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    Background[edit source]

    She joined Old Border not long before Jin at least 4 years ago.[1] After Konami had an near encounter with people from the Neighborhood when she was still small.[2]

    Between Konami's middle school graduation, and partway through her first year of high school.[3] At the time, Jin became a Black Trigger user, and Tachikawa lost all motivation[3], so Konami fought people like Kazama and reached all the way to Attack No. 1.[3] After she stopped doing Rank Wars, Tachikawa and Kazama overtook her rank[3], so she is currently No. 3.[3]

    At some point Kako tried to recruit Konami[4], along with others whose name started with K.[4]

    Black Trigger Capture Arc[edit source]

    "Who ate my Dorayaki?!"

    Konami was first introduced by making a ruckus because Shiori served her Dorayaki to the guests.[5] Before mentoring Yūma, Konami refused to mentor anyone[6], but when Jin said it was an order from the boss[7], she had to accept that.[7] She only accepted it with the condition that she'd train Yūma[7], because she hates weaklings and she knew Yūma was the strongest out of the three.[8] 

    Before battling Yūma.

    Konami talks about how she isn't good at teaching others[9] due to her relying on her instincts.[9] So she wants Yūma to pick a trigger, lose to her, and then ponder why he lost.[10]

    After Usami explained what Virtual Combat Mode to Yūma[11], then he made a deal with Konami: if he could beat her, then she'd have to stop calling him a shrimp.[12] Then she said that if she won, then he would have to show her some respect.[12] The match's score was 9-1, Yūma only being able to beat her once.[13] As a matter of result, Konami stopped calling him a shrimp, and he now had to respect her.[14]

    After Chika's Trion was measured at Tamakoma Branch.[15] Usami thinks Chika could be their promising star[16], but Konami mentions Yūma is stronger as he is as good as the top B-rank agents[16], and could be as good as A-rank agents when he gets used to border triggers.[16] Usami notes that she should explain border triggers to Yūma now instead of waiting until he reaches B-rank.[16]

    Konami asks Karasuma if Osamu was any good[17], Which Karasuma says he has hopes for his future.[17] Konami then asks if Osamu will get any stronger[17], Karasuma replies with how Osamu said she is "super cute" with Yūma agreeing.[18] Konami gets embarrassed at the comment, but then Karasuma said it was actually a lie.[18] So she bops Osamu on the head in angry because of the lie.[19]

    After the most recent fight[20] Yūma tells Konami that he decided to go with Scorpion as his main trigger.[20] Konami comments that it is the same style as Jin, but follows up by claiming Yūma can't beat her no matter what he uses.[21]

    Border Enlistment Arc[edit source]

    She does not appear in this arc, but Yūma thinks of her while requesting 10 battles with Midorikawa.[22]

    Large-Scale Invasion Arc[edit source]

    She, along with the rest of Tamakoma First, is dispatched to Osamu's location by Shinoda.[23] She helps fend off the Rabbits along with the rest of her squad.[24] When Hyuse and Viza arrive[25], she finishes off the rest of the rabbits[26], before confronting Viza in a battle.[27] While fighting Viza[28], she perceives a dangerous aura from his Trigger.[28] After Karasuma and Osamu evacuated the C-rank trainees[29], she and Reiji prepare to fight the duo[29], but later on Viza sends Trion Soldiers towards the civilian evacuation areas.[30] Reiji orders Konami to pursue them and eliminate them before they could hurt any civilians.[31] She does so, and later got support from Arashiyama Squad[32] and Kako Squad.[33]

    Konami presumably visited Osamu when he was in the hospital after the Second Large-Scale Invasion[34], and was later mentioned to have received a Special Distinguished Service Award[35]

    B-Rank Wars Arc[edit source]

    Pre-Round 2[edit source]

    At Tamakoma Second's first victory party[36] Konami brags, and then explains the difference between the 3 groups of B-rank agents[37] as well as A-rank agents.[38] Afterwards Yūma asks Karasuma about how Suwa and Arafune squads are like[38], but Reiji says that Tamakoma Second can do the research by themselves[38], and that data on past rank wars are in the strategy room.[38] Afterwards Konami, and Yōtarō decides to teach Tamakoma Second how to go through the data.[39]

    Pre-Round 3[edit source]

    Konami is shocked at how Yūma lost[40], and asked if it was Tachikawa or Kazama.[40] After explaining Kō and his side effect[41], Konami asked what the score was[42], and Yūma explained it was 6-4, and that Kō won all 5 of the matches in the second half.[42] Konami is then disappointed.[42] Not long later, Konami mentions that Kō surpassed Arafune[43], and that Osamu needs to focus on both Suzunari First, and Nasu Squad.[43]

