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    Kazama Squad[edit source]

    Sōya Kazama[edit source]

    Kazama was the one to recruit Kikuchihara to the squad, because of his side effect.[1]Despite Kikuchihara's initial impression of Kazama being that he wasn't much of an important person, Kikuchihara respects his captain. Kazama also trusts Kikuchihara with his split-second commands when he uses his side effect without hesitation. Following Kazama's bail out during the Aftokrator invasion, both Kikuchihara and Utagawa were upset with the exchange between their captain and Enedora.[2]

    Ryō Utagawa[edit source]

    Kaho Mikami[edit source]

    Shiori Usami[edit source]

    Usami calls Kikuchihara "Kikucchy". Despite Usami's transfer to Tamakoma, the two are still on talking terms. Kikuchihara is seen teasing Usami about it, showing he might still be bitter about her transfer.[3]

    Others[edit source]

    Osamu Mikumo[edit source]

    Osamu is one of the few people Kikuchihara speaks with. He communicates advice, as well as the fact that a rumor was going around that Hyuse is a Neighbor.[4] It is also seen that Osamu would not mind working with Kikuchihara, as the former puts the latter down as someone he is okay working with for the away mission test.[5]

    Away Mission Test Squad 4[edit source]

    Kai Minamisawa[edit source]

    Kikuchihara puts him down as someone who he wouldn't want to work with, because he is loud.[6]They end up on the same test squad anyways.

    References[edit source]

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