigger a Side Effect, which enhances his hearing.[5] Its benefits can be shared with his teammates through the Operator.[6]

    Side Effect[edit source]

    Kikuchihara has the Side Effect of Enhanced hearing ((きょう)() (ちょう)(かく), Kyōka Chōkaku ?).[5][7] his hearing is 5-6 times of average humans, but it was nowhere nearly super-human levels[8], so it was deemed useless. However, Soya Kazama saw potential on it and with his Side Effect and Kazama Squad's teamwork, they made their way to A-rank. This is because they managed to spot their opponents who were using the then popular trigger - Chameleon.[9] The true strength of Kikuchihara's Side Effect is its "discerning" precision. By the sounds, he can know materials, weight, property and other information, and pinpoint exactly the source of the sound.[10] This has a variety of uses; in combat this lets him predict an enemies' attack[1][10] or hear an enemies' weak point.[2][11] Outside of combat, Kikuchihara can hear someone's heartbeat to tell if someone was lying[12][13]

    Triggers[edit source]

    Shirō Kikuchihara's Triggers
    Type Normal Scorpion

    Classification Attacker

    Kikuchihara is a skilled Attacker[1] whose squad being one of the few deemed capable of defeating a Black Trigger is further proof of his strength.[3] The model used by his squad is slightly different from the standard[14], as it has a hollowed blade and stretches reach, being even more offense-oriented.[14] Kikuchihara is hard to hit thanks to his agile movements[1], he can see the direction of attacks[1][15], and most of the times he has been hit, is when he decided to act as bait.[1][16][17] In addition, he can predict the enemies' attacks due to sound[1], and can relay this information to his teammates[6][2] which lets him and his team dodge enemy attacks[2], and it led him to be the backbone of their stealth attacks.[1] When fighting with his teammates, they use their skillful coordination to slowly wear down the enemy[2], and thanks to Kikuchihara's enhanced hearing, they can dig out the enemies' weak point.[2] Kikuchihara first uses this trigger in Chapter 26 (Episode 14 in the anime).
    Type Normal Chameleon

    Classification Optional

    Kikuchihara uses Chameleon to become invisible and hide close to the enemy[18], then switching to Scorpion to execute a surprise attack.[19] However he can also use Chameleon to help him withdraw from battle.[20] In various places on his uniform are devices that reduce the Chameleon's trion consumption.[2][21] Kikuchihara first uses Chameleon in Chapter 57 (Episode 26 in the anime).
    Type Normal Bagworm

    Classification Optional

    Kikuchihara has been shown using bagworm[22] to stay off Radar to approach Tamakoma's branch building without appearing on their radar.[23] Kikuchihara first uses this trigger in Chapter 25 (Episode 13 in the anime).

    Parameters[edit source]

    Special Tactics
    Border Briefing File Page 54[7] 8 7 7 8 8 1 4 8 51

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