    Round 3[edit source]

    Konami is annoyed at how Tamakoma Second took out the bridge when Nasu Squad would've done it anyways.[44] Karasuma mentions that it only gave Nasu a slight advantage instead of a major one[44], but Konami comments they can't win without Yūma anyways.[44]

    After Konami gets annoyed at Hyuse's comment[45], and reminds Hyuse that his people kidnapped Border's agents, and how Osamu almost died.[45] Yōtarō says everything is in the past as Osamu is still alive[46], which causes Konami bops Yōtarō.[46]

    After Director Rindō explains his policy on prisoners[47], Konami mentions that Hyuse got abandoned[47] which makes her question if Hyuse is worth anything[47], however Karasuma mentions that Jin said Hyuse is talented and smart, as well as an elite fighter.[47] which surprises Konami, and Hyuse looks smug[47], but Karasuma reveals he lied, and made up what he thought Jin would say.[48]

    Pre-Round 4[edit source]

    2 days before Round 4 started[49], Konami was shown to be training with Yūma.[49]

    Pre-Round 5[edit source]

    After Osamu tried to recruit jin[50] Konami cheers Osamu up[51] with Reiji asking if something happened afterwards.[51], which Osamu said it was because he got reminded that there was other things he could do for his squad besides getting stronger[51], so recruiting Jin was the first thing that came to mind.[51] Konami then asks Osamu what he will do next[51], and Osamu said he will come up with new strategies, continue his training, etc.[52] Konami then said Osamu can ask for advise from Reiji at anytime[52], Reiji then mentions she could help too, but claimed she suck at mechanics as an excuse.[52]

    Osamu then mentions how Jin claimed there was someone most suitable than him for Tamakoma Second[52], but Osamu can't figure out who.[52] Konami and Reiji are stumped on who it is as well[53], but Yōtarō claimed it was Hyuse[53] which shocked the trio.[54] Yōtarō, and Hyuse explained their reasoning[55]: During Round 3, Jin made a bet with Hyuse, that whomever won the match, the loser would have to grant the winner's request.[55] Hyuse notes that Jin's request would presumably be, Hyuse would have to join Tamakoma, however Hyuse won, and he has no intention of joining Tamakoma[56]

    Konami claimed it would be impossible for Hyuse to join Tamakoma anyways as HQ wouldn't let it happen[57], with the Away Team being completely impossible.[57] Not long after, Yūma, Chika, and Osamu leave to go to HQ[58], so Konami asks if Hyuse has had Jin grant one of his requests[58], But Yōtarō says he hasn't as Hyuse doesn't trust Jin[58], which Konami agrees that Jin can't be trusted.[58]

    Galopoula's Invasion[edit source]

    During preparation on the day of the invasion, just before Galopoula leave their ship, she stays late in HQ playing cards with Jin and Tachikawa[59]. Jin's Side Effect warns of the commencement of the invasion[60] and she is sent alongside Tachikawa to meet Murakami and Kazama near the away ship hanger. Just before leaving, Jin warns her to stay by Tachikawa's side as a possible future shows the latter being cut in two; Konami is inquisitive as to the request until hearing the reason and expressing shock.[61]

    When the Galopoulan agents sneak past Border's defensive line using disguise and tunnelling triggers, she is amongst the last line of defence before the hanger. Tachikawa remarks that the two combatants "couldn't be tougher than the previous new types" and that he feels sorry for anyone who would face their line up of fighters, exasperated by his cockiness she reveals he's likely to be split in two.[62]

    She is seen standing alongside Murakami and Tachikawa when the expedition members enter and is told she can fight to hearts content with meteors being a "free-for-all".[63] Gatlin activates Vasilissa upon losing his arm to Kazama's chameleon sneak attack and Konami compares it to Kizaki's Full Arms.[64]

    Murakami deflects the first firing of Vasilissa but loses his arm to dogs. Konami and Tachikawa dispatch the soldiers soon after. She dodges Gatlin's initial attacks with Tachikawa, leaping upwards to feint a meteor barrage. Her bullets travel towards Gattlin but also destroy the bridge Marduk was standing on, allowing Murakami and Tachikawa to follow up attacks with a thruster propelled raygust arrow and mid-range Kogestu Whirlwind. Both attacks are deflected but Konami attacks Vasilissa in the exact location Tachikawa had hit, severing one of its blades from the arm. Gatlin was shocked at thought of Vasilissa being broken by anything other than a Black Trigger.[65]

