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    The Mikado Public College (()(かど) ()(りつ) (だい)(がく), Mikado-shiritsu Daigaku ?) is a school in Mikado City.[1] The building is relatively new, being built almost 4 years prior.[1] The old building was located in the Forbidden Zone and was destroyed by Ranbanein.[1] There is a rumor that the new building was completed quickly due to Border trigger technology being used.[1]

    Students and faculty from the old campus switched automatically to the new campus.[1] The campus has a trigger-research facility for long-term research and experiments concerning Trion.[1] This facility is used to bait new students interested in Border.[1]

    The college receives assistance from Border in the form of relocation funds and working capital.[1] This assistance allows people like Kei Tachikawa to get in.[2][1] Border personnel who are admitted into this college can help with trigger research[3][1] and gain college credits for doing so. Engineers from HQ pop by to request and analyze results from experiments.[1]

    Students[edit source]

    References[edit source]

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    2. Daisuke Ashihara: Q: What ploy did Tachikawa use to get into College?
      A: He used the cunning ploy of "Border's Recommendation" to just barely get in Mikado Public College which is affiliated with Border. His parents were super happy.
      Source: Border Briefing File, Page 294, Question 57
    3. Daisuke Ashihara: Q: What is Azuma studying in graduate school?
      A: In the affiliated college there are secret Trion research facilities, and he does experiments that aren't done in HQ's labs (experiments that don't have immediate applications but are necessary in clarifying the composition of Trion) there with a group, also military history.
      Source: Border Briefing File, Page 298, Question 93

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