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    A Squad (()(たい), Butai ?) is a group of Border agents that consists of at least one and a maximum of 4 combatants and one Operator.[1]

    Ranks[edit | edit source]

    The squads are separated between A-Rank, B-Rank, and C-Rank squads, each with their own rankings. Currently, there are 9 A-Rank squads, 21 B-Rank squads, and 1 unregistered C-Rank squad which are known. These rankings are determined by the rank of the squad's lowest ranking member[2] or by points that they have acquired during Rank Wars.[3] Additionally, their transfer between ranks depend on their points, performance, and/or conducts.

    Uniform[edit | edit source]

    Each squad has its own uniform with different basic design.[4] They are created after the designer discusses its specifics with the R&D department.[5] The majority of the uniforms use basic sports-related uniforms as a base and then add on to it.[5] However, there are some more refined uniforms that are designed entirely by a designer from scratch while some were designed by the squad's members themselves.[5]

    Emblem[edit | edit source]

    Those that are in C or B-Rank use the same emblem with a C and 3 dots for C-Rank trainees, while B-Rank agents have their current ranking embedded in the design. Meanwhile, those that are in A-Rank have the privilege to have their own emblem. Other than being disbanded, they are allowed to keep their emblem even if they are demoted to B-Rank.[6] A-Rank also can receive a sum of merchandise that has its emblem on it.

    Known Squads[edit | edit source]

    See A-Rank Squads, B-Rank Squads, C-Rank Squads

    A-Rank Squads[edit source]

    B-Rank Squads[edit source]

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

    Fuyushima, Miwa, Tamakoma First, Hayakawa, and Hatori Squads as well as the 2nd C rank selection
    • In Chapter 210, there was a new squad listed called Hatori Squad, however nothing else is known.
      • Assuming there is no error, the captain is most likely Ayumu Hatori from Matsushiro Squad, or their older sister.

    References[edit | edit source]

    1. Daisuke Ashihara: Q: Is there a limit to the number of members on a Squad?
      A: A team of five, with four Combatants and one Operator is the limit. Any more and it goes over the Operator's data processing capability.
      Source: Volume 5, Question Corner 2
    2. Daisuke Ashihara: Q: In cases where A-rank agents want to separate from their current team and create a new one, do they start again from B-rank? And is that possible?
      A: It is possible. The rank of the new squad is "the rank of the lowest ranking member in the new squad". If a team is made with just A-rank agents, then they start from A-rank (with the rank of the lowest ranking member), if even one B-rank agent is added then they start from B-rank (with the rank of the lowest ranking member).
      Source: Border Briefing File, Page 317, Question 239
    3. World Trigger Manga Vol. 7
    4. Daisuke Ashihara: Q: How are Trion body uniform designs decided?
      A: There are several basic designs, and each squad adds their own embellishments. The jersey style is popular because it doesn't intimidate civilians. Some suits, like Kazama Squad's, have functional additions.
      Source: Volume 7, Question Corner 4
    5. 5.0 5.1 5.2 Daisuke Ashihara: Q: How are uniform designs decided?
      A: By consulting with the designers in the R&D department and having them design it for you. Generally, it's just rearranging the tracksuit type that makes up the base, but it is possible to leave it to the designer and get something flashy made or bring your own design to have made.
      Source: Border Briefing File, Page 319, Question 248
    6. Daisuke Ashihara: Q: Do only A-Rank squads have their own emblems?
      A: Once a squad makes A-Rank they can make their own emblem. Even if they are eventually demoted to B-Rank, they can continue to use their emblem until the squad disbands.
      Source: Volume 9, Question Corner 8
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