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    The Most Powerful Squad in Border (ボーダー(サイ)(キョウ)()(タイ) Bōdā Saikyō no Butai ?) is Episode 25 of the World Trigger Anime.

    Short Summary[edit source]

    Tamakoma First joins Osamu and the C-Rank trainees to fight off the Rabbits, but the humanoid Neighbors, Enedora, Hyuse, Viza, and Ranbanein, arrive.

    Long Summary[edit source]

    Osamu finishes off the Rabbit.

    As Chika is frozen in fear in front of one of the new Rabbits, Osamu cries out for her to run. Izuho fires a shot, and the Rabbit directs its attention to her instead. Izuho is grabbed by the Rabbit, and Chika is lost in her fear and by the sound of everyone telling her to run away. Suddenly, she remembers Yūma saying of course she should be able to fight. Finally remembering her own resolve to fight on her own, Chika grabs Izuho's gun and fires at the Rabbit, completely blowing off its left arm. Still moving, the Rabbit reaches for Chika and Izuho, but is finished off by Osamu, who reports to Shinoda at HQ. Shinoda informs him that Border's strongest squad was already sent to help them. This turns out to be Tamakoma First. Kizaki explains their plan: Konami goes on a rampage, and he Karasuma will provide support.

    Tamakoma First starts moving.

    Aboard their ship, Hyuse asks if the shot Chika fired was from a Black Trigger. Mira answers that it must be from a Normal Trigger. This catches Hyrein's attention, and he orders Enedora and Ranbanein to help the Rabbits by scattering the Border agents as planned, which Ranbanein anticipates will be boring. Hyrein decides to sends Viza and Hyuse to capture this "golden chick," Chika. Hyrein says that perhaps in this place they will obtain their new god.

    Konami destroys a Rabbit.
    Karasuma protects Osamu and Konami.

    Still fighting, Osamu notices that the other Rabbits are learning from the fight as he uses his shield to hold one-off. The other heads straight for Chika and Izuho, but Kizaki stops it singlehandedly and reminds Chika of the first rule of being a sniper: concealing yourself.

    Kizaki punches the Rabbit away.
    And Chika recites the first rule of being a Sniper.

    Kizaki then knocks the Rabbit into the other, just in time for Konami to land on top of them. Karasuma uses Escudo to protect Osamu and Konami from the Rabbits' blast. Osamu warns that if they are captured, the Rabbits will turn them into cubes. Karasuma says they were already informed of this and orders Osamu to assist the C-rank agents.

    Despite Konami's over-confidence, Osamu warns that there are still other Trion Soldiers that can open gates. Just then, a gate opens above them, and Viza and Hyuse appear. Elsewhere, Enedora and Ranbanein appear in front of Kazama Squad and other agents respectively. Osamu immediately recognizes that these two are from Aftokrator because of Hyuse's horns. Previously, Replica had explained to the head staff at HQ that these horns are Trion receptors implanted in children from Aftokrator in order to create people with high Trion ability. The horns make Triggers more a part of their bodies than weapons and allow for higher compatibility with Black Triggers, at which time the horns turn black.

    Ranbanein prepares to fight the B-Rank agents.

    Facing Enedora, Kazama notices his black horns and says that they've hit the jackpot. Ranbanein faces off against Azuma and Okudera, and is distracted by shots from Chano Squad. Already prepared to attack, Ranbanein hits Chano and Fujisawa, causing them to bail out in just one shot. Assuming that the attack has drained his Trion, the others run away, but Ranbanein attacks with a huge gun and runs after them. Taichi is hit and is forced to bail out as well.

    He intercepts the Snipers' bullets.

    He is stopped momentarily by Arafune Squad, who fires shots from above. When the smoke clears, they can see that Ranbanein has created several small shields, one for each bullet. He then showcases the long-range power of his Trigger, Chelidon, causing two more to bail out. Other B-rank agents learn of Ranbanein's terrifying rampage as he relishes in the chance to take down all of them and perhaps not feel as bored as he thought.

    Hyuse decides to capture Chika himself and asks Viza to be his backup. Viza agrees, but warns that their target has high Trion ability as well and for Hyuse to be careful. Hyuse activates his Trigger and begins to approach Osamu's group. Considering the difficulty in facing attacks from both sides, Kizaki orders Konami to destroy both of the Rabbits in three minutes. She brags that she will finish them in one minute and tells Kizaki not to lose before she is finished. He tells Karasuma that they will stay on defense until she returns to protect the C-ranks. When Osamu anxiously asks what he should do, Kizaki tells him to protect Chika with his life.

    Impressed by Kizaki's calm demeanor, Viza thinks they might be tougher than anticipated. Hyuse replies that since the "chicks" are still behind them, Kizaki and Karasuma are at a disadvantage. He fires at them, but Karasuma once again raises a wall to block his shots. Konami shocks everyone by destroying the Rabbits quickly and reclaiming the cubes inside. Replica explains that Tamakoma's Triggers were made differently from all the ones at HQ. While most Triggers are made to be used by many different users and fight continuously, Tamakoma's Triggers are specifically made to match each user's abilities. These Triggers were made from Triggers that Rindō brought back from the Neighbor world. Since they fail to meet HQ's regulations, Tamakoma First doesn't participate in the Rank Wars. Even so, Shinoda calls them Border's strongest squad, and Osamu realizes the full extent of their strength. Kizaki and Karasuma fire on Hyuse, but his shield merely reflect the shots back at them.

    Enedora tries a surprise attack against Kazama Squad, but Kikuchihara notices it.

    Elsewhere, Enedora taunts Kazama Squad on a rooftop. Linked together, they wonder about what type of Black Trigger he has. Enedora uses his Trigger, Vorvoros, to liquefy and attack Kazama Squad from below. Kikuchihara notices this and they jump out of the way, to Enedora's surprise. Kazama tells Mikami to link into Kikuchihara's ears, and Utagawa tells him to focus, because they are counting on his Side Effect.

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    Adapted Chapters[edit source]

    Differences Between the Anime and Manga[edit source]

    • In the anime, the after-effects of Chano Squad getting hit by Chelidon was not shown while in the Manga it was shown.
      • Similarly Taichi's "Death" was mostly cut out.

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