    As the fight continues she suggests changing the traps to short warps for the team to use.[66] Kazama decides to split their own forces to divide the dogs, Marduk and Despinis' rings from "the heavy one", ordering the other three to fight him, she agrees.[67]

    Konami uses the short warps and meteor, co-ordinating with Tachikawa's Whirlwind and Murakami's thruster, to bombard Gatlin with attacks. While delaying and distracting him from attacking the hanger, they all fail to deal meaningful damage.[68] Tachikawa comes up with a plan to defeat Gatlin, he asks Konami for a favour then explains the plan to her, and enacting it seconds later. Both attack with a flurry of slashes, forcing Gatlin on the defensive. She is taken by surprise when Gatlin feints the use of his cannon but quickly evades and blocks the follow up attack.[69] A series of attacks and counter-attacks made by Kazama, Murakami and Marduk lead to a position where [[Tachikawa is blocking both of Vasilissa's blades and Konami is sent to cover Ko[70], Tachikawa blocks Ko from predicting the line of sight of the cannon and makes him unable to intercept.[71] Konami swiftly pivots back towards Tachikawa and Gatlin, dashing at full speed to bisect both in one attack.[72].

    With both invaders dealt with she praises everybody's hard work[73] and on guard late in case of follow up invasions that evening.

    Post-Round 5[edit source]

    After Round 5, Yōtarō announces on Hyuse's behalf, that Hyuse wants to join Tamakoma Second[74] Konami comments on how "he said" it is 100% impossible[75] (however it was Konami who said that).[75] Hyuse explains his deal with Jin[76]: Tamakoma will help Hyuse get back to Aftokrator, and Hyuse will help Tamakoma.[76] Konami asks Jin if he seriously did that, and Jin said it was interesting.[76] Konami gets angry due to Hyuse's involvement in the Second Large-Scale Invasion[76], but Hyuse said the situation has changed, and changed his priority to getting back to his home country.[77] Afterwards Chika says she is fine with it if Osamu is ok with it[77], which causes Konami to say Chika is being too agreeable again.[77]

    Konami thinks there is no reason for Hyuse to join as Tamakoma Second has new techniques[78], After Hyuse explains his reasoning for why Tamakoma Second needs him as a second ace.[79] Osamu mentions Hyuse's horns[80] with Konami following up with how Hyuse's face was shown during the Second Large-Scale Invasion[80] Usami explains that she can make a hornless trion body[80], and with how few C-rank agents saw him, even then it was from a distance[80], so no one should remember him clearly.[80] Osamu asks what will they do about Hyuse's identity, and after explaining Michael, and his Canadian "status".[81] Konami explains that Michael is a Neighbor[82], so his issue isn't with his looks or identity[82], but getting the higher-ups to accept it.[83]

    Hyuse then clarifies that he will not give any info about Aftokrator[84] as he doesn't want to feel dishonored when he sees his master again.[85], which shocks Konami[84], and thinks it is hypocritical that Hyuse not giving info is ok, but going on the away mission is.[85] Hyuse says if they try to harm his master[85], then he will destroy them and their ship[85], which makes Konami think he is dangerous.[85]

    Osamu accepts his conditions anyways[86], which also shocks Konami[86] with her thinking the trouble isn't worth it.[87]

    Pre-Round 6[edit source]

    After Hyuse got accepted into Border[88] Konami is shocked at the condition of lending Chika for the Away Mission[89] as she thinks "trading" Chika for Hyuse was a rip off.[89] Yūma mentions that was the only way to go on the Away Mission, and that Kido wasn't lying[89], but Konami thinks Kido could betray them.[89]

    Konami then gets mad at Osamu for using Chika to go on the Away Mission[90], but Reiji clarifies that Chika was the first one to suggest they aim for the Away Team[90] with Osamu forming Tamakoma Second with Yūma just to make her wish come true.[90] So both Osamu and Yūma are doing their best to take her on the Away Mission[91], and Chika is going with it as she understands their efforts[91], so it isn't against his will.[91] so Konami apologizes for rushing to conclusions.[91]

    Konami then notes that if things go wrong, Chika will end up going alone so she reminds them to not let that happen[91], and then tells Hyuse to make sure to not fail them.[92] Hyuse told Konami that no one asked[92], and Konami boped his head while telling him that he is rude.[92]

    Post-Round 6[edit source]

