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    The First Mikado City High School (()(かど) ()(りつ) (だい)(いち) (こう)(とう)(がっ)(こう), Mikado-shiritsu Dai-ichi Kōtō Gakkō ?) is a school in Mikado City affiliated with Border. It is located to the West/Southwest of the Danger Zone. Students who have suffered damage from neighbors have their school fees waived. The school allows students to graduate even with missed class due to Border duties and practice. Border agents and staff aren't treated much differently at school, since there are so many.[1]

    Students[edit source]

    Below is the list of students.[1][2]

    Third Years[edit source]

    Class 3-A

    Class 3-B

    Class 3-C

    Second Years[edit source]

    Class 2-B

    Class 2-D

    Class 2-E

    Class unknown[1]

    First Years[edit source]

    Class 1-A

    Class 1-B

    Class 1-C

    Class 1-D

    Class 1-E

    Class 1-F

    Class unknown

    Former Students[edit source]

    References[edit source]

    * These class associations are based on chibi positions in the Volume 21 extras. The chibis are listed in order by which class they are in, so the class the starred characters belong to has to be one of the two listed.

    Navigation[edit source]

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