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    History[edit source]

    Two years before the Second Large-Scale Invasion, Kikuchihara discovered he had a Side Effect, one of superhearing. Because it was deemed a low-ranking Side Effect, many disregarded its value, leading him to resent it. However, Kazama saw potential in this and invited him to his squad. With the ability to share the auditory information on top of their visual stealth, Kazama Squad rose in ranks and reach A-rank, and eventually #3.[1]

    Black Trigger Capture Arc[edit source]

    After returning from Menoeides, he, along with the rest of the Away Team, plus Miwa Squad, are assigned to steal Yūma's Black Trigger. The away team is intercepted by Jin. Jin uses Fūjin to launch a sneak attack at Kikuchihara, decapitating him, making him the first loss for either team.

    Border Enlistment Arc[edit source]

    He is present at Yūma's debut. He doesn't seem very impressed by Yūma's feat, stating that he was simply used to it. When Osamu accepts Kazama's challenge to a duel, Kikuchihara states that it'll be a one-sided massacre in Kazama's favor. As Osamu continually loses, Kikuchihara questions why Kazama even desired to fight him in the first place, and is insistent that Osamu will lose. After Osamu performs his melee Asteroid, Kikuchihara is surprised, wondering if Osamu actually managed to beat him. He expresses disappointment in the outcome, stating that he could have beat Osamu 100 times out of 100. Utagawa notes that he was unduly serious about the battle; more so than Kazama.

    Large-Scale Invasion Arc[edit source]

    Kazama Squad is assigned to fight the Rabbit that captured Suwa. Kikuchihara tells Sasamori to back down because he is weak. Kazama Squad takes on the Rabbit. Kikuchihara purposely lets the Rabbit strike him so that he can use his Side Effect to pinpoint its weak spots. Kazama uses this information to wear away at the Trion Soldier's defenses until it is defeated.

    Kazama Squad is then confronted by Enedora. The squad immediately turns to take advantage of Kikuchihara's side effect to fight against the Neighbor, which proves convenient when Enedora starts attacking from all sides. Enedora catches onto the fact that the squad is using something other than sight to dodge his attacks, and tries to throw them off.[1] However, Kikuchihara has fine-tuned his side effect so much that he can tell what noises are actually dangerous to the group. Following Kazama's bail out, Kikuchihara and Utagawa get upset, however they listen to Kazama's orders to retreat.[2]

    Kikuchihara confronts Enedora later within Headquarters alongside Suwa Squad, Shinoda, and Utagawa. Following Sasamori's sacrifice, Kikuchihara and Utagawa deal the killing blow on Enedora, who has let his guard down. He watches alongside the rest of the combatants as Mira kills Enedora and takes his black trigger. Shinoda praises Kikuchihara's side effect, but Kikuchihara just asks for a monetary reward.

    B-Rank Wars Arc[edit source]

    Kikuchihara, along with Utagawa, greet Usami and Tamakoma Second following Round 2.[3] He teases Usami about being a traitor and gaining weight, then stating Tamakoma Second won't get past B-rank if Yuma is the only squad member capable of fighting one on one[4]

    Kikuchihara is on hall security along with Utagawa during the Galopoula Invasion, and meets up with Nasu Squad, Using his side effect to aid them in defeating Wen Sō.[5][6]

    Away Mission Test Arc[edit source]

    Kikuchihara is one of four A-rank agents to participate, the others being Kitora, Kodera, and his squad mate Utagawa. He is selected to join Kitazoe's Squad 4.[7]

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