    When Hyuse comes back from his induction ceremony[93], Konami was shocked that Hyuse was already B-rank.[93] When Hyuse mentioned that he was about as good as the No. 6 Attacker, Konami mentions she is currently No. 3[94], so she is the best.[94]

    After Hyuse finishes talking to Osamu[95], Konami asks why Hyuse is trying to act cool when he is just a prisoner.[95] Afterwards she mentions that Tamakoma Second should stay together tomorrow as the two older members (Michael Cronin, and Yuri Rindō) who were away on a scouting mission are coming back.[96]

    When Yuri, and Michael are almost back[97] Konami talks about how nervous Reiji.[98] After Yuri and Michael introduces themselves[99] Michael asks if Tamakoma Second knows everything, which Konami says she told them.[99]

    Michael asks which Squads Tamakoma Second is fighting next[100], this leads Konami to ask what the current scores are.[101] After some discussion, Usami, and Konami asks about how Osamu is going to live in Tamakoma Branch.[102] Osamu tells them it is due to how the base is closer to HQ than his house[102], this leads Konami to ask about school, and high school admissions.[102] Osamu responds that he and Yūma are done with class so they can skip[102], and they both got accepted into First Mikado City High School thanks to Border.[102]

    After Yuri explains about Old Border to Osamu[103], Konami gets embarrassed about the old picture due to how much younger she was[104], and how she was clingy to Director Rindō.[104]

    Pre-Round 7[edit source]

    Konami comments on Osamu's nervousness.[105]

    Post-Round 7[edit source]

    After Izuho explained what they found[106], Konami questions if anyone actually saw Hyuse during the invasion, or if they were making something up for attention[107]

    Pre-Round 8[edit source]

    Round 8[edit source]

    Away Mission Test Arc[edit source]

    A-rank Squad Evaluation[edit source]

    Konami comments that Yūma will be fine during the Away Mission Test[108], but not Hyuse due to his personality.[108]

    Day 1[edit source]

    At the start of Day 1, she got coffee for Yuri, and talked about how it doesn't feel like a test yet.[109] Later she gave a negative rating to Yūma and Hyuse's response to the first special assignment.[110]

    Day 2[edit source]

    Tamakoma First was slated for Early Shift Defense Duty on Day 2.[111] later when she was on judge duty, Ōji asks if anyone thinks if someone like Tachikawa could pass the test[112], which Konami agrees with.[112]

    Day 3[edit source]

    When Katagiri Squad reviews Mizukami's evaluation, Konami was shown giving negative ratings.[113]

    Near the end of the day, Katori doesn't motivated, so Osamu bargained a date with Karasuma as incentive .[114] This shocks Konami as she didn't expect Osamu to sell Karasuma off[115], but Karasuma was fine with it as it helps with their mission.[115]

    Day 4[edit source]

    Konami and Usami comments how everyone keeps gunning for Chika.[116] Konami follows up with how Chika is getting ripped apart, and how Ninomiya isn't changing his approach[116], and Usami is suspicious about the approach.[116]

    It was later shown that Tamakoma First was slated for Early Shift Defense Duty on Day 4.[117]

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    Navigation[edit source]

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    S-Rank Tsukihiko Amō
    A-Rank Ai Kitora • Asumi Amakura • Futaba Kuroe • Hayato Uno • Isami Tōma • Jun Arashiyama • Kazuma Satomi • Kei Tachikawa • Ken Satori • Kirie Konami • Kōhei Izumi • Kyōsuke Karasuma • Mai Kitagawa • Mitsuru Tokieda • Nozomi Kako • Reiji Kizaki • Ryō Utagawa • Ryūji Saeki • Shinji Fuyushima • Shirō Kikuchihara • Shōhei Kodera • Shūji Miwa • Shun Midorikawa • Sōya Kazama • Takaaki Katagiri • Takeru Yuiga • Tōichirō Momozono • Tōru Narasaka • Yōsuke Yoneya • Yūichi Jin • Yukimaru Ichijō
    B-Rank Atsushi Hokari • Chika Amatori • Daichi Tsutsumi • Fumika Teruya • Hanao Tsukimi • Haruaki Azuma • Hidetaka Kitazoe • Hiro Kitazoe • Hisato Sasamori • Hitoshi Matsushiro • Hyuse • Itsuki Fujisawa • Kai Minamisawa • Kazuaki Ōji • Kazuki Kurauchi • Kazuto Tonooka • Keizō Mamiya • Kō Murakami • Kōji Oki • Kōtarō Suwa • Kotarō Tomoe • Kuniharu Kakizaki • Makoto Chano • Mamoru Tokiwa • Masakuni Hakoda • Masataka Ninomiya • Masato Kageura • Minoru Hata • Mitsuya Koinuma • Noboru Koarai • Osamu Mikumo • Rei Nasu • Rokurō Wakamura • Ryōgo Funabashi • Satoru Hayakawa • Satoshi Mizukami • Seiji Marui • Shinnosuke Tsuji • Shō Motegi • Sumiharu Inukai • Taichi Betsuyaku • Takahiro Ebina • Takuma Yuba • Tatsuhito Ikoma • Tatsuya Kuruma • Tetsuji Arafune • Tokiya Saitō • Tsuneyuki Okudera • Waka Utsunomiya • Wataru Urushima • Yōko Katori • Yoshinobu Kera • Yoshito Hanzaki • Yūichirō Yoshizato • Yukari Obishima • Yukito Otokawa • Yūko Kumagai • Yūma Kuga • Yūta Miura • Yutaka Kashio • Yūya Tsuchisaki • Yuzuru Ema
    C-Rank Fumifumi Saotome • Hidehide Hinoe • Izuho Natsume • Teruteru Kōda
    Operators Aki Hiyami • An Kobayakawa • Aoi Kusumoto • Asami Taya • Asuka Asagiri • Ayumu Hatori • Hana Somei • Haruka Ayatsuji • Haya Kittaka • Hazuki Nanao • Hikari Nire • Kaho Mikami • Karin Yuitsuka • Madoka Ui • Mako Hitomi • Maori Hosoi • Megumi Tokura • Nono Fujimaru • Ren Tsukimi • Rika Rokuta • Rin Kagami • Risa Maki • Rui Osano • Saki Kusakabe • Sakurako Taketomi • Sayoko Shiki • Shiori Usami • Yuka Kon • Yuri Rindō • Yuu Kunichika
    Former Border Agents Akane Hiura • Mirai Hatohara • Tadaomi Kanda • Yūgo Kuga
    Affiliated Personnel Raijinmaru • Replica • Izuho's Cat • Rinji Amatori • Ruka Shinoda • Yōtarō Rindō
    Old Border Agents Hibiki Taira • Ibuki Wakisaka • Kaede Namekata • Kengo Sōma • Kirie Konami • Manabu Kai • Masafumi Shinoda • Masamune Kido • Mato Kujō • Motoki Suzumura • Reiji Kizaki • Rintarō Chihiro • Ryōji Kiriyama • Shin Kazama • Sōichi Mogami • Takumi Rindō • Tetsuya Umesaki • Yūichi Jin • Yuri Rindō
    Squads Arafune Squad • Arashiyama Squad • Azuma Squad • Chano Squad • Ebina Squad • Fuyushima Squad • Hayakawa Squad • Ikoma Squad • Kageura Squad • Kakizaki Squad • Kako Squad • Katagiri Squad • Katori Squad • Kazama Squad • Kusakabe Squad • Kōda Squad • Mamiya Squad • Matsushiro SquadMiwa Squad • Nasu Squad • Ninomiya Squad • Ōji Squad • Suwa Squad • Suzunari First (Kuruma Squad) • Tachikawa Squad • Tamakoma First (Kizaki Squad) • Tamakoma Second (Mikumo Squad) • Tokiwa Squad • Urushima Squad • Yoshizato Squad • Yuba Squad
    Positions All-Rounder • Attacker • Engineer • Gunner • Operator • Shooter • Sniper • Spotter • Trapper
    Branches Hayanuma Branch • Hisama Branch • Suzunari Branch  • Tamakoma Branch  • Wataayu Branch • Yumite District Branch
    Factions Kido Faction • Shinoda Faction • Tamakoma Branch • Factionless Faction
    Triggers Asteroid • Bagworm • Bagworm Tag • Bail Out • Chameleon • Cobra • Connector • Dummy Beacon • Egret • Enhanced Radar • Escudo • Fūjin • Full Arms • Full Attack • Geist • Gimlet • Grasshopper • Hornet • Hound • Ibis • Idaten • Kogetsu (Spear/Gen'yō/Senkū) • Lead Bullet • Lightning • Makō • Meteor • Radar • Raygust (Shield Mode/Thruster) • Salamander • Scorpion • Shield (Fixed Mode/Full Guard) • Silencer • Sōgetsu (Axe) • Spider • Starmaker • Switchbox • Teleporter • Timer • Tomahawk • Trion Body • Viper • Yūma's Black Trigger

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